Do you know what is ‘hypoglycemia’?

What will happen to you if you had hypoglycemia?

On Day #3 in my Bali Trip, I didn’t take any breakfast before we went for the full-day tour.

I thought I’m gonna be okay.

During the trip to Candi Kuning, suddenly I felt dizzy. I didn’t take seriously about this, so I just kept doing my activity there.

When we arrived in the next stop, which was Bedugul, suddenly I felt really weak. My knees were weak, it seems that I was going to faint! I couldn’t think of anything. I just wanted to sit, or lay down!

Lol … that’s not funny. I didn’t want to waste my time in Bali just to faint haha!

So I told Sinthya about what happened to me because she’s a doctor. She’s suddenly said ‘quick, eat this!’ She knew that I didn’t take my breakfast. She gave the snacks that she bought at Candi Kuning for herself 😛 .

She then told me that I was experiencing hypoglycemia. It means that my blood sugar were lower than my normal level of blood sugar.

The body needs sugar as a fuel. Because I didn’t eat anything in the morning, so my body didn’t have any fuel!

Finally I gained a little strength from the snacks.

She suggested that we had an early lunch there, so I could eat, sit, and gain some strength.

We went to the restaurant near the entrance, and we ordered food. And I needed to drink sweet ice tea! Fast! Pronto! Lol …

The more I ate my food and drank the ice tea, the more I gained strength …

Soon after I finished eating my food, I gained all my strength!!

Woohoo … !!

Thanks Sinthya for the snacks and for your advice!!

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