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Celebrity Chef Launches New Restaurant at Heathrow


Heston Blumenthal [photo credit: wikipedia]

Heston Blumenthal [photo credit: wikipedia]

One of the world’s most innovative chefs, Heston Blumenthal unveiled his new restaurant The Perfectionists’ Café recently at London’s Heathrow Airport. The proprietor of the Fat Duck in Bray, Berkshire has made a name for himself off the back of his daring takes on customary dishes.

The venture is yet another addition to growing portfolio of restaurants and it has capped off a busy year for the celebrity chef. Blumenthal has been on a mission in 2014 to revolutionise the way airport food is served; both at the Perfectionists Café and with his new range of “bespoke on-board picnics” as reported by the Telegraph. Additionally, Blumenthal has also been putting plans in place to launch a new restaurant in a Melbourne casino with the seasoned chef teaming up with the Crown Group for a fine dining restaurant in one of the busiest casinos in Australia.

However, his new venture, which opened earlier this year, serves flyers “high quality traditional British classics with Heston’s unique spin,” according to Parking4Less on their blog post Heathrow in Search of Perfection’. And Blumenthal isn’t the first celebrity chef to open a restaurant in the third busiest airport in the world. Gordon Ramsey launched his very own Plane Food earlier this year and Jamie Oliver has his own Italian restaurant in Gatwick Airport.


The dining area at The Perfectionist’s Cafe

The Perfectionsts’ Café’s menu includes fish and chips, full English breakfasts and many more staple English dishes. Also, there is a nitro ice-cream parlour that has been garnering a lot of column inches among food critics across the UK.

The groundbreaking ideas that the television show In Search of Perfection exhibited are undoubtedly showcased at the Perfectionists’ Café. And it’s a restaurant that has already seen success even though it is relatively new. Its prime location means that it is reveling in being in an airport that services 70 million passengers annually.

It’ll be interesting to see if the restaurant has a sustained amount of success, if so it could be the start of long list of airport restaurants for Blumenthal as he continues to build his empire.

This is the guest post by Amelia Harper.

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