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Hello Guangzhou … !! (Part 2)

China trip - Guangzhou - Bright Filial Piety Temple - Guangxiao temple - The pond

This is part 2 of my Guangzhou trip … Here ‘s part 1 if you haven’t read it.

After going up and down of the hill at Yuexiu Park, it’s time for us to get some dinner.

China trip - Guangzhou - Riverside restaurant - DinnerThe girls took us to a restaurant in the riverside of Pearl River. I think the restaurant sells any meats, from chicken, duck, beef, and … snake. Hold on … Snake?!?!?! Yeah haha … well I just assume that they sell snake, because they put a snake in a jar. Aaakkk!! 😛

Oh one more thing … The restaurant is in the riverside, and it meant that it’s quite windy there. Now, I could feel the breeze of Guangzhou. Even the guests that coming to the restaurant all wearing thick jacket! Haha. Well our friend from China said that Guilin is even more colder than Guangzhou because it’s located more north than Guangzhou … Yikess!! ;o)))

After the dinner that was full of food (like a feast!); we still didn’t want to go back yet to the hostel. We decided to have a night river cruise of Pearl River!

I will cover the night river cruise in the next post 🙂

Well, the first day was really fun. I didn’t feel tired or exhausted, although I only slept for a few hours in the plane! But … It’s time to have a good night sleep at the hostel … 🙂

We checked-out from the hostel on the second day, so we’ve packed everything and ready to go.

China trip - Guangzhou - The temple of Six Banyan Tree - The Pagoda

Six Banyan Tree Pagoda

My destination and Firman was different with Ivren and his friends’ destination. We’re going to Guillin, while they’re going to Shenzhen and Hong Kong, but first, we’re going to visit The Temple of Six Banyan Tree or Liu Rong Temple (Liu Rong means ‘Six Banyan Tree) together. If you wonder why the name is Six Banyan Tree, the name is actually was given by a writer called Su Dongpo, who saw six banyan tree there. The temple itself was built in 537AD. The famous structure in the temple is of course the pagoda.

In the main temple there are 3 big Buddha statues in it, and there’s like a ritual was happening in the room with monks chanting and lining up in front of the Buddha statues.
China trip - Guangzhou - The temple of Six Banyan Tree - The ritual

Well this temple was the last place that we visited together with Ivren’s and friends. So in the subway station, they headed to the airport, while we went back to the hostel to get our backpacks (we left our backpacks there so it’s easy for us to commute :)).

Our priority at that time was to get a train ticket to Guilin, so we headed to Guangzhou East railway station.

The train station has a really big field in front of it, and there were a lot of people.

China trip - Guangzhou - Guangzhou East Railway Station - Outside the station
China trip - Guangzhou - Guangzhou East Railway Station - Inside the station

We’re a bit confused on how to enter the station, and after we managed to enter the station, we’re a bit confused where to buy the train ticket to Guilin. I guessed we walked here and there many times before we queued in the right lane (we guessed so :P). I was quite afraid that we’re going to miss this train, as we couldn’t speak Mandarin at all. I was quite confused on how we’re going to communicate with the staff. But I was a bit relieved that I travelled with Firman! He’s quite a traveler, so I just followed him 🙂

Now it’s our turn!

I kinda forgot how Firman communicate with the staff …

‘Guilin …’

‘Two persons (he also used his fingers to say ‘TWO’) …’

And the staff show the price in the computer monitor.
We handed him the money.
He handed us the tickets to Guilin.

That was easy!! Lol 😀

We had our lunch in a KFC nearby the station. While we’re eating, we’re trying to locate the Yuexiu Park in a map(remember that we planned to go back here again on the previous day :)), but we’re still not sure where it is. So we asked a Chinese couple who apparently also tourists. They also were going to Yuexiu Park, so they would walk with us. Yesss!! 🙂

So we walked there together, and along the way, the woman tried to communicate with us until she asked her husband to give her the Chinese-English dictionary. How nice is she! Thank you 🙂

In this park, this time, we explored more area than yesterday. Well of course we didn’t return to the Five Goats statue like yesterday, so first thing to do was to find the directory of the park.

Amazed amazed!

Apparently the park is really big, they have the stadium, body building, amusement park, children playground, and many more!! Not to mention, some monuments in it. Wow!
China trip - Guangzhou - Yuexiu Park - The Map

China trip - Guangzhou - Yuexiu Park - Yuexiu Stadium

The Yuexiu Stadium with high-rise buildings on the background

China trip - Guangzhou - Yuexiu Park - Monument of Dr Sun Yat-senWe chose to see the Monument of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, and the statue of Tingfang Wu.

The Monument of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen is located on one of the hilly side. This monument was constructed in 1929.

The monument is quite high, and we could enter it. We could also go up to the second floor, and went to the balcony, where I could see some inscriptions telling some information about the monument. This monument was quite crowded with many people taking pictures on the stairs that is going up to the monument (ermm okay, that’s actually me … haha).

China trip - Guangzhou - Yuexiu Park - Statue of Tingfang WuOn the contrary, The Statue of Tingfang Wu was less crowded, where only a few people going there. Perhaps the location is a bit secluded?

We still had enough time to visit other temple. From the map, the location is actually quite close to the Yuexiu Park, but it seemed that we couldn’t find the right direction haha.

Finally we reached the last temple for our Guangzhou trip.

It’s the Guangxiao temple, or it’s also called the Bright Filial Piety Temple.
China trip - Guangzhou - Bright Filial Piety Temple - Guangxiao temple - The gate
China trip - Guangzhou - Bright Filial Piety Temple (Guangxiao temple) - The complex

It is said that Guangxiao temple is existed even before Guangzhou was born, so that means it’s really an old temple 🙂

In the centre of the temple, there’s a hall that hosted 3 Buddha statues. It’s called Mahavira Hall.
China trip - Guangzhou - Bright Filial Piety Temple - Guangxiao temple - The Hall of Mahavira - Buddha statue

After spending time in this temple, we’re finally should go to the train station.

Because we’re going to spend the night on the train (it takes about 13 hours to reach Guilin from Guangzhou – yikess!!), we bought some take-away food for dinner from Kungfu restaurant beside the train station. Kungfu? Yes!! They put the picture of Bruce Lee on the restaurant, but the restaurant has nothing to do with Kungfu, except they served healthy Chinese meals 😀

China trip - Guangzhou - Lamb Satay sellerI’ve just remembered that Firman bought some delicious lamb satay near Fangcun Subway station. The funny thing was there’s no packaging for take-away. The seller only gave some tissues for us to hold the sticks! Haha … But I tell you, the satay is delicious!! Yummy yummy!!

Aaah .. Goodbye Guangzhou!! 🙂 🙂

Opening hours:
– Yuexiu park: 06:00 – 22:00
– Guangxiao temple / Bright Filial Piety Temple: 06:30 – 17:00

Entrance fee:
– Yuexiu park: free
– Guangxiao temple: CNY5.00

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