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Entering the blue doors in Bandung

Indonesia - Bandung - Cafe - Blue Doors - thumbnail-2
Indonesia - Bandung - Cafe - Blue Doors - Outside seatings

Well finally I took a photo of that blue doors! I think this was my third visit! Haha! – at Blue Doors Coffee (Bandung – Indonesia)

At first, I did not know that this café is exist in Bandung. I only asked my friend, whether he knew a café where I can work – meaning it has internet access, electric socket, and not that crowded. He then told me to go to Blue Doors café in Jalan Gandapura.

Before I went to this place, I googled the place first, as this would be my first visit there. A blog shared that it was quite hard to find this place as the café is hidden beside a furniture shop, named Privilege. I did not find at the first try, even though I knew this café is beside a furniture shop – I even forgot the name of that furniture shop at that time. Apparently Privelege and Blue Doors café occupied the same house, but Blue Doors only use 1/3 of the right side of the house.

This place has the outdoor seating too for the smokers, but they still ‘caged’ this place so it did not really open as it is located just beside the street and added some vines so it looks soothing.

As the name is ‘Blue Doors’, of course their doors are blue, but somehow I did not take the photo of these blue doors! I only remembered it after I left the place and my friend said that their doors are cute as the doors’ color is blue. Right! Lol ….

Indonesia - Bandung - Cafe - Blue Doors - Introducing the mascot! - Nelson & Murdock

Meet Nelson & Murdock! – at Blue Doors Cafe (Bandung – Indonesia)

Once I entered the place, I completely fall in love with this place … It looks so homey. They did not cover the bricks on some part of the wall, their bar is just look like kitchen with their tile top table – well of course with a modern espresso machine! I also love their decoration on the wall. They did not keep the wall white clean, but they let it looks like a dated and scraped wall, plus they put some graffiti on the wall.

Indonesia - Bandung - Cafe - Blue Doors - The barista

Welcome to Blue Doors Coffee (Bandung – Indonesia)

Indonesia - Bandung - Cafe - Blue Doors - Graffit

The dated wall that has been painted with some graffiti at Blue Doors Coffee (Bandung – Indonesia)

Actually this place is quite famous to my friends and some couple of coffee lovers, but luckily the place is not that crowded. They keep the seat to be just enough and not many, as their indoor place was not that big. I think it can fit less than 20 people inside.

Indonesia - Bandung - Cafe - Blue Doors - Indoor seatings (2)

Very cozy place to work at Blue Doors Coffee (Bandung – Indonesia)

Indonesia - Bandung - Cafe - Blue Doors - Decorations

Decorations on the wall of Blue Doors Coffee (Bandung – Indonesia)

Apparently the indoor area is actually just side-by-side with the display room of Privilege – which is (I think) semi outdoor, and both area only separated with doors and windows. Because they only use doors and windows as the separator, then there will be some natural light from the sun can coming from the display room of the Privilige side. This is why, inside the café, they use minimum lighting, but it was still bright enough. Well, this really makes me comfortable to sit longer, correct?! Haha.

Indonesia - Bandung - Cafe - Blue Doors - Indoor seatings (3)

Great place to work, yes? – at Blue Doors Coffee (Bandung – Indonesia)

Besides the coffee, Blue Doors also offers a variety of food and small bites, such as the one that I had for lunch … Schnitzel!

The Schnitzel in Blue Doors is quite unique … The chicken meat was chopped into several pieces and glued with melted cheese on top of some bread. Sounds yummy? Well you also got an extra of grated cheese all over your food! Very nice and I felt full after eating it! Haha.

For the small bite, I love their cinnamon! With some raisins inside it and the taste is not too sweet! Love it! 🙂

Indonesia - Bandung - Cafe - Blue Doors - The food - Schnitzel

Schnitzel at Blue Doors Coffee (Bandung – Indonesia)

One more thing … Free flow of cold water! Love this … Reminds me of eating places in Australia! 🙂

Indonesia - Bandung - Cafe - Blue Doors - Free flow of mineral water

Some announcement of events on the black board and … Hey! Free flow cold water below … – at Blue Doors Coffee (Bandung – Indonesia)

Blue Doors Coffee

Jalan Gandapura 61.Bandung
Instagram: blue_doors

Indonesia - Bandung - Cafe - Blue Doors - Menu

Simple but creative menu of Blue Doors Coffee (Bandung – Indonesia)

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