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Pamper yourself in Gaya Island Resort (Kinabalu)

Malaysia - Kinabalu - Gaya Island Resort - The villas (Thumbnail)

Gaya Island resort is one of the resorts under the YTL Hotels. YTL is a company that dealing with luxury, luxury, and luxury things. So I am really interested to stay in Gaya Island Resorts.

From Sutera Harbour in Kota Kinabalu, we off to Gaya Island by boat. The Gaya Island is actually an island opposite Kota Kinabalu, but the resort is at the other side of the island.

Malaysia - Kinabalu - Gaya Island Resort - The resort

The pathway to our room in Bayu Villa of Gaya Island Resort

The staffs already waited for our arrival in the jetty. Then they explained to us everything about the resorts, from the dining area, the activities, and the accommodation. As for our villa, The Bayu Villa, is located among a tropical mangrove on a gently sloping hillside. Although it’s not near the beach, but hey, this resort is actually in front of the beach.

From I stepped my foot on the jetty to our room, I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the resort. The resort is just very nice! It would be very nice to stay in the villas that has a direct view of the beach, just like what I saw from the jetty 😉

Malaysia - Kinabalu - Gaya Island Resort - The villas with sea view

The villas in Gaya Island Resort with a great view

The room

My room is Bayu Villa, and it is not located in front of the beach, but more at the back of the resort. Luckily my villa was at the second floor, so we had a wonderful view of the mangrove and a sneak peek of the beach. Actually there’s a big day-bed in front of the room, but it’s kinda wet because of the rain, but anyway, we rarely used it haha.

Malaysia - Kinabalu - Gaya Island Resort - Bayu villa beside the pond

The Bayu villa of Gaya Island Resort

When we entered the villa, we were amazed with how big and how nice the villa is!

Don’t you think it’s very comfortable to sleep in this bed? Yes it is 🙂

Although it’s close to the door, we could close the partition behind the doors. The TV with satellite channels is also available in the bed room area.

Malaysia - Kinabalu - Gaya Island Resort - Bayu villa - The bed

The comfy bed in Bayu Villa of Gaya Island Resort

Malaysia - Kinabalu - Gaya Island Resort - Bayu villa - The working area

Need to work on your vacation? 😉

Need to work in the room, there’s already a big table provided in the middle of the room, in a different room with the bed. They also already give a big closet in the opposite of the working-table.

Now, let’s talk about the bathroom …

Do you see that big bathtub? Yep, it’s ready to use, with a candle beside it! Interesting to use, right … 😉 Then, there are also 2 washbasins so we don’t need to wait for our turn to just brush our teeth! 😉

Just a reminder, there’s no partition between the room … So it’s like an alley from the bedroom to the bathroom 😀

Malaysia - Kinabalu - Gaya Island Resort - Bayu villa - The bathtub

The big bathtub in Bayu Villa of Gaya Island Resort 😉

The food and the restaurant
We didn’t need to worry about the food while we’re staying in Gaya Island resort. Why would we? They’ve already provided 3 meals per day for our stay there, from breakfast, lunch and also dinner. After all, we stayed in an island … Where could we get the food if not from the hotel 😉

Malaysia - Kinabalu - Gaya Island Resort - Feast Village - The food bar

The food bar in the Feast Village of Gaya Island Resort

The food … comprises from various kind of meals, and we could choose one from the light one to the heavy one, from the cheap one to the most expensive one. It’s up to us! For me, as I love lamb, definitely my choice fell to the lamb menu. My first menu was ‘nut-crusted lamb rack, roasted’. I love everything on my plate! From the simplicity of the arrangement, until the lamb itself!

Malaysia - Kinabalu - Gaya Island Resort - Feast Village - Nut-crusted lamb rack, Roasted

The Nut-crusted Lamb rack, roasted – One of the meals in Feast Village of Gaya Island Resort

Next food that I tried during the lunch time was a burger. I thought it would be just like another burger, but it turned out, I was handed a long and big plate with the burger, salad, and potato wedges in it. Haha! Never thought the portion would be that big.

Malaysia - Kinabalu - Gaya Island Resort - Feast Village - Burger

Fancy for a burger? Well you can have it in Feast Village in Gaya Island Resort

Beside the meals from the menu, we could always take the salad and all the appetizers from the food bar.

There are three dining areas in this resort. One is the Feast village, which is the regular one where we had our breakfast, lunch, and dinner; and the other one would be Fisherman’s Cove. What’s the difference? The Fisherman’s Cove is more to a high class dining experience … Not only you could have a romantic dinner, but you also need to dress properly … For me with sandals and shorts … Hmm, I think I couldn’t pass this preliminary requirement 😉

Malaysia - Kinabalu - Gaya Island Resort - Pool bar & lounge

The pool bar and lounge beside the swimming pool in Gaya Island Resort

The last dining area is located beside the swimming pool. It’s actually more like a bar and lounge type, but you can still have your food here, although the list of menu is not as complete as the Feast Village 🙂

The activities


Malaysia - Kinabalu - Gaya Island Resort - The library

The nice looking library in Gaya Island Resort

Gaya Island resort offers many free activities for the guests, but in this limited time, we could only choose two activities. First one is the Gaya Snorkeling Exploration. We thought the snorkeling place is somewhere outside the island, or perhaps in the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park (haha), but it’s not. Apparently they have what they called (if I’m not mistaken), in-house marine park, and the location is on the left-side from the jetty 😉 They have a dive master that snorkeled with us during the 1.5 hour snorkeling time in the area. I don’t bring the underwater camera, but my friend did bring, well, let’s hope that my friend send the photos asap! Haha. The marine park is still okay, but there are many sea urchins and most of them have loooong spines 😮 .

The second one that we’re planning to join was the Guided Nature Walks, but … It required me to use shoes or at least mountain sandals, or any sandals that can hold your feet while doing the incline trekking. Oh man, it’s unfortunate to miss this one!

Malaysia - Kinabalu - Gaya Island Resort - Relaxing on the beach

Sun bathing on the beach? Sure you can 😉

Malaysia - Kinabalu - Gaya Island Resort - The beach or the swimming pool

Pool or the beach? 😉

Malaysia - Kinabalu - Gaya Island Resort - The swimming pool

Nice swimming pool in Gaya Island Resort

There are many others activities that you can choose. Some are free, some perhaps required additional fee.

If you just want to stay at the resort, you could always borrow the snorkeling gear, canoe, or perhaps just swim in the resort swimming pool.

This resort also has it’s own fitness centre and a very nice library.

This resort really has a great service, and the staffs are friendly, even one of the front office, Janet, was trying to look for shoes so that I could join the nature walk! 🙂

The other great thing that we could get from this resort is the sunrise! Just go to the beach and wait for the sunrise 😉

Perhaps one thing that I think need an improvement was the wi-fi connection. It’s quite slow from the villa, but then again, they also provide the premium wi-fi connection 😛

Gaya Island Resort
Malohom Bay, Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park
88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Office: 60 3 2783 1000

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Malaysia - Kinabalu - Gaya Island Resort - The sunrise

Sunrise from the beach in Gaya Island Resort

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