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Catching sunrise from Puncak Darma


Puncak Darma is one of the places that you can visit during your trip to Ciletuh. It is a view point beside Bukit Panenjoan to view the Ciletuh Bay. As I said on my previous blog post, viewing the Ciletuh Bay or the amphitheater from Puncak Darma, will give you the closer look of the bay. However, you might be wondering, catching the sunrise from Puncak Darma? Not the sunset? Haha, yes, we know that Puncak Darma is best for the sunset, but as we didn’t have the time, so we went to Puncak Darma during sunrise time. Well, we still experience the sunrise from the top too!

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Ready to go to the top of Puncak Darma?

Why the name is ‘Puncak Darma’?

Some of you might think that ‘Puncak Darma’ is not the original name of this place. Haha, you are right. The original name of the place is ‘Pasir Muncang’ or ‘Puncak Kemiri’, but the name ‘Puncak Darma’ became popular after a company called ‘Darma Guna’ opened the road up to top of the hill. It’s as simple as that. 😀

Going up to the top

There are 3 alternatives if you want to go up to Puncak Darma. Myself and the others chose to ride the ojek taxi which was available at that time, but of course, you can always go up on foot — which is one of the alternatives 😉

How was the ride? :D

How was the ride? 😀

Riding a bike on a smooth flat road is easy, even if it’s an uphill road, it’s still as easy as riding it on a flat road. Now, change the surface into soil only, hold on, wet soil only. Then, after that, add rocks on the surface. Can you imagine? Haha. Yes, that’s what we experienced. It became and excited journey, yet made me nervous. If the soil is dry, then it won’t be a big problem, but it was raining on the previous night, which made the soil wet. The road became slippery, and it was really hard for me and the ojek driver to go up. It needs good skill, even with good skill, we almost fell a couple of times. At one point, I decided to just hop-off and walked up. But as I only used Crocs sandals, I could not go up easily. It’s that slippery! *sigh*


Didn’t get a good picture of the road up to the top. But I think you get the point haha 😉

The stopping point for ojek taxi, was at Curug Dogdog, which is the location where you find the bridge. Then, we continued going up on foot. It is an uphill road, so you need to prepare your stamina. It’s not as hard as went I walked up on Padar Island or Gili Lawa Island on Flores haha.


Yeay, finally!


Welcome to Puncak Darma

The other method that you can use to go up, is by the off-road vehicle, e.g. the Land Rover. Well, we didn’t get the chance to experience it, but Bang Aswi, another blogger from Bandung, did experience going up using Land Rover last year. It would be fun!


Experienced with Land Rover! (Picture owned by Bang Aswi)

Camping or not to camp

This was the first time for me to go to Puncak Darma, and I didn’t know that this is also the place for camping. When I walked up and arrived at the top, I saw several tents, several warongs, and a toilet. I think Puncak Darma is a camping-friendly ground, and Puncak Darma is really a nice place to stay as it has a beautiful nature, view, and fresh air. So if you love to camp, this is also a good place to camp, and if you don’t, just go during sunrise and sunset.


Instant noodle is the best breakfast when camping on a hill / mountain 😀

The view from up there

As I said earlier, you can have the view of Ciletuh Bay or the amphitheater from Puncak Darma. Even, you can see Kunti Island and Mandra Island from up here. Plus, you can see the river that we use as the ‘entrance’ to the bay for the boat trip from up there.


A closer look of Ciletuh bay or the amphitheater from Puncak Darma

As the title of this blog post is ‘Catching Sunrise from Puncak Darma’ then, of course I could view the sunrise from up there. Not the ideal sunrise spot though, as the sun rises from behind another hill, which is the opposite of the bay area. Still you can have the sunrise feel from Puncak Darma.


Not ideal as the sunrise spot, but isn’t this view beautiful too?! 🙂

How Instagrammable is Puncak Darma?

Well, you can check this photo of us – the Indonesian travel blogger, at Puncak Darma.


Puncak Darma is a good spot to take photo, just like us, Indonesian travel bloggers, (from left – right): Harris, Cumilebay, Timo WP, Hannif – Insan Wisata, Bang Aswi

There are other props at Puncak Darma, such as this swing that Cumi used! How ‘manja’ is that?! Haha.


Cumilebay with the swing at Puncak Darma

How about this additional bamboo and wood stage at one of the side of Puncak Darma, so you can have Puncak Darma as the background of your photo, just like this Daniel and Gina from Sunrise Odyssey.


Dare to pose on top of this bamboo and wood additional stage at Puncak Darma

So, anyone has the photo of the sunset from Puncak Darma? Well, you can share the photo at the comment section 😉

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I was invited by Dinas Pariwisata dan Kebudayaan Jawa Barat to join this familiarization trip to explore West Java and see the Ciletuh Geopark Festival 2016. Many thanks to all!

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  • Cumilebay

    Uh manja banget bertebaran foto cumilebay hahaha.

    Pengen banget camping tp tatut ada kuntilanak hehehe

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Hihhh … seyemmm amat sih kaakkk huehe 😀

  • D Sukmana Adi

    wuh keren, in english toh ternyatah kakak..saya harus perbaris nerjemahinnya..perasaan kak cumi ada dimana mana nih wkkwwk

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Kak cumz emang ada di mana2 dia, aku pun terkagum2 wkwkwk 😀


    Indahnyaaaa view Ciletuh Bay!!!
    Hopefully someday bs gantian diundang kesini hehehe 🙂

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Iya cakep view nya dr atas, jd pengen sunset an di sini next time 🙂

  • Wadiyo

    Bagus banget foto-fotonya Mas.

    Kapan waktu yang tepat untuk ke Puncak Darma ya Mas?

    salam kenal dan terima kasih Mas

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Hallo, Mas. Terima kasih ya, dan salam kenal.

      Saya belum tau pas sunset gmn ya, tp katanya Puncak Darma itu spot sunset, jd mestinya bagus ya hehe. Kemaren naik pas moment sunrise, juga apik kok, spt foto2 di blog post ini 🙂

  • winny

    harus naik jeap ya kesana?
    pemandangannya apik ya

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Hi Winnyyy … kemaren naik ojek, bs juga jalan kalo kuat. Tp karena kondisi jalan kek gitu, emang enak sih naik yg bs offroad gitu 😀

  • Andhika

    Yang bawa Land Rovernya siapa om Tim?Hohoho..
    Uda lama ga camping, dan belum perna di camping ground situ euy..
    Bisa ni jadi referensi..
    Thanks om

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Itu foto dr temennnn, kemaren aku naik ojek … Yg bawa Land Rover pastinya guide sana sih haha 😀

  • Rifqy Faiza Rahman

    Wuaaaa keren juga pemandangannya! Camping di sana sepertinya betah 🙂

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Pastinya betah banget … Udah lumayan kumplit juga sih ya, ada toilet sederhana, dan warung2 😉

  • Khai

    Wah Tim! Nampak tenang dari puncaknya!

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      True! Enak sepertinya kalau camping di situ 🙂

      • Khai

        sejuk tak?

        • Timothy W Pawiro

          Sejuuuukkk … That’s why it is good to eat cup noodle and drink hot coffee 😀

  • andyhardiyanti banget pemandangannya masTim!

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Bener banget, Mbak, pemandangannya ketje <3 <3 <3

  • Eva Sri Rahayu

    Menuju puncak memang butuh perjuangan ya. Tapi worthit banget lihat pemandangannya. Maulaaah ke sanaaa ^^

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Hayukkk ke sana Eva … Sambil nyanyi … ‘menuju puncak …’ ????????????

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