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A travel wish that came true: Flores!

Indonesia - Jakarta - Flight from CGK - DPS - Thumbnail picture

Hooray, I have visited Flores and see the Komodo!

The plan to visit this place is actually started when I and my friend, Ardi, attended the SkyScanner event in September last year – yes last year! – where we had the contest called ‘Inspirasi Travel 5 Juta’ (Travel Inspiration with the budget of IDR5 million). We needed to make a travel board wish of the place that we wanted to go for only IDR5 million. So our group decided Flores! Then our group needed to promote our travel wish board on Twitter in order for us to get the most RT and Like (it was ‘Favourite’ back then). The hunt of getting RT and Like started in December 2014. I still remember that I promoted this everywhere, including in a blog post, Twitter, many Facebook posts, and LINE messages too! We promoted until the very last minute, and we were really thrilled that we finally won it!


We got free tickets!!!!!

We can actually chose any destinations that we want, not necessary the same with our travel wish board destination, but myself and Ardi, decided to stick to our wish … Flores and Komodo!

And this trip was realized this October this year … Haha!

We used the free tickets to buy the flight from CGK to DPS, as there is no direct flight to LBJ at the moment. We needed to buy the flight ticket from DPS – LBJ, and based on Skyscanner, there are 2 major airlines that serve the route of DPS – LBJ, i.e. Garuda and Wings Air. And seeing the name, Wings Air, I could guess that this route uses the ATR plane 😉

Indonesia - Jakarta - Flight from DPS - LBJ - Ngurah Rai airport - Our Wings Air plane

Yeap this was the ATR plane of Wings Air that would take us to Labuan Bajo from Denpasar (Indonesia)

We used Garuda for the flight of CGK – DPS and DPS – CGK, also the flight from LBJ – DPS, while the flight from DPS – LBJ, we chose Wings Air so we flew to Labuan Bajo on the same day we arrived in Bali.

We could only go for 5 days, which meant we only had a time to do trip around Labuan Bajo and the Komodo Island and the surrounding island. It is quite sad that we could not visit the Wae Rebo, but perhaps I will just save that destination when I did the overland trip on Flores Island 🙂

There are some way to visit the Komodo Island and the surrounding islands. Either you can do a day trip from Labuan Bajo, or you can have a LOB (Living on Board) trip – where you can spend a few days on a boat, usually it will take around 3D2N, but it really depends on the package provided. The LOB trip can start from Labuan Bajo and end at Labuan Bajo, or you can start from Lombok and end at Labuan Bajo or vice versa.

I chose to do the LOB trip, but I did not know that I could do this LOB trip from Lombok to Labuan Bajo, as if I knew it in the beginning, I could bought the ticket from CGK – LOP and DPS – CGK for the flight home! Haha …

Indonesia - Flores - Padar Island - Our boat

Our lovely small boat that became our home for 3D2N during the LOB trip (Flores – Indonesia)

This was my first LOB trip, and I did not check the providers until last minute! I thought it was easy to get the LOB trip provider, and if I wanted to join an open-trip, I should follow their schedule, but I have already applied my leave on a certain period, where there was no open-trip available. Thus … I chose to have a private trip, which will cost you more than if you join an open-trip. So the more participants in your private trip, the more you can split the fare.

Finding a private trip provider is not that easy either, but luckily I could find one! Really last minute! Phiew! Haha.

This ‘travel wish board’ trip to Labuan Bajo started on Wednesday morning. We headed to the airport quite early to avoid the traffic jam coming in to the airport.

Little that I knew the plane that we used was the big plane of Garuda, even though it was only a trip from CGK – DPS. It has three sections of seat in the economy class, and glad that I chose the emergency exit seats. It is the big plane, so it has more space in the emergency exit area. I was also happy that I got the window seat – means great view for me! Haha …

Indonesia - Jakarta - Flight from CGK - DPS - Soekarno Hatta airport - Getting ready to fly to Denpasar with Garuda

Getting ready to start the trip – at Soekarno Hatta Airport (Jakarta – Indonesia)

Indonesia - Jakarta - Flight from CGK - DPS - The meal and in-flight entertainment

Lunch and in-flight entertainment at Garuda Indonesia flight from CGK – DPS (Indonesia)

Indonesia - Jakarta - Flight from CGK - DPS - The view (01)

The view during the flight from CGK – DPS (Indonesia)

Indonesia - Jakarta - Flight from CGK - DPS - The view (02)

Another great view from the window seat during the flight from CGK – DPS (Indonesia)

It was a smooth flight, and we arrived in DPS at the same time with the flight of Garuda from DPS – LBJ. I imagined that if I booked that Garuda flight for DPS – LBJ route, I think we still got a time! Well … probably not! Haha.

