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Bondi or Manly??

Australia trip - Sydney - Bondi - The beach - Cover Page
Australia trip - Sydney - Bondi - The beach & the surfer

The surfer at Bondi beach, Sydney

I love beach, and the beach is one of the place that we visited in Sydney.

There are two famous beaches in Sydney, one is Bondi (read: Bondai), and the other is Manly. There are still quite a few more beaches in Sydney, which probably I’m going to visit them next time 😉

Bondi Beach

Australia trip - Sydney - Bondi - The restaurants

The restaurant in Bondi, Sydney

Bondi is actually an Aboriginal word, which means ‘the noise of water breaking over the rocks’. It’s located not far from the city, and to go there is very easy. We used the public bus from Circular Quay and you can stop anywhere in Bondi area! It took about 40 minutes or something, and the bus ticket is still included in MyMulti1 ticket 😉

The beach in Bondi is so long and with only sand from end to end.

I heard from some friends that Bondi is sometimes too crowded, but it’s like a MUST place to visit when you’re in Sydney haha! Luckily we came when the beach was not that crowded (probably if you look at my photos you will wonder at what time I went to this beach haha!). I only saw a couple of people who were jogging or playing football on the beach, but what got my attention was (I think) the surf lifesaving training, where some kids were doing a training on the beach. I just found out that Bondi surf lifesaving club also claims to be the first lifesaving club in the world.

Australia trip - Sydney - Bondi - The beach (2)

The Bondi beach in Sydney

Australia trip - Sydney - Bondi - Soccer on the beach

Another view of Bondi Beach in Sydney

Australia trip - Sydney - Bondi - Surf Lifesaving training

Surf Life Saving training in Bondi beach, Sydney

Australia trip - Sydney - Bondi - Seagull acting as boyband

The new boyband from Bondi!

Australia trip - Sydney - Bondi - Timothy W Pawiro

Me at Bondi beach, Sydney

Have you ever seen people came to the beach with sweater? Haha. Yes, only in Bondi beach, and that was us too (I guess it depends on the weather too!)! The weather was soo nice, but sometimes the wind was strong :). It’s actually really nice if you walk from one side to the other side of Bondi beach in this weather, but we just didn’t do it! Lol. We just wanted to enjoy the beach.

I read in many blog posts that there’s actually a walking tour from Bondi to Coogee beach where you could walk pass a few beaches, but well … we had another plan after visiting Bondi, so perhaps next time!

Bondi itself is like a suburb of Sydney with cafes and hotels/hostels just across the beach, and of course one of the hostels you can choose is YHA! 😉

Manly Beach

Australia trip - Sydney - Manly - The doors to Tasman Sea

The ‘doors’ to Tasman Sea, Sydney

I wonder why the name of the area is ‘Manly’? Is it from manly – masculine? Apparently yes. The name came from ‘the confidence and manly behaviour of the indigenous people’.

Different with Bondi beach, it’s easier going to Manly by public ferry (for us, we started from Circular Quay), although you can take bus to Manly too. Again, the ferry ticket to Manly is already included in MyMulti1 ticket 😉

I don’t know how’s the view if you take bus to Manly, but going there by ferry I found it has interesting sceneries! I found out from my roommate in the hostel that he actually did some trekking to one of the hill that acts as the ‘doors’ to the Tasman Sea. Probably he saw me in that ferry when we passed that ;o)))

Australia trip - Sydney - Manly Cove

Paddling in Manly Cove, Sydney

Australia trip - Sydney - Manly - The Corso

The Corso in Manly, Sydney

It seems during our visit, Manly is more crowded compare to Bondi, probably because we came in the afternoon until the after office hour, which made more people came to Manly haha! Walking to the beach, we passed an area called The Corso which has many shops, cafes, and hostels in the area (but it seems there’s no YHA this time ;)).

Once, I walked to the beach, there are already quite a few of people on the beach! Kids playing soccer on the beach and learning how to surf, many people played beach volley ball, and so on. Even they have installed many nets for volleyball there.

Australia trip - Sydney - Manly - The Beach (1)

Manly beach in Sydney

Australia trip - Sydney - Manly - The Beach

Another view of Manly beach in Sydney

Australia trip - Sydney - Manly - Beach Volleyball

Playing beach volleyball in Manly, Sydney

If I said earlier that Bondi beach is so long; Manly beach is even longer, even it has a small beach on the right called Shelly beach!

Australia trip - Sydney - Bondi - Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream outlet

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream outlet in Bondi, Sydney

The questions that I always got after visiting those two beaches are: Which one do you like? The popular answer is usually Manly beach, I think I did answer Manly beach too haha! But there is some part of Bondi that I love too … ;o)))

Although I still can’t figure out which one do I love, they have something in common that we love.

It’s Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream! Haha …

So how about yourself? Which one do you love, Bondi or Manly beach? 😛

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  • pursuingmydreams

    Saya belum pernah ke Sidney. Suka lihat foto yang ada 4 burung, ko bisa potret dekat sekali dan burungnya anteng aja :D.

    • timothywpawiro

      Hahaha! Burung2nya udah ada aja di situ, kayaknya emang 1 geng tuh mereka 😀

  • tesya

    Wah saya baru sempet ke manly nih..kapan ya giliran ke Bondi hehe

  • yusufputra

    Manly and Bondi are crowded and touristic :p
    I’d prefer Palm Beach, much norther than Manly, excellent for swimming and sunbathing 🙂
    Also Coogee Beach, a walking-distance spot from home where locals hangout, less tourist and lots of BBQ spots :9

    • timothywpawiro

      Haha luckily there was not many people in Bondi, but at least I stepped my feet on Bondi and Manly haha. I read abt Coogee beach, but didn’t have the time! Next time! Haha …

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