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Staying at the artsy ARTOTEL Thamrin Jakarta

hotel artotel thamrin jakarta featured image - mixedupalready

Staying at the artsy Artotel Thamrin – Reading the name ARTOTEL hotel, I always knew that there is something artsy with this hotel. From the outside ARTOTEL Thamrin Jakarta we can already see the art side of this hotel, where they have murals on the façade of the hotel. And just like at ARTOTEL Surabaya, in this ARTOTEL Thamrin Jakarta, they have the spiral staircases that can be seen from outside. And when I entered the lobby, you can see that they put the mini people made from copper that were doing acrobatic.

hotel artotel thamrin jakarta the lobby - mixedupalready
The lobby of ARTOTEL Thamrin Jakarta
hotel artotel thamrin jakarta art - mixedupalready
The acrobatic mini statue made from copper

My stay at ARTOTEL Thamrin Jakarta was in 2017, hopefully not much has changed since then.

Rooms at the ARTOTEL Thamrin Jakarta

ARTOTEL Thamrin Jakarta has three different rooms, they are Studio 20, Studio 25, and the last is Studio 40. I believe the name is based on the area size of each rooms. As I have stayed in the smaller room, when I stayed at ARTOTEL Surabaya, so I chose to stay at their biggest room this time. So, I picked Studio 40. My room was placed at the 6th floor.

Welcome to Studio 40 of ARTOTEL Thamrin Jakarta

The main reason because it is more spacious than the others, well that is obvious, right haha? The other reason that I like is it has the ‘living room’ in the center of the area. There is a comfy sofa with a coffee table. I think I can sleep well too there. It just looks like a living room in a house. And beside this area, there’s a working desk at the end.

hotel artotel thamrin jakarta studio 40 living room - mixedupalready
Hmm comfy and lazy sofa here :3

There is no wall that separate this area with the bedroom. They only use a TV cabinet as the divider, and yes, you can rotate the TV, if you want to watch it from your bed!

hotel artotel thamrin jakarta studio 40 - mixedupalready (2)
Switching the TV channels before going to sleep

A typical wall inside the room of ARTOTEL room is they like to paint the wall. Usually they have several designs, so you might get a different design from mine. Mine is more like a drawing from a dark comic haha, well you can see by yourself. I love it though. It’s an art, right? Oh, and just found out that the artist behind this named Eddie Hara. Perhaps you can check his work on the internet ?

hotel artotel thamrin jakarta studio 40 bed - mixedupalready
Artsy wall at Studio 40

And how about the bathroom?

My guess, it’s a bathroom designed for two people, as it has two sinks. If you’re in a rush, so you and your plus one can use the two sinks at the same time, no need to wait for your turn haha. The toilet and the shower area are also separated. Ah, talking about the shower, I love the shower here is it has the rain shower, yeay!

hotel artotel thamrin jakarta studio 40 bathroom - mixedupalready
The bathroom

Who wants coffee?

Are you the type of person who loves to make his own coffee, or you prefer have coffee in a coffee shop? Or perhaps you can have both? Well, I can have both! And you can also have both in ARTOTEL Thamrin Jakarta? How so?

In each of the rooms of ARTOTEL Thamrin Jakarta, you will have one Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee machine. Mine is Dolce Gusto Circolo, but when I looked at the ARTOTEL Thamrin Jakarta website, the studio 20 has the Mini Me. Well, doesn’t matter, but we get two complimentary two Nescafe capsules, one is the espresso, while the other is for the grande.

hotel artotel thamrin jakarta nescafe gusto - mixedupalready
Coffee express with Nescafe Gusto <3

It’s kinda a trial-and-error on how to use it, as this is the first time I use this Nescafe Dolce Gusto, but I managed to make it! Yeay for me haha.

Now, jow about if you don’t have time for this, and just want to order a cup of coffee?

