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Feel the qoziness of Quincy Hotel in Singapore

Asia - Singapore - Quincy Hotel - The front side (2)

The Quincy Hotel [Singapore]

I still remember when I walked from Lucky Plaza to visit my friend’s apartment near the Elizabeth’s hospital, and I looked a tall-thin building with a unique design – which standout from the other hotels in that area. The one thing that attracts me more is the swimming pool that some part of the pool-wall was made from the glass and is jotted out from the building. I don’t know why, but I prefer this pool rather than the famous swimming pool on top of a hotel in Marina Bay area :D. I always said to myself that I should stay in this hotel again and again, then this opportunity came up during my #MxUAKk trip in March 2014.

Voted as one of the 10 best luxury and boutique hotels in Singapore by CNN, I, as one of the guests of Quincy, felt that Quincy truly deserves this recognition after I stayed there for a while.

Asia - Singapore - Quincy Hotel - The Lobby (1)

The Lobby in The Quincy Hotel [Singapore]

Asia - Singapore - Quincy Hotel - The Lobby

Waiting at The QuincyHotel [Singapore]

That feeling started even when I checked-in at the receptionist at the ground floor of Quincy. The staffs in the receptionist wanted us – the guest [myself with my travel buddy, Kania Kismadi] to feel very welcome in the Quincy hotel, and they wanted us to feel special as they ushered us to our room after the check-in process has finished. I said ‘they’ as there were two staffs. The one who assisted me was Zydney, and the other one was assisting Kania. Both lovely staffs walked with us and showed us the room personally. Entering the room, Zydney reminded me about the benefit of staying in Quincy, and I was really surprised of what I got in this hotel. Let me list down the benefit:

Asia - Singapore - Quincy Hotel - The bedroom - inside the fridge

All of these are free! – The Quincy Hotel [Singapore]

–          Complimentary mini bar, replenished daily. [yes the mini bar means everything inside the mini             bar – from drinks and snacks]

–          Complimentary internet access, wired and wireless

–          Complimentary local calls [Hallooo … I think this is the first time I heard that a hotel giving                   local calls for free]

–          Breakfast [6:45AM – 10:30AM]

–          All day refreshment [12:00PM – 8:30PM] >> Let me emphasize this for you. This refreshment             is served in the restaurant area, and during this hour, everything that you see in the restaurant             – cake, light food, drinks, are free [(another) Halloooo … everything for free, even the Dean &               DeLuca cake!]

–          Evening cocktails [6:00PM – 8:30PM].

Aren’t those qool stuff from Quincy?!?! Yes or yes?!?!

C’mon, Quincy is not as famous as any other stars hotel in Singapore, but they are dare to give a lot of benefits to the guest [according to what I see in one of the hotel booking website, Quincy is only 4-stars hotel!].

Asia - Singapore - Quincy Hotel - The restaurant - Healthy drinks

Free daily refreshment (drinks) at the restaurant of The Quincy Hotel [Singapore]

Asia - Singapore - Quincy Hotel - The restaurant - Cake by Dean & Deluca

Dean & Deluca cakes as free daily refreshment in The Quincy Hotel [Singapore]

Quincy categorized themselves as a quirky hotel. Quirky means ‘something that is strange / not normal but cool.’ Well I think that really suits Quincy so much! The qool-ness of the hotel can be seen from what kind of seat that they choose to be placed in the lobby area. It’s the pod chair!

Just beside the qool lobby, I could see the dining area straight away. It’s not a big dining hall, but the area is only the continuation of the lobby area. Quincy has set the table very neatly so it can accommodate quite many guests of the hotel. Quincy also provides outdoor seating just beside the restaurant, but if I could remember, the table is too small for you to put your food there. Still, it’s really a nice place to seat and relax. This seating area is located quite near to the street, and if the street is not your thing, you can just pack your things and go up to the 12th floor where you can either seat beside the infinity pool, or just seat elsewhere near the pool while looking at the blue sky. And if you feel that you are already sit too much, why don’t hit the gym that is located at the same floor with this infinity pool.

