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Dining at Baker Street

Indonesia - Bandung - Cafe - Baker Street - Featured image

It’s been a while that I visited the Baker Street in Bandung, but I only got a chance to write about it now.

I think I knew about this place when my friend posted a photo of her with cake on her hand, which she bought it from Baker Street. Okay, the place is not all about cake apparently, but it also a café / restaurant that serves food too. Although at the cafe’s name sign stated that it serves bakery and brunch, but I believe the place opens until the evening time, not until brunch time only.

Indonesia - Bandung - Cafe - Baker Street

The Baker Street (Bandung – Indonesia)

The place is located just behind the Gedung Sate, and luckily it was not that crowded during my visit, so I can freely take photos of the café haha!

It has several sitting area, such as when I opened the rolling door, I could see several small round tables lining up at the centre of café just the opposite of the bar. While I walked entering the place, I could see that this place has some really cute decorations, such as many cutting boards hanging on the wall, some potted plants, some crafts / souvenirs, hanging magazines and so on. Even there’s a wooden goat near the rolling door. I love this place already, and it felt homey too – well although my real place doesn’t have these kind of decorations, especially the wooden goat haha.

Indonesia - Bandung - Cafe - Baker Street - Simple decoration

Entering the Baker Street (Bandung – Indonesia)

Indonesia - Bandung - Cafe - Baker Street - The frirst floor sitting area (centre)

The sitting area at the centre of Baker Street (Bandung – Indonesia)

Then there is another sitting area on the side, which I can say that it’s kinda semi outdoor, as the area has no wall or window that dividing this area and the parking lot. At first we a bit confuse on where to sit – I think it happens to some of us, when deciding where to sit lols, we at first decided to sit at this area, but as it opens to outdoor weather, so it’s getting hotter after we sat there for a while. Then we decided to sit at the centre … so we can feel the aircon more haha! Then the last sitting area is located on the second floor, and it’s an open area too, with no aircon, if I’m not mistaken. I believe this is the smoking room area.

Indonesia - Bandung - Cafe - Baker Street - The first floor sitting area (centre)

The semi-open-air area on the first floor of Baker Street (Bandung – Indonesia)

Indonesia - Bandung - Cafe - Baker Street - The second floor

Another semi-open-air area at the first floor of the Baker Street (Bandung – Indonesia)

One thing that I love about this place, beside of the decoration and setting, is the arrangement of the table does not concentrate in just one area that makes the place looks too crowded. I think the area that has the most tables are actually the second floor area.

Apparently, not only this place is also a bakery, but it also has the Bakery Academy or the cooking class. Just like when I visited the place, there were some girls who attended the class. You can check the schedule of the class on their Facebook Page:

Go to Baker Street Facebook Page

Indonesia - Bandung - Cafe - Baker Street - The bakery academy

The Cooking Class at the Bakery Academy of Baker Street (Bandung – Indonesia)

Overall, I would love to come back to this place again, especially to taste one of their cake. Yupe it’s a shame that I did not try that on my first visit. But, I did try their Egg Benedict and love it! Well, to be honest, I am an egg lover, especially the sunny side up egg 😉

Indonesia - Bandung - Cafe - Baker Street - Food - Egg benedict

Loving the Egg Benedict – at Baker Street (Bandung – Indonesia)

Baker Street

Jl. Cimandiri No 18
Bandung – Indonesia
p: +62224232220
FB page:

Place on Google Maps:

Indonesia - Bandung - Cafe - Baker Street - The pastry

Well, I guess this will be my reason to come back next time – at Baker Street (Bandung – Indonesia)

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  • cumilebay

    Tempatnya lucu banget buat foto2 kece instagramable banget lah nich

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Eymmm kaakkk … cocokk buat foto2 haha!

  • Danan Wahyu Sumirat

    Bandung selalu banyak tempat makan kece n ciamik baik rasa atau tampilan

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Emang nihhh … jgn2 tiap minggu muncul 1 yg baru hahaha …

  • Kokoh

    I’m salivating seeing those tarts. Kamu jahat, kang 🙁

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Nti kita melipir ke sini bareng ya, kaaakkk :*

  • Adie Riyanto

    Tempatnya mungkin cozzy, tapi review rotinya kok gak ada sih, cuma telur doang. Tapi aku kurang sih baca buku sambil makan. Gak rela kalau kertas di buku sampai kena minyak. Makanya, yang kurang sreg dari tempat ini cuma buku2 yang digantung itu 🙁

    Desain blognya om Timmy keceh ya, seneng deh main ke sini.

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Hahhaa … iya lbh enak sbnrnya nyeritain tempatnya, bukan makanannya 😀

      Trus iya sih, emang sbnrnya tuh majalah jd pajangan sptnya … kbtln pajangan yg dpt dibaca

      Makasih kakaaakk … sering2 berkunjung yaaa :*

  • winny marlina

    Bandung emang surganya kulineran ya

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Betul banget … :3

  • Alris

    Bandung gak ada matinya ya. Selalu saja ada hal unik dan mengundang penasaran.
    Btw, makanannya enak semua gak?

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Enggak sempet nyobain semua huaha … tp tempatnya enak buat nongkrong dan santai2 :-p

  • Jalan2Liburan

    oh itu goat toh, gw pikir rusa :))

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Ga tau juga sih … haha jd gw bilang aja kambing deh 😀

  • kutukamus

    Now I thought this had something to do with the good ol’ Sherlock.. But this place sure has class 🙂

  • virtha

    bandung emang ga ada tandingannya deh kalo soal kuliner hmmmfff

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Emmmm … bener banget!! 😉

  • geLintang

    fotonya cakep-cakep kakkk

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Terima kasih 🙂

  • willova

    Cozy banget tempatnya.. cocok nih buat acara kumpul-kumpul sama temen. bikin betah…

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Emang tempatnya enak banget, dan cocok untuk foto2 juga haha 😛

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    Cantik banget penataan ruangnya yaa 🙂

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      Emannggg bener! 🙂

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