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A flight to Sumba …

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I have been wanting to write a blog post about my trip to Sumba (NOT Sumbawa in West Nusa Tenggara) some time ago, but never have a chance to do it lol … The trip itself was done in September 2013 where I visited my best friend, Sinthya, who happened to work there as a doctor in one of the hospitals. She lived in the ‘Southwest Sumba’ district in Weetabula area, so the nearest airport would be the Tambolaka Airport.

This post will be the preview of (hopefully) a blog post series about my trip to Sumba 🙂

The flight to Sumba could be a bit pricey, so that is why when there was a promotional event from Lion Air, I decided just to buy it! The difference with the regular price is about 50%. That was a good deal right?!

I flew to Sumba after a trip to Bali, and the route probably considered as a ‘short distance’ route, so I flew using the ATR plane – the Wings Air. This means, the plane would fly low and I could get a good view from my window! I was grateful that I sat on the left side of that small plane. The view was terrific! I could see part of Bali island from above, then Lombok island (not sure though), and the last one before I arrived in Sumba, was definitely (should be) Sumbawa island.

I had a chance to take some pictures from my seat … So here are the photos … Not that good, but I think you will agree that the view is great! 🙂

Indonesia - Flight to Sumba - Bye bye Bali

Bye bye Baliiiii … :'( [Flight to Sumba – Indonesia]

Indonesia - Flight to Sumba - Is this Lombok (01)

Is this Lombok? [Flight to Sumba – Indonesia]

Indonesia - Flight to Sumba - Is this Lombok (02)

Is this still Lombok? [Flight to Sumba – Indonesia]

Indonesia - Flight to Sumba - I bet this is Sumbawa (01)

I am pretty sure this is Sumbawa Island [Flight to Sumba – Indonesia]

Why I am sure that the above picture is Sumbawa? Because of this next picture … [but let me know if I am wrong] …

Indonesia - Flight to Sumba - I bet this is Sumbawa - Is that an open pit from Newmont (mine)

I think this is the open pit of Newmont (mining company) in Sumbawa Island [Flight to Sumba – Indonesia]

Then … I finally arrived at Tambolaka Airport … The airport was actually not that big, but still clean … Surprisingly when I entered the airport, it was also quite empty. After the whole passengers of Wings Air walked out from the airport; the building became ’empty’ 😛

Indonesia - Sumba - Tambolaka Airport (01)

Finally arrived at Tambolaka airport [Sumba – Indonesia]

Indonesia - Sumba - Tambolaka Airport - Inside the building

It’s quite empty when I arrived at Tambolaka Airport [Sumba – Indonesia]

I have finished the blog series about my trip to Sumba, which covers several areas in Sumba.


If you need an ojek, you can call Oom Agus at (62) 821 458 97339

– Watching the sunset at Mananga Aba beach – Sumba
The unused pier of Waikelo and the sunset
– Beach, sunset, and old pier of Waikelo in Sumba


You can call Marcell from Sinar Tambolaka Hotel at (62) 821 455 72732

5 beautiful spots in Kodi [Sumba]
– Ratenggaro – a traditional village with a beautiful view in Kodi [Sumba]


You can call Nelis at (62) 821 471 92017, or if you stay at Peter’s, you could ask them arrange a transport for you.

– The long and winding road to Tarimbang
– On Foot to Tarimbang Beach
– An escape at Peter’s Magic Paradise


You can call Yudhi at (62) 852 534 97776

– Hallo Waingapu!
– From Melolo to Walakiri beach of Sumba
– Chasing the sunset to Puru Kambera [Sumba]

If you noticed from the list of numbers from above, you will see that all of the numbers are Telkomsel’s number – one of the telco providers in Indonesia. During my visit at that time, the only network that works is Telkomsel.

PS: the phone numbers of the drivers might change or not working.

Mixed Up Already

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  • Sinthya

    Thanks for visiting me when I was in Sumba. I’m enjoying the Jak city again but hopefully I would build my house in Sumba on Waikelo beach. You’d have another chance for second flight to Sumba. LOL

    • timothywp

      I would love to visit your house there! <3 <3 <3

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