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Kinabalu Trip … Part 2

Kinabalu trip - Mount Kinabalu Park

This is the second day of our Kinabalu Trip … It’s 26 December 2009.

Kinabalu trip - Gerai Pekan Nabalu - FebeLike I said before, the day before, we have booked a tour to Mount Kinabalu Park from the hotel tour provider. As we travelled in a big group, we surely didn’t climb the mountain so that’s why we chose the park. From the information that we got, at least we needed about 2 days to climb the mountain. We couldn’t just go straight climb to the top. We should stop at certain height and stay there before we continued to top of the mountain, thus our body could adjust with the condition in the mountain.

We started our journey from the Promenade hotel, where a minivan picked us up.

On the way there, we stopped by at a market place, called ‘Gerai Pekan Nabalu,’ where we could find many souvenirs. From handicraft, traditional cloth, key chain, and so on …

Apparently, people went there not just for the market. When we walked around the place, there’s a spot where we could take pictures with Mount Kinabalu as the background! Beautiful!! 🙂

Kinabalu trip - Gerai Pekan Nabalu - Febe
Kinabalu trip - Gerai Pekan Nabalu - Mount Kinabalu in the background
Kinabalu trip - Gerai Pekan Nabalu - Mount Kinabalu in the background

Kinabalu trip - Mount Kinabalu Park - The Direction to tourism spotFinally, we’re in Mount Kinabalu Park.

There’re many places to visit in this park, from Hot Springs, Butterfly Park, Canopy Walkway, and so on … We went to the hot springs. There’re open hot bath-tub, where you can put your feet inside it. Also, there’re some private bath-tub in the location. But it’s limited, so you need to wait for your turn 😉

We bought our lunch from the restaurant behind our condo. We bought fried rice, it’s easy and simple 😉

Kinabalu trip - Mount Kinabalu Park - Hot Spring

Kinabalu trip - Mount Kinabalu ParkFrom there, we went to the other place, which I forgot the name (sorry :P). If I’m not mistake, it’s located before you want to go up to the mountain. It’s a restaurant, and it’s very cosy, but I think it also has a bird park? (correct me if I’m wrong 🙂 ).

We only had light meal at the restaurant. We ordered fried bananas and coffees. I think fried bananas are famous in Kota Kinabalu. They fried the bananas with bread flour, so it’s crispy. Yummy ;)) (for some of you who know me, I don’t like fruit, but I like fried bananas, so I ate it. Hahaha!)

Kinabalu trip - Mount Kinabalu Park - Inside the restaurant
Kinabalu trip - Mount Kinabalu Park - Inside the restaurant (with Febe)

After spent the whole day in Mount Kinabalu Park, we went back to the hotel, and decided to have dinner in … again, Warisan Square ;)). This time, we had dinner at Hong Kong Recipe (another Hong Kong restaurant!).

So that’s the end of our journey for that day … 🙂
Kinabalu trip - Warisan Square - Hong Kong Recipe chef

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