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[Sponsored Post] A Flashpacker Guide to Choosing Hotels

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One Life – Live it!

Many people talk about flashpacking and being a flashpacker. What does it truly mean?

Flashpacker is a new trend in the travelling world for those people who love to travel spontaneously, simpler and with comfort. You can spot them everywhere! Sometimes they are in their weekend getaways trekking in the jungle, and other days you will see them sipping mojito by a private beach. Flashpackers simply just want their travel to be easy, full of comfort and affordable at the same time – they are also lovers of gadgets as they know it would simplify their travelling lifestyle.

Accommodation is an essential part of a flashpacker. They know that to be able to maximize their travel, rest and sleep are essential, therefore an enjoyable and cozy place to stay become one of the main priorities of a flashpacker.

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Enjoy your life!

So are you a flashpacker? Or maybe you’re just getting there? Here are some tips of choosing hotels for the flashpacker in you.

Location, location, location

Location is really important, especially when travelling to big cities like Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok. There are just so many different areas to choose from. You need to decide in which part of town you will most spend time in. The centre? The suburb? Once you have the location in mind, it will help you to decide where you want to stay.

A great idea and also to give more flavour to your travel is to stay in different hotels in different parts of the city. It’s an amazing way to get to know a city and a change of atmosphere never hurt anyone.


Check out the reviews of the hotels before deciding to book. Reviews are extremely important since other people have already done the research for you so you don’t have to be stuck in a hotel with non-stop dripping shower and a bad service. Never underestimate the power of a review!


Check out the hotel’s services. As a flashpacker, services like wi-fi and laundry might be needed during your travel so check the hotel beforehand if they offer these services. It can be a little frustrating to arrive at a hotel with hopes that you can skype with your friends to find that there is no wi-fi at the hotel. So avoid those small things that can pester you and do your research!


Yes, flashpackers are still deal-finder. They care a lot about budget but don’t mind splurging a little bit more when luxury is needed. This is why flashpackers need to be smart in finding hotels that will not only bring comfort but also offer great deals. Here’s an important tip for all you flashpackers: booking an accommodation through a mobile application will be cheaper than booking through an agency.

Mobile Application

Flashpackers love their gadgets. I mean, they are probably the most gadget-conscious group of travel people. Mobile applications are an absolute favourite as you can practically plan your whole travel in a pocket size gadget. When choosing a hotel, with the right mobile application you can actually find a budget-friendly, comfortable place to stay on your next vacation.

Why not check out HotelQuickly mobile application. This application is designed for flashpackers with user-friendly interface that can help you find that hotel you need for that spontaneous getaway. The application also gives you tons of information on the hotel like the services, location and even the check in/out time! With 12 countries and over 70 destinations in the Asia-Pacific region covered, it’s even easier for you now to hop on a plane and spend the weekend on a shopping getaway to Singapore or relaxing by a beach in Bali in an instant.

Now that you know the tips and tricks of finding a hotel, flashpacker-style, it’s time to live your life with no limits! So, are your bags packed up for your next adventure?

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