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Becoming the Food Fighters …

Jakarta - Melawai - Food Fighters - Thumbnail

Well to be honest, I rarely explore café or restaurant in Jakarta. I usually doing exploring for new cafe / restaurants / eating places or sometimes people like me called it as cafe hopping, when I am out of Jakarta, so it will look that I am on holiday and using the holiday budget haha! But this time … I am not sure why, but I am intrigue to know what is this ‘Food Fighters?’ Some food bloggers did post some of the photos on their Instagram, the food looks nice – I don’t know how they make a very seducing photo of the food … But as I am more a person that like the café itself and the ambiance, rather than food. I went there just want to know, what it looks like. Many people said that it is the second ‘Pasar Santa’. Even I have never been to Pasar Santa, don’t ask why … haha …

Jakarta - Melawai - Food Fighters (01)

The Food Fighters Melawai – just beside Fave Hotel Melawai (Jakarta – Indonesia)

From some photos of the place … There are many pictures looks like the one in Pixels the movie! ~ have you watched it? You know … that old games … remember Pac Man? 😉

Finding this place is easy … Just head to the Fave Hotel Melawai (yeap, that is the place where the Food Bloggers updated their location when they were in Food Fighters!) – if you still can’t find it, it is located inside the Blok M Square complex (am I right?). A silly thing also came to my mind that I expected the place would be quiet, as it was Sunday afternoon of early September, which of course … it was the opposite haha!

And I came to this place alone … just to feed my silly curiosity haha!

As always, I brought my camera with me … and of course my laptop, thinking that perhaps I would take out my laptop and did something. However, I became a shy person to take my camera out and take some photos of the place – weird thing is … this feeling did not creep me out when I visited café / restaurant out of town … weird it is! Haha. And … do you know what … Apparently, I was not the only person who took out the camera and taking pictures there! Even, there were people who shot a video there … Perhaps they wanted to do some review of the place and food. Hmm … curious whether I was in one of their scenes or not! Haha.

Anyway … Again … People thought that this was like Pasar Santa. So I imagine that Pasar Santa is a place where there are many food stalls selling burger, Mehiko food (ahum … Mexican food), noodle, waffle, and of course … coffee?!

I did not plan to stay long at this place – and why did I bring laptop here?!?! – as I already had my lunch before I went to this place, so I went straight to my favourite food that I can spot easily … WAFFLE!!!! And with ice cream … Easy, right?! Haha.

Jakarta - Melawai - Food Fighters - Food stall - Zucker Waffle

You Zucker Waffle! Lol … – at Food Fighters Melawai (Jakarta – Indonesia)

The waffle stall, called Zucker Waffle (is the owner a fans of Zuckerberg … or …?), is easy to locate as it is at the front side of Food Fighters! After I said my order, the staff just gave me the piece of paper with my order, and asked me to pay it at the cashier inside.

So … they have centralized cashiers inside, and I think they only accept cash … not sure whether they have the EDC machine or not.

Jakarta - Melawai - Food Fighters - Cashier

Kachingg $$$ – at Food Fighters Melawai (Jakarta – Indonesia)

After I gave my receipt to them, then they asked me where to seat … I looked around finding some empty seat, and just pointed out to the outdoor seat.

Yes this place has outdoor and indoor seats and I, 100%, would choose to sit outdoor. The indoor is okay, but I think there is not much ventilation inside, so the wind only came from the electric fan.

So here’s my waffle with one big scoop of vanilla ice cream … Yumm … Yes, no plate, most of them will use half-box container / carton – what do you call that? Lol.

Jakarta - Melawai - Food Fighters - Zucker Waffle - Waffle with vanilla ice cream, chocolate chip, and chocolate sauce - yummy!

Waffle with vanilla ice cream and chocolate chip with an additional of chocolate sauce … Rrrr … – Zucker Waffle at Food Fighters Melawai (Jakarta – Indonesia)

One thing that I did not bring was … Tissue! We need to bring the tissue as most of them would not provide tissue … haha.