Asia - Singapore - Quincy Hotel - The restaurant - The cutlery

The restaurant at The Quincy Hotel [Singapore]

Asia - Singapore - Quincy Hotel - The restaurant - Outdoor seatings

The outdoor seatings beside the restaurant at The Quincy Hotel [Singapore]

Asia - Singapore - Quincy Hotel - The swimming pool [12th floor] (1)

The infinity pool at 12th floor of The Quincy Hotel [Singapore]

Asia - Singapore - Quincy Hotel - The swimming pool [12th floor] (2)

Enjoying the wind and blue sky from the seating area beside the infinity pool of The Quincy Hotel

My room is at 6th floor, and it has a great view of the surrounding plus it has a great position to see the sun set behind the concrete wall of the tall building. Even though my view is facing the apartment or hotels, but 6th floor is actually already have a good height for me to get much proportion of the sky, more over if the sky is blue, I could just sit beside the window and relax. Talking about the small sofa beside the window, I remember seeing the seat cover’s pattern somewhere! Haha … It’s quite similar with the one in Village Hotel Katong. Well, I am not surprise as they are under the same management, which is the Far East Hospitality ;-).

Asia - Singapore - Quincy Hotel - The bedroom (1)

My room on 6th floor of The Quincy Hotel [Singapore]

Asia - Singapore - Quincy Hotel - The bedroom - The facility

Inside the room in The Quincy Hotel [Singapore]

Asia - Singapore - Quincy Hotel - The Bedroom - Sunset view from my room

Watching the sunset in my room at The Quincy Hotel [Singapore]

Even though I feel that the room is quite compact, but it doesn’t lose its main function as a bedroom. The high level of comfort inside the room. With quite a few pillows on the bed, I could sleep really well at night! Haha. The room itself is also ‘friendly’ with the guests as they provide the universal electrical socket in the room. Even I didn’t remember that Singapore has a different electrical socket with Indonesia! This is really good as the guest doesn’t need to go out of the hotel just to buy the plug converter! [Even sometimes there is hotel that ran out of the plug converter so the guest couldn’t borrow it!]. Although the table in the room is not exactly a typical working desk, but it’s already enough if the guest wanted to work inside the room, especially it has a fast internet connection too.

One thing that my friend, Kania Kismadi, always remember from the bathroom is the toiletries that is supplied by the Molton Brown. She always said that the smell is sooooo nice, and the soap is very smooth. She’s right! I do love the smell of it. Plus the bathroom is clean equipped with bathtub and shower. Even I could watch the TV while I’m soaking on the bathtub, thanks to the glass wall separator between the bathroom and the bedroom haha! Apparently my bathroom and Kania’s bathroom is quite different. She bragged that her bathtub is installed beside the window, so I think you could watch the blue sky while you’re on the bathtub – I bet it’s much better than watching TV 😉

But still … I really love this room! 😉

Asia - Singapore - Quincy Hotel - The bathroom

The bathroom at The Quincy Hotel [Singapore]

Asia - Singapore - Quincy Hotel - The bathroom - Toiletries from Molton Brown

Molton Brown plus other toiletries inside the bathroom of The Quincy Hotel [Singapore]

Although I only stayed here for a while, I have witnessed a great service which has become the standard for all Far East Hospitality properties. No wonder why the Quincy hotel is also voted as ‘Travelers Choice’ in TripAdvisor award. As one of the hotels that located near the famous Orchard Road, Quincy Hotel can be a great choice for the place to stay for your quick escape in Singapore, especially during the weekend as they have a Qool Weekend Package.

Here’s what you can get in the Weekend Package:

– One night stay at The Quincy Hotel’s Studio Room (twin-sharing)
– All-day light refreshments by Dean & DeLuca and Modesto’s
– Couple Art Jamming classes (Saturdays and Sundays, 3-4pm or 4-4pm)
– Movie Nights by/in the pool (Saturdays, 9pm)
– One bottle of red wine
– Evening cocktails
– Complimentary in-room mini-bar
– Late check-out till 3pm (subject to availability)

Very nice offer, right?!?!

So why don’t you book your stay in Quincy Hotel – Singapore! 🙂

The reflection of the sun ray at The Quincy Hotel [Singapore]

Asia – Singapore – Quincy Hotel – The front side (3) – Sunset reflection

The Quincy Hotel

22 Mount Elizabeth S228517
t: +65 6738 5888
w: (booking)

This post is part of myself and my friend [Kania Kismadi] trip from Philippines – Malaysia – Singapore.

Quincy Hotel [Far East Hospitality] is one of the partners during this wonderful trip, and a great thanks to Christina from FEH! 🙂

I was a guest of The Quincy Hotel and all opinions are my own.

Asia - Singapore - Quincy Hotel - Quincy sign

The Quincy! [Singapore]

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