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Good bye, Guilin … :)

I’ve already posted some posts about my China trip that I did with my friends last February 2012, from my first day in Guangzhou where I visited some temples, and did a river night cruise at Pearl River. Then on my second day in Guangzhou where I re-visited some tourism spot and new spots before I headed to Guilin using a sleeper train. Guilin was my second city that I visited during that trip. I did three river cruises in Guilin. Three times? Too much? I don’t think so … Because Guilin has something to offer in different river cruises. First was Yang Di River that offers many hills, karst hills to be exact. Some hills form some shape  … Next was Yulong River that offers beautiful scenery of a river with a village … While my last river cruise was in the city. The name of the river cruise is Two Rivers and Four Lakes Cruise. It was another river night cruise in China. I did my last river cruise during my last night in Guilin.

So I went back to Jakarta at noon. Myself and Firman decided to visit the elephant hill scenic area (it’s actually a hill that looks like an elephant with its trunk). This actually the icon of Guilin … So we took a taxi to that area and found that area already covered with fog … 🙁
China trip - Guilin - Elephant Hill Scenic Area

We looked around to found the entrance, but apparently, we needed to buy an entrance ticket. I guess it’s around RMB75/person. Why is it so expensive? Aaah … beside the elephant trunk, there are some activities inside the area … First we didn’t have the time to do many activities, and second, RMB75 is too expensive for a short visit.

China trip - Guilin - Tourist Map of Elephant Hill

Tourist Map of Elephant Hill – Guilin

We tried to our best to look at the elephant trunk hill from outside the area. The result … was zero haha. I guess, that’s also because of the fog …

China trip - Guilin - Elephant Hill Scenic Area

Is this the elephant trunk hill?

Then Firman tried another shot by asking a local that did a jog that morning. With a very limited way to communicate, Firman just showed the brochure of elephant trunk hill, and then the woman asked us to follow. We’re kinda confused, why we needed to follow her haha … So we just follow her, at least we also did a jog in the morning with her haha!

We walked a bit from the spot where the taxi dropped us, until we met the entrance on the other side of the river.

She entered the area easily, but when we wanted to enter, the guard told us to buy the ticket first (we’ve already brought our backpack). Apparently tourists need to buy tickets, while people who are going to exercise could enter the area freely. Hmm … Perhaps next time I will try this … 😀

Sad that we couldn’t just enter the area, then we just waived a cab to go to the airport shuttle bus shelter. For your information, the shuttle bus is located in front of Aviation Hotel (Complete address: 18 Shanghai Road, Guangxi Province Guilin, China). I didn’t remember how much was the ticket for the shuttle bus, but it surely cheaper than taking cab 😉

Arriving at the Guilin Liangjiang International Airport, we looked for the international departure gate, but it still closed.
China trip - Guilin - Guilin Liangjiang International Airport

So we walked around for a minute, then decided to have breakfast first before entering the international departure. And we found KFC downstairs. They have the healthy food menu there. Interesting to try 😉

After we finished our breakfast … We went upstairs again, and the gate for international departure has opened … Aahh … sad to leave Guilin so early …

But I think will visit this city again in the future!

Good bye Guilin!! I will see you soon 😉
China trip - Goodbye Guilin - Cloud

Mixed Up Already

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