Komodo LOB trip: A wonderful sunset from Gili Laba

Still on the second day of the Komodo LOB trip, after we relaxed and enjoyed at the Pink Beach as our second spot on that day, we were ready to take another challenge, which was the hill of Gili Laba (or sometime people also said Gili Lawa). I was hoping that I have trained well during the morning, when I did the hike at Padar Island, and hopefully this one would be easier to hike.

Indonesia - Komodo LOB trip - On the way to Gili Laba from Komodo Island - Lunch on the boat

We had our lunch during our way from Pink Beach to Gili Laba (Flores – Indonesia)

We needed to arrive at Gili Laba at least 2 hours before the sunset, as we did not know, how long would it take for us to reach the top of the hill to see the sunset. Apparently, it took us around 3 hours or more to reach Gili Laba from the Pink Beach, and we managed to reach there at around 3:30PM. However, we started the hike at around 4:30PM, so the weather was not as hot as during the day.

I could see the path of the hike from the bottom of the hill (the beach) to the top of the hill.

Again … from the distance, it looks okay and not that difficult haha.

Indonesia - Komodo LOB trip - Gili Lawa darat (Gili Laba) - arrived at the island

Getting ready for the hike – at Gili Laba (Flores – Indonesia)

And … of course I was wrong!

The hike was okay until the middle of the hill, as the inclination angle is only about 30°, which again … was still okay. Thennnn … I could feel that the level of difficulty increased starting from the middle of the hill, where the angle changed to 45° haha! I felt so tired, I sweat so much, and it seemed that I could not move my legs. That’s why I stopped for a while, and drank some water. Luckily we decided to bring some bottle water! And of course, during the stop, I used this moment to take pictures haha.

Indonesia - Komodo LOB trip - Gili Lawa darat (Gili Laba) - On the middle of the hill

One of the several stops that I made during the hike haha! – at Gili Laba (Flores – Indonesia)

Looking at my friend and the captain were waiting for me, and I truly wanted to challenge myself and to be at the top of the hill to see the sunset, so I forced my way up to the hill. Near the top of the hill, the path was not just land, but already mixed with rock, so I needed to place my feet carefully, and as I was too tired at that time, so I just used my hand and grabbed some rock above me. So it’s not a hike anymore, instead it became a crawl lollsss … Well, I needed to do anything to be at the top of the hill … And when I reached at the top (hooray!), I felt such a relieved, and finally I could sit and wait for the sunset!

Indonesia - Komodo LOB trip - Gili Lawa darat (Gili Laba) - View from the top of the hill (01)

Beautiful view from the top of the hill of Gili Laba (Flores – Indonesia)

Fortunately, there were not many people that climbed at that time. I think some of the visitors, planned to hike in the morning to see the sunrise, so some of the decided to hike a small hill located on the left of our boats.

Indonesia - Komodo LOB trip - Gili Lawa darat (Gili Laba) - Photo session on the top of the hill

Photo shoot at Gili Laba (Flores – Indonesia)

The view from the top of the hill was really Instagrammable, where we could see the small strait between the tip of Gili laba and Komodo Island, and also our boats that docked at the beach of Gili Laba. Of course the most awaited scene was the sunset time, where the sky was blue and the cloud scatter on the sky but did not block the sun. I think the view was really worth my effort to hike to the top haha!

Indonesia - Komodo LOB trip - Gili Lawa darat (Gili Laba) - Sunset from the top of the hill (4)

A wonderful view of the sunset from Gili Laba (Flores – Indonesia)

We could not really stay at the top of the hill for too long. As the sun was already gone, so there was no more light. That was why, we needed to walk down quickly. It is important to bring a flashlight during the hike – usually the captain will bring it.

Actually to walk up and down, there are 2 paths. The first one was the path that we used when we walked up. The second path can also be used to walk up and it was an easier path, but the second route is longer than the first route. And for me as I did not want to experience the first route again (lol), so we (and most of the people who were with us at the top of the hill) chose the second route.

Indonesia - Komodo LOB trip - Gili Lawa darat (Gili Laba) - Lonely stones

The day is getting darker at Gili Laba (Flores – Indonesia)

It was longer and still has some difficulty, such as uneven land, but at least, it was much easier than the first one.

I felt another relieved when finally we reached at the bottom of the hill, and I saw the beach in front of my eyes!


What an experience!!

The second day was quite demanding, but it was fun indeed, even though during the hike I kept thinking:

‘What the heck I was doing here. I could be just stayed at Labuan Bajo, and enjoy the sunset from one of the café there!’


But hey … I did it … 😉

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