Fort to lake Maninjau in a day … (part 1)

Indonesia - Sumatera - Bukittinggi - Mount Singgalang

This photo was taken before I enter the Taman Bundo Kanduang. It’s just on the right side of the road 😉

The second day of my trip to Bukittinggi in April 2012 started with looking for a ride for that day haha! Luckily we got one fast! It’s Andy’s neighbor who has a spare car to be rented. It’s already 10AM so we just walked there and left!

We started by going to the place that is still in the city. It’s Taman Bundo Kanduang. Perhaps you will confuse where is that, but if I said Fort de Kock, probably you all know it 😉 Yep, that’s the place.

Fort de Kock is located inside Taman Bundo Kanduang. But the fort is not alone there. The area of the fort is connected to a zoo and cultural park (Taman Marga Satwa dan Budaya Kinantan) with a bridge that is called Limpapeh bridge.  In that park, there’s also a traditional house of Minangkabau. It just looks like the miniature of Pagaruyung Palace.

Andy didn’t join me exploring the park as he got something to do, but I believe he has been there tons of time also!

Indonesia - Sumatera - Bukittinggi - Fort de Kock in 1825 (Photo credit - Wikipedia)

Fort de Kock in 1825 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you know that Bukittinggi was actually known as Fort de Kock in the past? Well, yes it was.

The fort was built in 1825 on a hill during Dutch colonization that worked as an outpost and defense from the local people during Padri war. This war was actually the war between the local people (the religious people-kaum Padri and the indigenous people-kaum Adat), but when the Adat people was losing the battle, they asking help from the Dutch. That’s when the war became completed and it became the war against the Dutch.

When I looked at Fort de Kock, it was only a small white abandoned building accompanied with small canons around it. Is this the only building in the fort or there’s actually more? I could only find one painting of the fort in the past from Wikipedia. It doesn’t really give a good picture of how big it was, but I could see that there’s more than just this small white building 😉

The complex already gone under a renovation in 2002 where they changed it into more kinda like a park (including there’s a child’s play).

Indonesia - Sumatera - Bukittinggi - Taman Bundo Kanduang - Fort de Kock

The Fort de Kock (present time)

Indonesia - Sumatera - Bukittinggi - Taman Bundo Kanduang - Fort de Kock and a child's play

Fort de Kock with a child’s play beside it

I really didn’t look at the time while I was taking photos of Fort de Kock and suddenly Andy called me and said that he’s already waiting for me in entrance gate. Yikes!! I haven’t gone to the zoo yet!! Aakkk …

‘Oh nooo … I’m still in Fort de Kock, I haven’t crossed to the other siiidee!! Wait, let me have a quick look of it!’

So I just rushed to the bridge, but then I stopped.

Indonesia - Sumatera - Bukittinggi - Taman Bundo Kanduang - Jembatan Limpapeh

Jembatan Limpapeh that connects Taman Bundo Kanduang and Taman Margasatwa Kinantan

‘Err … This bridge looks nice. I need to take a photo of this first!’ I said to myself.
‘Whoaaa … I could see mount Marapi from here’ I said to myself (again) while crossing the bridge.
Then when I turned back after taking some photos of Mount Marapi which unfortunately was covered with cloud on top of it, I looked part of Mount Singgalang and took another photos.

Indonesia - Sumatera - Bukittinggi - Mount Marapi (the view from Jembatan Limpapeh)

I took this photo of Mount Marapi from the Limpapeh Bridge

‘I really need to cross this bridge now!’


So I did crossed the bridge (finally!), but I didn’t really have much time to see and explore this side of the park. So I just looked around and took a photo of the Minangkabau traditional house there. How about the zoo? Didn’t get a chance to visit it. Well … There’s always a reason to visit this place again 😉

Indonesia - Sumatera - Bukittinggi - Taman Marga Satwa dan Budaya Kinantan - The traditional house of Minangkabau

The traditional house of Minangkabau in Taman Marga Satwa dan Budaya Kinantan

Indonesia - Sumatera - Bukittinggi - Ngarai Sianok - Gulai Itiak Lado Mudo Ngarai

The famous Gulai Itiak Lado Mudo Ngarai in Ngarai Sianok

On our way to lake Maninjau, we passed the famous Ngarai Sianok (Sianok Canyon), and we stopped there for a lunch break. There’s a nice eating place there. It was a duck curry restaurant called ‘Gulai Itik Lado Mudo Ngarai’. I can’t believe that I didn’t take any pictures of it 🙁 .

The location of the restaurant is actually very nice. It’s beside the canyon!

From below, Ngarai Sianok is already magnificent, but I believed the scenery from above is more wonderful where we could see the entire gorge with the Batang Sianok river in the middle of the valley. (In Bukittinggi city, there’s actually a place called panorama park where you could get the nice view of Ngarai Sianok from above!)

The name ‘canyon/ngarai’ is given to Sianok, as it’s part of Sumatera faults. The result of the faults is some steep vertical ‘walls’.

Indonesia - Sumatera - Bukittinggi - Ngarai Sianok (1)

The famous Ngarai Sianok

Indonesia - Sumatera - Bukittinggi - Ngarai Sianok (2)

Another view of Ngarai Sianok

Indonesia - Sumatera - Bukittinggi - Ngarai Sianok - Taruko - Seating on the side to enjoy the scenery

Just sit and relax and enjoy the view from Taruko cafe & resto

Andy and I have a similarity. We like to eat and enjoy a nice restaruant/cafe, and he told me that there’s a very nice one in Ngarai Sianok area. The Taruko cafe & restaurant, and yes we made another stop! Haha.

It’s actually a regular type of cafe/restaurant , but what makes it different is the view. We could just sit at the side of the cafe and enjoy the view while sipping coffee.

Okay, I promise you that Taruko was the last stop before Lake Maninjau … And in my next post you will see the Danau Maninjau.

No more stops 😀

Indonesia - Sumatera - Bukittinggi - Ngarai Sianok - Taruko - The view

The view on Taruko cafe & restaurant

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