After I finished my waffle with one big scoop of vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce, I was thinking … mmm perhaps I should try other things too … as I would not sure when I will come back here again.

From the dessert, I move myself backward to snack / appetizers, and I stepped my feet to Sloppy Bro! Okay, bro, what light meal do you have? Haha. My eyes brought me to the Mexican menu … Quesadillas! But sadly … they ran out of Quesadillas *sad*, so I changed to other light meal, called Taquitos!

Jakarta - Melawai - Food Fighters - Food stall - Sloppy Bro

Sloppy, Bro! Haha … – at Food Fighters Melawai (Jakarta – Indonesia)

This time … I tried to seat inside, just seat on the stool at the centre of the indoor area on the same table with the cashier, but I was seating at the other side.

Jakarta - Melawai - Food Fighters - Indoor seating area

The indoor seating area of Food Fighters Melawai (Jakarta – Indonesia)

Then after I finished my appetizer, I thought I could eat some more, so I move myself to the ‘main menu’ … burger! I think there are several burger stalls there, but for my first visit at Food Fighters, I tried the burger from the Judas Kitchen! I heard that they are selling healthy food … but I chose their OZ Beef Burger instead haha. I think one of the reasons why people said that they have a ‘healthy’ menu, is (I think) because of the drink menu. They sell the infused water – a bottle of water with fruits or other, inside it.

Okay … I think I forgot to take pictures of the stall and the photo of the burger is not too good lol, so I will put it as the collage with other food at the end of this post! Sorry, Judas! :p

Jakarta - Melawai - Food Fighters - Food stall - Kopi Pasar

Judas Kitchen in Food Fighters Melawai is located just beside the Kopi Pasar stall (Jakarta – Indonesia)

After I finished the burger, I said to myself, I think I could take some more! Hmm … This Miechino looks interesting … It is said that they sell ‘Mie Karet’ (rubber noodle) lol. This ‘mie karet’ used a different container. Do you remember, when you watch a Hollywood movie, and when they ordered noodle from a Chinese restaurant for take away, and they will get a box where they need to open it from above? Yes, the box looks similar like that.

Jakarta - Melawai - Food Fighters - Food stall - Miechino

Miechino at Food Fighers Melawai (Jakarta – Indonesia)

Jakarta - Melawai - Food Fighters - Miechino - Mie Karet

The rubber noodle aka ‘Mie Karet’ of Miechino at Food Fighers Melawai (Jakarta – Indonesia)

To be honest, at this point … My stomach was already full, and could not take any more food! Haha …

Wow … I was amaze with what I did! In 2 hours, I swallowed 4 different foods all by myself haha! I am really a Food Fighter, aren’t I?!?! Well this did not go as plan … as I only planned to be here for a while … and yes … not opening the laptop at all! Haha.

So how much food can you take, food fighters?!

Jakarta - Melawai - Food Fighters - The food

The four food that I had during my first visit to Food Fighers Melawai (Jakarta – Indonesia) – from left top and move clockwise: waffle with vanilla ice cream of Zuckerberg, Taquitos of Sloppy bro, Mie Karet of Miechino, and OZ Beef Burger of Judas Kitchen

Would I come back?

I think I will … I am curious to taste some more food from Sloppy Bro, another waffle from Zucker Waffle, and want to try that nitro-coffee from Kopi Pasar!

And don’t forget to bring tissue! 😀

Food Fighter

Melawai IV No. 7 – beside Fave Melawai

Google Maps location:

Jakarta - Melawai - Food Fighters - during the evening

The Food Fighers, yeyeyee! (Jakarta – Indonesia)

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  • momogrosir

    food fighter at melawai jakarta? hmmm… look like i must go there and try mie karet. i love all about mie.

    • timothywp

      Yeap, you should try visit the Food Fighters 😉

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