6 Cafes and Restaurants in Tirtodipuran, Jogja

What cross your mind when I ask about places to hang out or eat in Jogja? I think most of you will say Malioboro, as I think it’s the most popular street in Jogja. But when I visited Jogja just recently, I stayed near Tirtodipuran Street [it’s the opposite of Prawirotaman Street], I was surprised that there are quite many eating places in Tirtodipuran. Even there are a few places to stay in this street.

My friend and I decided to check some [not all] of the café in this street.

[This post is quite long as there are plenty of photos … ;)]

Eating places in Tirtodipuran

Kedai Kebun


Kedai Kebun in Tirtodipuran, lets the branches of trees become the main ‘ornament’ of their cafe [Jogja – Indonesia]

Kedai Kebun was the first café that we entered in Tirtodipuran.

As the name is ‘Kedai Kebun’, the owner of the café, wants the visitors feels that they are visiting a park or garden. So even from the outside, we already could see that they use branches of trees as the main ‘decoration’ of the café. They also keep a quite big and tall tree in the front area of the place, which makes a good shade from the sun, and makes the temperature cooler.


A cozy dining area setting in Kedai Kebun [Jogja – Indonesia]


Looks really nice seating beside this big tree – at Kedai Kebun [Jogja – Indonesia]


The pancakes and Ice coffee for me – at Kedai Kebun [Jogja – Indonesia]


Interesting murals beside the stairs of Kedai Kebun [Jogja – Indonesia]

The café is a two-story place, where half of its second floor is a semi-open air place, and the other half is an open-air space jutted out so it looks like a balcony. They made the ‘balcony’ area until beside the street which means they also need to make a big hole on the floor, as there’s this big tree in the front side of the house. I think this idea is pretty cool as they want to make this floor to be one part with this tree. I believe it’s pretty nice to sit beside the big tree as it was under the branches of the tree. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to sit at that table

We decided to sit on the second floor rather than on the first floor, as I think it’s cozier seating here where I could see more ‘green thing’, i.e. the trees, from here 😉

At that time, Jogja was quite hot, but I didn’t feel hot at all seating in the semi-open air area. Even I think that I could sit there for hours and hours as it’s a really good place to hang out with friends, to work, or just to read a book.

I didn’t try the main dish here, I only tried their pancake. From the menu, I could see that they are serving mostly Indonesian food. I am curious to try their main dish here, as unfortunately their pancake is quite so-so.

Electric socket / WiFi: Yes / Yes


After looking at some cafes in Tirtodipuran Street, we decided to have lunch in Lecker ‘coffee house and Restaurant’. They stated that their food is a healthy food as they don’t use any MSG [mono-sodium glutamate] to their food, which I think it’s a good thing! As they are also a coffee house, they have a lot of coffee variations, from Toraja coffee, Wamena, Kalimantan, and coffees from other places in Indonesia.


Healthy food is being served in Lecker ‘Coffee House & Restaurant’ in Tirtodipuran [Jogja]

For lunch I tried their favourite and I think their most expensive meal from the menu – The Salmon Steak, while my friend is having Grilled Chicken.

The salmon steak came with the mushroom sauce. I usually didn’t use the sauce during my first bites, so I can taste the real taste of the meal. I actually quite like the salmon, as it’s crispy, but the salmon unfortunately is quite salty. Apparently after I poured the mushroom sauce on top of the salmon and tried it again; the sauce can neutralize the saltiness of the salmon and the taste becomes better. But to be honest, my friend’s grilled chicken with honey taste a bit better than the salmon :-/


The salmon steak with fettuccine made from spinach at Lecker [Jogja – Indonesia]


Various of coffees at Lecker [Jogja – Indonesia]

How about the coffee? I tried their Wamena coffee, but the coffee is too sour for me … Turns out I’m not a real coffee lover ~~ [Give me that ‘Kapal Api coffee’! Lol] , but I think for a real coffee lover shouldn’t miss this place at all!

Electric socket / WiFi: Yes / Yes

Lotus Mio

After lunch, we decided to continue our ‘adventure’ to taste cafes in Tirtodipuran and get some dessert elsewhere. We could only spotted Lotus Mio that is appropriate for us to have our dessert.

