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When auto brands showing off at GIIAS 2016


Who doesn’t love cars? We here in Indonesia, just had a big auto show event, called GIIAS 2016 (stands for ‘Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show’). Even though the auto show event has just ended on 21 August 2016, I have loads of pics from the event.

So here are plenty of pics from the show, and I have categorized them based on the display or the cars or else, and of course based on my judgement. Anyway, I put the exhibitors in GIIAS 2016 that I love so much as the last one (hint: scroll to the bottom lols).


GIIAS 2016

The most visited exhibitors at GIIAS 2016

Of course you can guess the most visited exhibitors on GIIAS 2016 lah! Haha.


Located at hall 10, which is the last hall at ICE BSD, and displayed some of the popular cars, including concept car. So, do you know the most popular car of Toyota? Is it still Avanza? Well, they displayed a new variant here, which looks sportier than the regular variant! Toyota Avanza Veloz Tigre. Love it!


Sporty look of Veloz! Love it?

What I was expecting from Toyota is of course the ‘green’ car. It started with Prius the hybrid car, and now it has plenty of ‘green’ car, including Toyota C-HR, a hybrid crossover car with the coupé design (2-door car). It looks bulky and strong, and I really like the back side of it!


Love the back side of C-HR!

Another hybrid car that I was surprised to see is the Mirai! I was excited to see this car on the stage. I have read the news about this hydrogen fuel cell car some time ago. I could also see the FCV (fuel cell vehicle) concept car being displayed at the corner of the area. This FCV concept car looks like a futuristic car to me!


Mirai on stage


The origin of Mirai

But, can I have that C-HR please? Lols.


You can see from the first picture, that there are plenty of people visited Honda during GIIAS 2016! They displayed all of the cars here, from Honda BR-V, Honda HR-V, Brio, including the sport car, i.e. Honda CR-Z. As a sport car, CR-Z with its coupé design, is actually a hybrid car with the combination of gasoline-electric power.


The HR-V


Honda CR-Z


A sportier look from Honda CR-Z

Honda also has its own hydrogen fuel car for its go-green car. With its Accord type car, Honda displayed Honda Clarity to represent the all-electric car. Although it uses battery as the power, Honda could create a battery with efficient size, so the car could have a spacious entire for 5 passengers! And as Clarity uses hydrogen fuel cell, then you can expect water as the output from the car, so no more air pollution.


The Clarity from Honda

The brightest and whitest


Haha. Again, it’s just what I felt when I walked to Suzuki area at GIIAS 2016. It’s bright and white, although I could see that there is some empty space in the area. What I wanted to see from Suzuki. Of course, the Suzuki SX4 S-Cross! The new model from the SX4 crossover series.


Do you love the blue …


… or the white one?

Do not want to fall behind with the others, Suzuki also displayed a concept car, called Suzuki Ignis. Looking at their display, where they put a kayak on top of the car, seems the car is suitable for a picnic. I am picturing I drove the car off road to the side of a river now and then do kayaking 😀


Suzuki Ignis

The most colourful and cheerful


Based on the design of the area, it seems that Daihatsu wanted to attract family visitors with the kids.


Colourful and cheerful area of Daihatsu

Which car that attracted me the most? Of course, the Daihatsu Copen Cero! It’s a 2-door roadster with a retractable top and sporty look! I can imagine myself driving this Cero on a road beside the beach, just like the Great Ocean Road in Australia, and felt the wind breeze! 😉


Daihatsu Cast Sport


The roadster!

The most bold


Well, I am not talking about the display inside the auto show event, but more to the Mitsubishi’s test drive that they have. They have set a pathway outside the building, that could represent an extreme elevation. It’s so tall with high elevation degrees! This is to show the power and the grip of the tires of Mitsubishi Pajero Sport in such condition.


Hold on tight!

Did you sign-up for this test drive? I didn’t! But I did record videos of this. Dare to ride this?

Going up!

Going down!

Besides their regular passenger cars, Mitsubishi also showed off their concept car! The Mitsubishi XM Concept Car.


The XM Concept car from Mitsubishi

The most elegant


Who doesn’t agree with me?! Lols …

Not just the brand itself is an elegant and luxurious brand, but the ladies and gents of Lexus also dressed up too!


Lexus at GIIAS 2016


One of the ladies from Lexus


Another Lexus’ lady at GIIAS 2016

And not only they displayed some of their luxurious cars, Lexus also presented some of the concept car, such as this Lexus LF-FC with its bold front grille! The FC stands for fuel cell. So luxury hand-in-hand with environmental friendly vehicle equals a nice and striking combo! Well, Lexus, don’t forget me when it’s available, as I want one!


Striking front grille from Lexus!

The most exclusive


What? Why the most exclusive?!


The exclusive hall for BMW and MINI

Simple … As they occupied their own hall! 2/3 for BMW and 1/3 for MINI. This was the first hall of the passenger cars exhibitors that I visited, so I didn’t spend much time here — as I thought, there were still plenty of cars to see. Now I regret! I should spend more time in this hall than the rest!

Great to see my dream car of BMW, the X5!


My dream car, BMW X5

BMW was not only showing their cars, but also their motorbike series – BMW Motorrad.


The Motorrad series from BMW


Hey hey, Mr. Postman … 🙂


Even though MINI only occupied 1/3 of the hall, but they managed to have their own café and ‘living room’ for the visitors 😉


MINI lounge at GIIAS 2016


Sad that I only took this photo for MINI … I should spend more time in this hall!

So … Looking back at this GIIAS 2016, which exhibitor do you love the most? And did u buy any cars from the event? 🙂

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