Indonesia - Bali - Ngurah Rai airpot - Getting ready for Halloween!

The Ngurah Rai airport was preparing for the Halloween event!

After we had lunch in Ngurah Rai airport, we got ourselves ready for our flight to LBJ! Really excited!

And I was right … the Wings Air was using the ATR plane. From the big plane of Garuda to a smaller ATR plane of Wings Air haha, but I always love the ATR plane. It will fly in a lower altitude so I could have a better view from my window seat!

Too bad my window was not that clear 🙁

Indonesia - Bali - Flight from DPS - LBJ - Ngurah Rai airport - Getting ready to fly to Labuan Bajo with Wings Air

Getting ready to fly from DPS – LBJ – at Ngurah Rai Airport (Bali – Indonesia)

Indonesia - Bali - Flight from DPS - LBJ - The view (01) - The toll road of Bali

The view of the toll road during the flight of DPS – LBJ (Indonesia)

Indonesia - Bali - Flight from DPS - LBJ - The view (03)

This coastline looks like a claw :-/ – flight from DPS – LBJ (Indonesia)

Indonesia - Bali - Flight from DPS - LBJ - The view (05)

A view from the window seat during my flight from DPS – LBJ (Indonesia)

Finally we arrived at Labuan Bajo airport!!!

The airport is still under construction, especially the runaway, as they are in the middle of extending the runaway, so the Boeing plane could land there. This means, there is a possibility of a direct flight to LBJ in the future! Woohoo!

So … Hallo Labuan Bajo!!

Indonesia - Flores - Labuan Bajo - The airport (01)

Hallo Labuan Bajo! – at the airport (Flores – Indonesia)

Indonesia - Flores - Labuan Bajo - The airport - The Wings Air on the Runaway

The Wings Air on the runaway of the Labuan Bajo Airport (Flores – Indonesia)

Indonesia - Flores - Labuan Bajo - The airport (03)

The facade of Labuan Bajo Airport. It looks great! (Flores – Indonesia)


  • CGK: Cengkareng = Soekarno Hatta International Airport
  • DPS: Denpasar = Ngurai Rai International Airport
  • LBJ: Labuan Bajo = Komodo Airport
  • LOP: Lombok = Lombok International Airport


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  • Danan Wahyu Sumirat

    bandara komodo belum jadi ya? lama juga ya pembangunannya

    • timothywp

      Udah lama yaa kakkk pembangunannya … 😕

  • Chocky Sihombing

    Eh, itu bandara Flores sudah bagus gitu ya? ahhh… kapan ya bisa ke Flores xD
    untung ya sebelum gunung meletus nih. 😀

    • timothywp

      Iya untung banget nihhhh, kaakkk.

      Bandaranya udah bagus … tinggal tungguin landasannya kelar diperpanjang, biar ada direct flight nantiii … 😉

  • Mikaela

    No Komodo pictures? You didn’t get the change to see one?

    • timothywp

      Well of course yes 🙂

      This is a blog series, and I will post about it later. Stay tune 😉


    Jadikangen LOB di labuan bajo

    • timothywp

      Haha!! Mau dong Mz bayarin yg naik kapal Phinisiiii


    Aiih selamaaat udha menang kontesnya… Kapan yaa bisa mampir ke Flores 😀

    • timothywp

      Makasihhhhh 🙂

      Wah aku doain semoga cepat tercapai ya keinginannya 🙂

  • Ahmed Tsar

    satu grup dua Blogger ya? Mantap menang jalan2 ke Flores (ini saya dari kemarin berkali2 baca karena bahasa Inggris eh jadi komen apaan yak 🙂 )

    • timothywp

      Huahahaha .. Abis ini udah otomatis ke link ke blog ini kl pake email yang ntu *kabuuur* 😀

      Satu grup satu blogger aja, yaitu saya wkwkwk …

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