A cold and windy day at Mount Hermon

A visit to Mount Hermon in Israel is a part of my Pilgrimage trip that I did with my family in May 2016. Although I visited many interesting places, such as churches or historical places during the trip, but a visit to Mount Hermon is quite interesting for me because of two things, the chairlift, and the cold weather. That’s why I put the title as the cold and windy day at Mount Hermon. The place that we visited is actually a ski resort. Yes, a ski resort in Israel. The place is used for skiing, but at that time, there’s no white snow that covered the hill. There’s only beautiful landscape of the hills.


Welcome to Mount Hermon (Israel)

Although there was no snow at that time, but at least I managed to try the chairlift or the ski lift! Well, it’s the first time for me to sit on a chairlift, as I usually use the cable car. Do you know what is a chairlift? It’s an aerial lift with the shape of chair, and you sit on the chair. This is usually used by the person who is already wore the ski board.


Ride that chairlift to the top

I thought it was so scary to ride such thing, as it’s only relied on a strong single steel cable, but I don’t know why, that I was just really comfortable sitting on the chair, of course, not as comfortable as sitting on a comfortable couch haha! The chair is so steady, that I could take some pictures along the way to the top. Probably for you, who are acrophobia or scare of heights, might find this scary. However, the distance between myself and the ground, not as high I thought, perhaps, that’s what why I didn’t feel scare at all.


Hello, cow!

Even though it was not snowy at that time, but the weather was so cold, and the more I reached the top, the stronger the wind was, plus the more I saw the fog. I was saying to myself repeatedly ‘are we there yet, are we there yet, are we there yet?!’ as the visibility is so short, and I could only see until 3 chairs in front of me haha!


Entering the fog!

It was a relief when I saw the building in front of me, which meant that this was the end of this cold and windy trip to the top haha. There were some staffs that told me when to open the restraint bar and had a little jump to the ground. Phiew, what a nice experience!


Look at that fog!

And after I and other guests spent some time inside the terminal, then we headed back to below. I thought we’re going to use a bus or something (of course not!), so we used the chairlift again, and taste the cold wind again! Haha.


Going back!


Hello there!

So, have you ridden a chairlift before? Are you scared?

Anyway, here’s a quick look on how it feels to ride a chairlift! 😉


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