The Lotus Mio, claimed itself to be a ‘trattoria – coffee – gelato’, and the last one – gelato – made us entered this place 😉

Looking at the house, it looks more like a ‘Gadang House of Minangkabau’ and this reminds me of my trip to Bukittinggi in West Sumatra 😉


Lotus Mio in Tirtodipuran [Jogja – Indonesia]

In Lotus Mio, they have a very cool outdoor setting – looks like tables and chairs on a garden – especially during the night, where they lit up the light.

At first, we chose to sit outdoor, but then we changed our mind, and moved to inside so it’s closer to the electrical socket! Haha.

The indoor decoration and furniture is quite nice, where they use rustic wooden and regular wooden table and chair. Love it! It’s quite simple but nice.


The outdoor dining area looks like in a ‘garden’ setting – at Lotus Mio [Jogja – Indonesia]


Outdoor seatings in Lotus Mio [Jogja – Indonesia]

For the gelato, they actually have the variations in the menu, but the waitress asked us to see what they have in the gelato fridge directly as there might be a change of variations. I chose 3 scoops of gelato: coffee – vanilla – Ferrero Rocher chocolate. Love the coffee and vanilla, but I made the mistake by choosing the Ferrero Rocher ice cream as it’s not a good combination for the other two. Perhaps it has a ‘stronger’ taste compare to others, so for me the taste is a bit odd.


Three scoops of Gelato Ice Cream – vanilla, coffee, ferrero rocher – at Lotus Mio [Jogja – Indonesia]

Lotus Mio is surely another nice place to stay for a longer hours. It’s just that comfy ;-), but just for a note to the owner, I think they should change the outdoor speaker. The sound that the speaker is producing is not that good 😉


Indoor setting in Lotus Mio [Jogja – Indonesia]

Electric socket / WiFi: Yes / Yes

FYI: Apparently Lotus Mio is embedded with a chocolate store, called Monggo, and a souvenir store.

Nanamia Pizzeria

When I read a local magazine, I could spot a few of Italian restaurant located in Jogja are being advertised in the magazine, and there is one Italian restaurant in Tirtodipuran Street.


Nanamia Pizzeria in Tirtodipuran [Jogja – Indonesia]

Nanamia Pizzeria’s place is very noticeable as they use bright colour painting to the entire house [well except their roof!]. At first, we thought that it’s an indoor restaurant, but when we entered the place, we were directed to the back of the house. While we’re walking, we still confused and looking at the entrance to the house – Lol. Apparently the house has a quite big back yard, and the restaurant is actually a semi-open air restaurant at the back of the house, facing the garden. And it turns out, the restaurant is already crowded when we entered in the evening, we were lucky to get a table that night! [It looks quite empty during the day].


The semi open-air dining area at the back of the house facing a backyard at Nanamia Pizzeria [Jogja – Indonesia]


Another dining area in Nanamia Pizzeria [Jogja – Indonesia]

Mostly, the visitors are family, and some bring their kids too, so I think because of that, the restaurant provided some board and card games! I guess the games is not only for kids as we took the scrabble board game to our table while we’re waiting for our food.


Playing the scrabble while waiting for the food to come – at Nanamia Pizzeria [Jogja – Indonesia]

Pizza in Nanamia Pizzeria is a thin pizza and made using a wood fire ovens so it will have a crisp crust skin. The pizza is quite delicious, but I think it can be better as I have eaten a more better pizza made using wood fire ovens somewhere in Jakarta, also the waiting time to get the pizza is too long! Perhaps because the guests were too many at that time 🙁


Pizza in Nanamia Pizzeria [Jogja – Indonesia]

Minus thing from this place is they charged me an additional fee [2.25%] for using credit card as the payment. Hmm, I think this is the first time for me in a restaurant. :-/

PS: this place is quite crowded in the evening, so either you come early or make a reservation first.

Mediterranea Restaurant

Actually this place was recommended by my friend, Aggy, another travel blogger who resided in Jogja. So lucky me that I had the chance to visit and try this place.

