Guinness Arthur’s Day – with The Script – 12.11.2011 …

It seems that my weeks were full that time …

After my Bali trip, watched Tintin on Friday, then The Script concert on Saturday 🙂

I bought the ticket at Disc Tarra Bintaro, and exchange the coupon with the original ticket on the day of the concert … Didn’t realize the show start at 17:59 (I thought the show starts at 19:00). So I went to the venue at almost 17:00. Lol … But then, my friend called me that The Script will play at around 21:30, a bit relieved knowing that I wouldn’t miss The Script! 😀

The venue was at Pullman Hotel Ballroom floor …

I reached there around 18:35, and like I thought, the place was already crowded.

That day, 12 November 2011, is actually the Guinness Arthur’s Day. So besides the concert, there were some booths which relates with Guinness.

The show started at around 19:00, with Bayu Oktara and ??? as the emcees (sorry didn’t know Bayu partner’s name). Apparently. there were 3 opening acts before The Script:

1. Della Idol – She did a cover of ‘Someone Like Me’, and a mash-up of ‘If I Were A Boy – You Oughta Know’. She has a great voice! And her falsetto is really that high! haha.

Idol here means that she was the contestant of Indonesian Idol. I’ve forgot about her already, but after a quick search in youtube, I started to remember her. She’s eliminated too early at the show … 🙁

Anyway, here’s the video of her performance in Idol:


2. Mike’s X Groovyland – It’s actually a duet performance of ‘Mike’s apartment’ (@mikes_jkt) with ‘Groovyland’. A mixture of an acoustic performance with techno music. Love the song called ‘Alay song’ 😉

Anyway, there’s no video of their performance at Guiness Arthur’s Day, but I could find the video when they performed ‘Alay song’:


3. Gugun Blues Shelter – the trio is the winner of Hard Rock’s Cafe Global Battle of the Bands competition (Region 2). From the name, we already know that they play blues music 🙂

I actually like blues music, but I think I’ve already set my mind to listen to The Script music, so not really enjoyed their performance. I believe they played really great that time … 🙂

So it’s already passed 21:30 … And … a 30-minute break. Lol 😀

And now … THE SCRIPT!!!Guinness Arthur's Day - The Script - Danny O'DonoghueEverybody was screaming so loud!

To be honest, I don’t remember all the title (and the lyrics!!) of the songs, I only familiar with few songs of The Script, but that didn’t stop me to come and enjoy the show!!

Guinness Arthur's Day - The Script - Mark SheehanArrghh, I wish I memorized the lyrics before the concert … So I just sing some words and mumbling-along with The Script haha! And enjoy the show!! Of course 🙂

I only remember that they sang (not in particular order):

– Science & Faith

– NothingGuinness Arthur's Day - The Script - Danny O'Donoghue

– Dead Man Walking

– If You Ever Come Back

– We Cry

– The Man Who Can’t Be Moved

– Breakeven

– You & I

and Encore: For The First Time.

I think after the third song, they made a toast to Sir Arthur Guinness, and also to Guinness Indonesia who has brought them to Indonesia :).
Guinness Arthur's Day - The Script - Toast to Sir Arthur GuinnessSo if you wonder why the list was short, I also wondered why … My friend, Lidya, who was at the concert too, explained that that night was actually NOT The Script concert. It’s the celebration of Guinness Arthur’s Day.

Anyway, it’s great to see them played live here …

How they acted on the stage …

How Danny O’Donoghue acted on the stage, and going down to the audience and then climbed on the fence just to get close with the fans!
Guinness Arthur's Day - The Script - Danny O'Donoghue reaching out the audienceInteresting tips from Mark Sheehan (The Script’s guitarist) about drinking: ‘Don’t drink and call, because you will call the wrong person’. Lol 😀

Guinness Arthur's Day - The Script - Mark SheehanNice to see all the performance in that night 🙂 🙂

As I didn’t bring camera that night, I asked Lidya’s friend (Lina Marlina) for the photos, and she already gave me permission to put the photos here 🙂

Thanks Lina! 🙂


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