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Bali Trip – Day #3 – 07.11.2011 …

Bali Trip - Jatiluwih - River

As I told you before in my Day #2 Bali Trip post, we booked a tour for today. Actually it’s not a guided tour, we just booked for the car (it was Daihatsu Xenia), including the driver, and the gasoline. It costed us IDR450,000 per car. That’s cheap I guess. Our driver name is Kadek, and he’s a nice fellow 🙂

Bali Trip - Taman AyunThe route that we took was Taman Ayun – Candi Kuning – Bedugul – Jatiluwih (paddy field) – Tanah Lot Temple.

We started from the hotel at around 8.30AM. First stop was Taman Ayun in Mengwi, Badung. It’s quite a big complex, where we can see many trees at the back of the complex. It said that the this complex is build on a river.
At the centre, there are several temples with different height. It’s forbidden to enter the temple, only for priests.
Bali Trip - Taman Ayun (1)Bali Trip - Taman Ayun - A view from the towerAt the corner of the complex, there’s a humm … I think it’s a tower. There’s a small stairs, so we went up (be careful when you go up and down). The view from the top is quite nice 🙂

Btw, the entrance to this place is: IDR3,000/person.

Next stop was Candi Kuning. I think this is the name of an area/village. We wonder why the name is Kuning as in ‘Yellow’. When we enter the district, we saw a yellow corn monument in the center of the junction.

In this stop, the driver brought us to a market, where we could shop. We could find fruits, vegetables, and souvenirs. I bought some for my friends, and families (ethnic belts, necklaces, and bracelet). And Sinthya bought passionfruit here, haha :D.

Bali Trip - Bedugul (Lake Betaran)Next, we went to Bedugul ~ Lake Beratan. The entrance fee is IDR10,000/person. The lake is quite big. At the other side of the lake I could see like villas, so you can cross the lake and stay there if you want. It started to rain, so we headed to a restaurant inside the complex. I like the weather here. It’s really cool 🙂

Before we went to the next stop, the driver took us to a stop where beside it we can see a strawberry farm. But we didn’t buy the strawberry.

On to the next stop … Jatiluwih.

Bali Trip - Jatiluwih - in the rice terraceIt’s a rice terrace. The view is quite nice. Not much to do here, besides taking pictures. So after that, we headed to a restaurant again nearby, to have our 2nd lunch haha. This time was buffet.

Our last stop for the day was Tanah Lot. The trip to Tanah Lot was quite long. I think it took us about 1-1.5 hours to reach there. Thought we could catch the sunset, but then again, we couldn’t 🙁

This place is really famous. We can see a lot of tourists here.

Before we entered, we passed many shops at the outside.

Tanah Lot is a temple located near the sea. So when the tide is low we can walk to near the temple. The temple is actually built on the rock. At that time, the tide was low, but we didn’t walk to the temple, we just walk on the beach. Sinthya said that there’s a cave with few snakes in it. Yep, I could see the entrance, but we didn’t go there. The place is actually really nice during sunset time, but it’s much better if we can see the sun :). I’m wondering what does it like when the tide is high. I think it’s also beautiful.
Bali Trip - Tanah Lot - A view from the entranceThe entrance fee to Tanah Lot is IDR12,500/person.

Bali Trip - Tanah Lot (2)I could hear from the announcement that there’s a Kecak Dance performance near the area.

Well, that’s the end of the tour. It’s already dark. But before we headed back to the hotel, we went to have dinner first in my favourite restaurant in Bali, Warung Italia in Seminyak area. In this place you can order a la carte or buffet. The price is reasonable for Italian food, that’s why I like it 🙂

We ordered pizza, and I got something from the buffet: lasagna, and something with spinach in it (forgot the name :P).

So this was our really last stop … 🙂

Interesting fact: During the trip, we could see there’re more than 4 wedding ceremony being held during the day. So I think, that day, it was a good day to get married 🙂

Bali trip - in front of Eazy Suite Legian Bali Hotel - with Kadek

Alex arrived that night.

Bali Trip - Eazy Suite Legian Hotel - Swimming PoolHe arrived at the hotel by taxi quite late, so we had a chance to try the small swimming pool at the hotel haha 😛

So the three of us were ready!

Ready to go to bed … lol 😀

No … we’re not haha.

Alex insisted that we should go out, somewhere, like a club in kuta, seminyak or … Plus he’s hungry 😛

Well, we didn’t rent a car, we didn’t have a clue how to go there.

But anyway, we just went out from the hotel and walked … Just walked haha … and guessing …

‘I think this way leads to Seminyak … ‘

‘Where are we going actually?’

Lol … so finally we waved for a cab, and we’re going to

Kuta square? Legian? Seminyak *still confused*

But then we decided ‘Kuta Square’

The cab driver dropped us in front of Hard Rock Hotel. He told us that we should go to Poppies Lane 2, if you want to see crowded place: club, bar, cafes, etc.

So we walked along Jalan Pantai Kuta, and passed Poppies Lane 1.

Curious with what’s inside, we walked down to Poppies Lane 1. But the street was quiet, not something that we’re looking for.

So went back to Jalan Pantai Kuta, and headed to Poppies Lane 2 …

I think I could remember that this street is going to Legian street.

Yupe I’m right.

Before we entered Legian street, we’ve met the crowd, and found some bars too …

In the junction of Poppies Lane 2 and Legian street, we could see the Bali Bomb monument, where they put the names of the bomb victims in the monument.

And in that street, we could find many bars, clubs, restaurant, that’re still open!

… Bounty Club, Sky Garden …

But we didn’t enter the club … We decided to enter a place that’s more quiet 😛

So we found a seafood restaurant, called ‘Mini Bar & Restaurant.’ The place is quite far from the clubs. It has an indoor and outdoor seats. We chose outdoor seats.

We ordered the food, and just enjoy the night sitting there … Chit chat … 🙂

It’s already really late, and we had a plan to go somewhere on the next day …

So we stopped by at a Mini Mart to buy some bottles of mineral water, and went home … 🙂

The day has passed …

The night has ended …

It’s time to sleep … 🙂

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For more pictures of my Bali Trip, please go to my Flickr Page.

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