Although the name is Mediterranea Restaurant, this place is also serving French [as the chef is from France – Chef Kamil] and Italian food besides Mediterranean cuisine. So there are 2 restaurants in Tirtodipuran that serve Italian food 😉


Lovely settings for the indoor dining area in Mediterranea Restaurant still in Tirtodipuran [Jogja – Indonesia]

Unfortunately I didn’t try their main dish at this time, as I would have lunch somewhere else with friends, so I chose to have light meals, such as salad, pumpkin soup, and a dessert later on. Luckily I have my friend with me so I can share the food haha.

I love their pumpkin soup … But I made a mistake of choosing salad with blue cheese. I didn’t remember that the blue cheese taste is really strong, so I needed to remove the cheese in order for me to finish the salad! Lol.


The pumpkin soup in Mediterranea Restaurant [Jogja – Indonesia]


The healthy salad in Mediterranea Restaurant [Jogja – Indonesia]


Tiramisu with ‘Monggo’ chocolate in Mediterranea Restaurant [Jogja – Indonesia]

Their tiramisu is quite unique as they combine it with ‘Monggo’ chocolate, and the texture of the tiramisu is not as smooth as other tiramisu cake that I had before. It seems that they blended the dough or …? But personally, I don’t like that they put the chocolate as one of the layers in this dessert. As for me, the chocolate is too ‘heavy’, while the other layers are quite light, and also the chocolate taste is quite strong too. That’s why we just ate the layers above the chocolate and left the chocolate part on the plate 😉 [This doesn’t mean we don’t like the chocolate. We love chocolate, but we just want light meal at that time. We chose tiramisu as we thought that usually tiramisu is a light meal. That’s all 😉 ).

But still, based on what I ate from here; I believe that this restaurant has a very good quality of food, so I would love to come again and try their main dish!


he dining area in Mediterranea Restaurant … Looks homey, right? [Jogja – Indonesia]


The backyard in Mediterranea Restaurant [Jogja – Indonesia]

About the place itself, if you look from outside, you will see that this restaurant is using an ordinary house and doesn’t look special, but wait until you walk inside the place. The design, furniture, and decoration are all the opposite from ordinary. The use mostly wooden furniture for the tables and seats, but they also use the outdoor seats for their indoor furnitures [if I’m not wrong] ;-). They use all the rooms as the dining places, even the rooms inside the house. There’s one room that is quite small as you can use this room if you want to have a private dining experience with your group 😀

Warung Bu Ageng

When my friend said that there’s a restaurant – called Warung Ibu Ageng, owned by one of the Indonesian artist, Butet Kertaradjasa in Tirtodipuran, I am curious to taste the food. So I chose this place as a meeting place with my friends and to have lunch together.


Inside the ‘Warung’ of Bu Ageng in Tirtodipuran [Jogja – Indonesia]

The food is more to the Indonesian food, where I spotted easily, one of my favourite foods is listed in the menu. It’s Pecel! [Pecel is a meal with various vegetables and mix it with peanut sauce].

I am confused why they called this restaurant as a ‘warung’ [This place is actually quite big just like a restaurant]. Warung is actually a dining place in a traditional form. Apparently, near the entrance, we could see that their kitchen looks like what I found in a regular warung, where they display the food on a glass cabinet 😉


The delicious ‘nasi pecel’ from Warung Bu Ageng [Jogja – Indonesia]


The warung style in Warung Bu Ageng to display food [Jogja – Indonesia]

There’s a unique thing that I saw in this place. They keep a quite big well in one side of the restaurant, so it looks like the one that my grandparents have in their village. Very traditional indeed 😉

I believe this Tirtodipuran street will have more café and guesthouse soon in the future. I, myself, during my last visit in Jogja, didn’t go to Malioboro at all … This place is enough for me especially for a short visit. Looking forward for my next ‘adventure’ in Jogja finding new café or restaurant or even places to stay 😉

PS: All photos are taken using just my iPhone 5 😉


Lovely meet up with fellow bloggers: Aggy [ dreamexplorewander.com ], Firsta [ discoveryourindonesia.com ], and Ardi

So, do you have any favourites cafes in Tirtodipuran? 😉


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