You can just head down to the ground floor and just head to Roca restaurant. At that time, they’re having a collaboration with Filosofi Kopi to serve coffee for your caffeine needs.

hotel artotel thamrin jakarta filosofi kopi - mixedupalready
Filosofi Kopi available here too

The art space at the Mezzanine floor

While in ARTOTEL Thamrin Jakarta, you can’t just find the art inside your room, or in the lobby area. Remember the spiral staircases that I mentioned earlier? It is actually leading to the mezzanine floor that housed an art exhibition. It’s not a big area, it’s not even a full floor, as there is a void in the center of the floor.

hotel artotel thamrin jakarta art exhibition - mixedupalready
Art exhibition at the mezzanine floor

At that time, the art collection that was being displayed there, called the Faces of Life. The artists said that ‘face perception is a basic foundation of a human social interaction.’ You can see from the title that it will contain faces, and yes, I am right, there is a painting collection with many faces in one board.

hotel artotel thamrin jakarta art exhibition timo wp indonesian travel blogger - mixedupalready
Hmm, whose faces are these?

Who’s hungry?

If you’re staying at ARTOTEL Thamrin Jakarta, you don’t need to worry when you are hungry in the middle of the night. What I love on ARTOTEL hotel is that they have a 24-hour restaurant, called Roca. Not only in Jakarta, but other ARTOTEL too. Just like when I was staying in Sanur, Bali, and I was starving in the middle of the night, then I remember that there is ARTOTEL in that area. So I just started my car and head to ROCA haha.

hotel artotel thamrin jakarta roca - mixedupalready
ROCA, the 24-hour restaurant

ROCA is the main restaurant at ARTOTEL Thamrin Jakarta, so it’s also the place for you to have breakfast. While mostly it is indoors, but there is a semi-outdoor area at the side of ROCA.

Besides ROCA, actually there is also a rooftop lounge, called BART. It’s very nice to be here from the afternoon, so it will not be hot, yes? As it is a lounge, it will be nice to hang out here and have drinks with friends, while looking at the skyscrapers in Thamrin area. Oh, but you can also find food here in BART.

hotel artotel thamrin jakarta bart rooftop loungde - mixedupalready
BART, at the roof top
timo wp at bart lounge artotel thamrin jakarta - mixedupalready
Enjoying the lights from the skyscrapers

Where to go from here?

ARTOTEL Thamrin Jakarta is located in a very strategic location. It’s in the center of Jakarta. It is very easy to go around, and it is near public transportation also.

Let’s say if you are hungry, and you want try other food, you can always step out from the hotel and walk to nearby area. Besides this hotel, there is Bakmi GM and Hong Kong Café. In front of it, there is Sarinah with many restaurants, such as McDonald’s, KFC, and many more. And if you want street food, just walk to Jalan Sabang in the evening, where you can find plenty of street food there.

If you want to go the malls, just take taxi or online transportation to Grand Indonesia or Plaza Indonesia nearby. Oh there is also Bundaran Hotel Indonesia too near to these malls. There is also a bamboo art statue in front of the water fountain, but I haven’t got a chance to take photo of it haha.

monumen nasional monas jakarta - kadungcampur
When in Jakarta, visit MONAS too 🙂

Another places that you shouldn’t miss if you are visiting Jakarta is an iconic monument, called Monumen Nasional or Monas in short, located near Gambir train station. Inside Monas, there is a museum too. Another place to visit is Kota Tua or the Old Town of Jakarta. Here, you can find a square, surrounded by the old colonial’s architecture buildings.

How to book a room at ARTOTEL Thamrin Jakarta?

I would love to stay here again someday. My previous stay was too short, only two nights, and I didn’t really stay here, as I have many things to do, and needed to check-out early. Usually, when I want to book a hotel, I always check for promotion. There are plenty of OTA that we know, one of them is Pegipegi and I love to book a hotel from Pegipegi, as it loves to share promotion code haha! So, if you are looking for a hotel in Jakarta, don’t forget to check it first.

So, when will I stay at ARTOTEL Thamrin Jakarta again, hmm?

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  • D.R

    Nice! I was looking at this property during my stay at Jakarta last year but I ended up at Pullman Thamrin instead.

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Aaahh how was Pullman? Was it nice?

  • Aziz Farhan

    Nice hotel, it’s really artsy and also cool! Nice blog too!

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Thank you! 🙂


    lucuk banget interior di dalem artotel ini! gw ntar pengen nginep di sini.. moga dapat harga promo haha

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Hai koh .. Hahaha.
      Kamarnya emang design nya lucu2, dan bisa beda2 tiap kamar lho hehe.
      Di sini juga enak ada rooftop bar nya huehe.
      Nti setelah kondisinya mereda, langsung booking koh hehe.

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