When Herbie Hancock came to @america

Herbie Hancock

How many of you know Herbie Hancock?

To be honest, I know him when he had a duet with Christina Aguilera singing ‘A Song For You.’

So when I heard that he’s coming to Jakarta invited by @america in last December 2011, I was really excited and curious to watch him performed live 🙂

In the morning, I read the invitation by @america, apparently, it’s a discussion about ‘The Role of Music in Building Culture of Disaster Awareness,’ as the commemoration of the Aceh Tsunami disaster. It’s actually a discussion on the role of music and cultural movements in response to natural disasters.

@america invited Herbie Hancock to the show as he is the UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Intercultural Dialogue.

During this talk show, @america also invited Christine Hakim (UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for Teacher Education in South East Asia), Franki Indrasmoro aka Pepeng NAIF (Producer of Disaster Awareness Album Compilation), Roby Navicula (Musicians on Disaster Awareness Album Compilation), and Josiah Alexander Sila (Young Jazz Pianist).

In every event, @america always tweets about the event, so here is the run-down of the show and the tweets that I compiled from @america timeline for this event:


Don G. Washington (from US Embassy) with Herbie Hancock and Christine Hakim

1. Don Q. Washington from @usembassyjkt was giving welcoming remarks & now Hubert Gijzen, Director of UNESCO on #SiagaBencana
2.  2 Goodwill ambassadors are here at #atamerica! #HerbieHancock & Christine Hakim on #SiagaBencana
3. #HerbieHancock is holding Borobudur Book given by UNESCO & to the right are Christine Hakim & John Packard

A presentation from LIPI (Indonesian Institure of Sciences) about Disaster Risk Management & Preparedness

Roby Navicula (@naviculamusic) was on the stage

Roby Navicula with Oppie Andaresta

It’s about how he acts through the music. He also performed two songs: ‘Supermarket Bencana’ and ‘Over Consumption’ – a duet with Oppie Andaresta (@oppieandaresta).

I was surprised when they mentioned that Dira Sugandi (@dirasugandi) was at the event too. I was totally surprised!! I didn’t expect to see her here, and my mind quickly expecting that she would have a duet with Herbie singing ‘A Song For You.’ That would be nice! 🙂

For this discussion Dira became the moderator. Along with Herbie; Roby and one of the staff from LIPI also joined this discussion. Here’re the tweet from @america timeline:

1. When ppl come together,hv a dialogue/singing/playing instruments can produce creative ideas &become another kind of tsunami – #HerbieHancock
2. RT @journalin: Music is an incredible delivery system.-#HerbieHancock @atamerica3. Each one of you is a creator – #HerbieHancock #SiagaBencana
4. This is the only place we live on, we have to take care of it – #HerbieHancock #SiagaBencana
5. RT @petra_sihombing: “the environment can live on without us. it doesnt need us. we need it.” -herbie hancock
6. RT @shanghaidaddy: Each one of us is a creator, don’t wait for other people to create a better world. -Herbie Hancock @atamerica
7. Nature is not our enemy, our greatest enemy is ourselves. The enemy is inside – #HerbieHancock #SiagaBencana
8. We can learn 1 thing from nature,we can be the undertow starting from here, Indonesia. New human tsunami to spread the word – #HerbieHancock
9.  RT @panjiepermadi: start from now or never for our environment #herbiehancock @atamerica

After the discussion, the musicians from Disaster Awareness Album Compilation showed us how they use a song to deliver a message in some area in Indonesia for children in primary school. They gave information through the song, on what should they do when there’s a disaster. Using a song is one way to deliver the message 🙂

Music performance
The first performance for this event is a young jazz pianist named Josiah Alexander Sila. He’s a very promising and talented jazz pianist.

And this was the performance that I was waiting for … It’s Dira Sugandi!! Yiyy!! (Okay, I know at the beginning I said that I was expecting Herbie’s performance :D).

She did a cover of Herbie Hancock’s song called ‘Butterfly.’ She was accompanied with another very talented young jazz pianist, Sri Hanuraga (@hanuraga); and a traditional song called, ‘Cublek – Cublek Suweng.’ I only recorded ‘Butterfly’ performance, so here’s their performance of the song 😉


Too bad, Herbie Hancock should go to the airport after Dira’s performance … But that’s okay … I’ve watched Dira performed live! Woohoo … 😀

And usually, after a show or event, I like to find the artists to take a picture with them. Luckily I could take a photo with Dira, and Christine Hakim. They are both lovely ladies 🙂

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