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The serenity of Jeeva Klui Resort, Lombok

Jeeva Klui Lombok - The signage

I knew about Jeeva Klui sometime ago, and already fell in love. So when I got a chance to stay in this resort, my heart was cheering and jumping knowing that I was going to stay there.

My stay was at last August (2012), where I stayed here with my friend. 

This was my first time going to Lombok, and I didn’t know what to expect during this trip; but what I heard from Lombok that Senggigi was quite famous.

When the driver, drove me to the resort, we’ve passed the Senggigi area, and I thought that we would miss seeing the crowd and night life there 🙁

Jeeva Klui is located quite far from Senggigi area, although it’s about 10 minutes drive from there; walking seemed not a good choice. 

Jeeva Klui Lombok - Klui beach

There’s a reason why this place is located not in the crowded place, but in the more quieter place, that is at Klui beach.

Entering the place for the first time in the evening didn’t really give me an excitement about this resort. All I could see that the resort is big with many villas here and there. But … in the morning when I walked to The Waroeng, the name of the open-air restaurant, to have breakfast; I knew that this resort is special.

Yes the place is big … 

Jeeva Klui Lombok - The Villas
Jeeva Klui Lombok - To the beach

Jeeva Klui Lombok

But more importantly is, the feeling of entering a different world. It seemed that I could spend many days just to stay here, enjoying the resort. And not only the resort, but the private beach, Klui beach. Klui beach was hidden behind the wall of rock in the left, which makes this beach quiet and a good choice to relax.

Whether the guests choose to sit on the beach chair, or just sitting in open-air-small-hut with a lazy couch inside in front of the beach; both are a good way to enjoy the sunset in the resort … 🙂

The resort also provided a very nice pool for guests to swim, or just to dip into the water.

Jeeva Klui Lombok - The swimming pool

If you forgot to bring any books with you, there’s a place called Wallace – a small library, beside The Waroeng where you can browse for the book to read.

How about the room? 

I stayed in Ananda villa, a two-story villa, with a great view of the villa and partly ocean view for the second floor, and a garden view for the first floor. No, I didn’t occupy all floors, just the first floor.

Jeeva Klui Lombok - Our villa (Ananda Villa) with the garden view
Jeeva Klui Lombok - The Room

The door to the suite is a sliding glass door with wooden frame, so perhaps you want to close the curtains for more privacy 😉

Jeeva Klui Lombok - The Rain Shower

When I opened the door, I was pleased with a big room where I only found a double bed, LCD TV, fridge, and 2 nice lamps, one in each side of the bed.

Couldn’t wait to see the bathroom; I rushed to open the big wooden door with traditional carving just to feel, once again, content with the bathroom. 

On my left was the cupboard where they’ve already put two bathrobes inside, in front of me was the area for the sink, and on my right was the toilet. 

So where is the shower?

Apparently we have the outdoor shower! Not only that, they provide the rain shower for total enjoyment! Glad that we had the first floor haha.

Jeeva Klui has a various kind of breakfast menu. They have continental, well-being breakfast, or perhaps some specialty from their Chef.

Jeeva Klui Lombok - The Waroeng

I had the fried rice for my first breakfast and minute steak and egg plus waffle with chocolate sauce for my second day breakfast. All was good, and great to give me energy for the activity during the day … 🙂

Jeeva Klui Lombok - Yummy breakfast

I didn’t have the lunch or dinner menu in The Waroeng. Perhaps in my next visit, I will give it a try, as in the dinner menu they have ‘Begibung’ – a Lombok Sasak Dinner. Interesting!

The dinning area was not only located inside the restaurant, but you could enjoy your food at the table that is located near the beach.

Jeeva Klui Lombok - Presean (Sasak war dance) performance

When I entered the lobby on my second night there, which was Thursday night; I heard a traditional music was played in the hotel. The sound was coming from The Waroeng area. So we rushed inside to see what’s the event there?

Apparently there’s a show of Presean or Sasak War dance, where two persons, equipped with a rattan stick and a shield made from a thick buffalo skin; fought each other in several rounds. The fighting scenes were accompanied with the traditional music that was being played through out the fighting.

Here’s the video of Presean or Sasak War dance that’s performed in Jeeva Klui

After the war dance, there were two women who performed traditional dance, and they invited the guest to join with them later on.

Overall, I was satisfied with this resort. Although I didn’t really enjoy this resort because of a tight schedule of the tour, I will definitely come back to this resort.

To book a room in this hotel, please go here.

Jeeva Klui Lombok - The room key

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  • febry fawzi

    how lucky you are!! envy alot

  • toni

    me too… i have dreamed this place about a year a go. but have no time and many thing happen with my life this year.. so i think may be next year i want to prove that jeeva klui is best dream vacation

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