IMAX and that giant rubber duck in Darling Harbour!

Australia trip - Sydney - George st

George st in Sydney

So … We arrived in Town Hall station, and continue going to IMAX theatre on foot.

We really depended on Google Maps for direction plus a GPS! It’s really funny when we were in the intersection and didn’t really know which direction to go, left or right. Well, there’s one thing that we could do. Just walked to one direction and checked with the GPS whether we’re right or wrong! And yes, we’re wrong haha!

The Google Maps said that it’s about 600 m walk! Well that’s shorter than our walk from Wynyard Station to Sydney Harbour YHA! So of course we could tackle this one! Haha.

Referring to the direction from Google Maps below, we didn’t need to walk around the IMAX just to enter it, just follow the dotted line 🙂

Australia trip - Sydney - Route from Town Hall to IMAX

Direction to IMAX Theatre Sydney by Google Maps

Australia trip - Sydney - IMAX on sight

IMAX Theatre Sydney from afar

We’ve checked the movies schedule for that day, and we thought that we could watch The Hobbit again! Yes again! Another (almost) 2.5 hours inside the theatre! Or perhaps, a good place and time to sleep? Haha … ;o)))

After we bought the ticket (where we got a discount of 20% from the voucher from The Sydney official guide book. Hooray!), we still had about 1 hour before the movie, so we just wander off the Darling Harbor. But then we saw the Gelatissimo counter downstairs, and there’s a promo of Buy 1 Get 1 our IMAX ticket! Slurrpp!

Australia trip - Sydney - Darling Harbour - Cockle Bay wharf

Cockle Bay wharf, in Darling Harbour, Sydney

Australia trip - Sydney - Darling Harbour - The Rubber Duck

There’s a Rubber Duck in Darling Harbour, Sydney!

Australia trip - Sydney - Darling Harbour - Pyrmont Bridge

Pyrmont Bridge in Darling Harbour, Sydney

One object that caught my attention once I reached Darling harbor was the giant rubber duck in Cockle Bay of Darling Harbor! What on earth was that giant rubber duck doing in there? ;o)))

Apparently this Rubber Duck (yes the name of it is ‘Rubber Duck’) was there to commemorate the opening of Sydney Festival (which was already ended by now). The Rubber Duck is an artwork made by Florentijn Hofman from Netherlands, and it is an inflatable rubber duck? :o)))

This rubber duck was also meant to relive most of people childhood memory when they’re taking a bath in a bathtub accompanied with their little rubber duck 🙂 Hmm, so is this one of your childhood memory? 🙂

Wonder how they bring that giant Rubber Duck to Darling Harbour?

They needed to open the Pyrmont Bridge and the monorail to push this Rubber Duck into Darling Harbour! 🙂

Australia trip - Sydney - Darling Harbour - Ice cream Gelatissimo & The Rubber Duck

‘Do you want some ice cream, Duck? ;o)))’

Australia trip - Sydney - Darling Harbour - The Seagull vs The Rubber Duck

‘Hey … are you taking pictures of me or that giant rubber duck behind me?’ ;o)))

While we’re sitting beside the pier, I accidentally overheard people talking about fireworks at 9PM.

‘Huh … fireworks? Is there any some event or something else?’

We then just checked the internet about this event and yes … there’s actually a firework at 9PM.

Apparently it’s like a regular event on every Saturday (mostly).

So we’re very lucky to be on one of that Saturday!

The timing was perfect! It’s just after the movie … ! Aheyy!!!

Australia trip - Sydney - Darling Harbour - The crowd waiting for the fireworks

People gathered in Darling Harbour to watch the fireworks

Australia trip - Sydney - Darling Harbour - The fireworks

The fireworks in Darling Harbour, Sydney!

Australia trip - Sydney - Darling Harbour - The fireworks (1)

Another picture of the fireworks in Darling Harbour, Sydney

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