Cafe, food, and sunset in Labuan Bajo

When I visited Flores and stayed at Labuan Bajo, it seems it was very easy to see the sunset in Labuan Bajo especially if you are at Jalan Soekarno Hatta. Although, it is possible to see the sunset from Green Hill Boutique, which was the place that I stayed on my first night in Labuan Bajo, I thought it would be fun to experience and enjoy the sunset from some café or restaurant haha. I only experienced 2 sunsets on my visit in Labuan Bajo, but I managed to go to 3 restaurants 😉

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Where to see Sunset in Labuan Bajo?

The SkyBar

As I had a very short moment in Labuan Bajo, so my friend and I decided not to go too far from the place that I stayed, which was Green Hill Boutique Hotel. In fact, the Green Hill Boutique is actually like a one-stop for accommodation and dining. The SkyBar that we visited is actually attached to Green Hill Boutique Hotel, but we needed to enter from the front side aka from the street, then go upstairs to the top floor. The top floor seems like the rooftop that is modified to be a café.


Go up to SkyBar (Labuan Bajo – Indonesia)


Enjoying the quesadilla while waiting for the sunset at Skybar (Labuan Bajo – Indonesia)

During the afternoon, I mean like after 5PM or so, it is very nice to sit here and eat or drink something while waiting for the sunset in Labuan Bajo. There are some tables at SkyBar, but we decided to sit on the bean bags while facing the sunset. And it was very nice siting on this rooftop, as the weather was quite cool at that time, and we had a wonderful view in front of us 😉


Skybar is simple but a lovely place to enjoy sunset in Labuan Bajo 😉

This has become favorite place to see the sunset in Labuan Bajo. It’s simple!

Tree Top

I came to Tree Top just for the sake to satisfy my curiosity about this place. I saw some people checked-in at this place on their social media, some posted photos from this place. Well, that worked well, as I finally entered this place haha.

If you stayed at Green Hill, then this place is just a few step away from the Green Hill Boutique Hotel.


Treetop at Jalan Soekarno Hatta (Labuan Bajo – Indonesia)


Dining area at TreeTop (Labuan Bajo – Indonesia)

The place has some floors with some of the dining tables and chairs, so it can occupy plenty of people inside. However, if you decided to enjoy the sunset, then head to the top floor to get a better view. It doesn’t have the regular dining tables and chairs, but only a few cushion with short long table. It’s a great way to enjoy the sunset too. But when I was there, it was a bit too early and too hot to enjoy the sunset, as the sun shine bright like a diamond haha.


A great place to hang out with friends while waiting for the sunset 😉


MadeInItaly is actually located in the same complex with Green Hill Boutique Hotel, and it has the same entrance with the hotel. If Green Hill is at the ‘third floor’ then MadeInItaly is at the ‘second floor’. Why I said the ‘second floor’ and ‘third floor’ as these café and hotel is located at the hillside.

While SkyBar is more like a lounge, and Tree Top is like a café, then MadeInItaly is definitely a restaurant. Should I say that this restaurant serves Italian food? Lols …

This place could be romantic at night, as they put candles on top of the tables. It has a long table and a square table for four persons. However, the long table is not exclusive for one group only. If your group is only two persons, then you can share the table with others.


A beautiful table setting at MadeInItaly (Labuan Bajo – Indonesia)

What to order in an Italian restaurant? Pizza of course! And it’s a wood (oven) fired pizza and the size is quite big for us, so we brought home the leftover. For me, I love the wood fired pizza, and even the leftover of this pizza still tasted good! Haha.


Who loves pizza?! – at MadeInItaly (Labuan Bajo – Indonesia)

So how about the sunset? Is it a good place to watch sunset in Labuan Bajo?

Just look at this photo and decide 😉


Beautiful sunset from MadeInItaly (Labuan Bajo – Indonesia)

I think there are more places to see sunset in Labuan Bajo, but as I said earlier, I only had 2 sunsets during this trip haha. I heard there is this famous Paradise Bar, but it seems the location is quite far from Green Hill, so we didn’t go there.

Do you have other favorite places to see sunset in Labuan Bajo


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