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Longing for an escape to Bandung

an escape to bandung - kadungcampur

Longing for an escape to Bandung – If you know me, then you might remember that I like to travel. Several years ago, I could go for like three to four trips abroad, and several domestic trips. But lately – later year, I just lost it all haha. I rarely travel, even in a year, I just went for two to three trips haha. How do I remember? Well, I just looked at my photo albums. Last year, the photo albums only filled with photos from blogger events haha, and several trips to my parent’s hometown in Semarang and my second home in Bandung.

Talking about Bandung, yes, I called it as my second home, as I once lived there for about a year. I still did and do an escape to Bandung during weekend for a holiday, or I can just ask my boss to work remotely in Bandung haha. For me, if I went to Bandung, I could just do café hopping, or event just take a walk in Braga and Asia Afrika street.

crossing the Asia Afrika street bandung - kadungcampur
Love staying at Asia Afrika Street. I can just wander around on foot

So, when a friend messaged me saying that he wanted going to Bandung for a short escape, then I instantly said yes! It’s because that I was longing for an escape to Bandung. I guessed; it’s been a while already – almost a year that I haven’t visited Bandung.

No morning-to-evening itinerary

It’s an escape, we just wanted to chill and relax, plus we have been to Bandung several times, so we agreed not to have a very tight schedule from morning to evening.

Walking at Asia Afrika Street

We chose to stay in a hotel located at Asia Afrika street, as we wanted to just walk around the street, from the hotel to Alun-Alun Kota Bandung (or the city square) at the end of the Asia Afrika street. In the city square complex, there’s a Grand Mosque of Bandung with two minaret towers. Anyway, you can actually go inside the minaret (= minoret) of the Grand Mosque of Bandung, and go up. I once did that in 2015, so I can have a bird-eye view from the top of the minaret. And yes, you can go inside to both minarets.

grand mosque bandung 2015 - kadungcampur
The Grand Mosque of Bandung at Bandung Square

We didn’t spend much time here, at the square, as it was quite hot apparently. While we’re there, I remembered that there’s a famous coffee shop nearby. So, I quickly googled it, and found the name! It’s Warung Kopi Purnama. It’s a simple shop house with a quite spacious area inside. It’s even has a classic streetlamp haha!

warung kopi purnama bandung - kadungcampur
Don’t forget to visit and try Warung Kopi Purnama, not far from the Alun-Alun Kota Bandung

When in a famous coffee shop, you should actually order their specialty, which is of course coffee. But oddly enough, I ordered something else. Es Susu Soda Gembira! Lols! Beside drinks, they also serve various Indonesian food, just like this one: tahu telor.

warung kopi purnama bandung tahu telor - kadungcampur
One of my favourites! Tahu Telor! Haha.

Walking at Taman Hutan Raya Djuanda

When you spent your daily routines living in a city, an escape to something green is good for the eyes, just like what we did during our latest escape to Bandung. We went to Taman Hutan Raya Djuanda, after we had lunch at Warung Kopi Purnama.

I think this was my third visit to Taman Hutan Raya Djuanda or THR Djuanda. THR Djuanda is a vast forest in Bandung, even I haven’t finished exploring this forest. Inside, there is not only just trees, but there are also Japanese Caves and Dutch Caves inside THR Djuanda. The caves were made for the hideout during the war. You can also enter the caves if you like. Usually there is a tour guide that can help in exploring the cave and share some of the history lesson about the cave.

dutch cave taman hutan raya djuanda bandung - kadungcampur
You can explore the Dutch Cave in THR Djuanda with a tour guide

There are a few waterfalls inside the forest, but you need to walk a bit far. However, we didn’t have much time, as we also planned to visit Tebing Keraton, which is located nearby the forest.

Tebing Keraton now and then

My first time to Tebing Keraton was 6 years ago! It’s been a while yes, and there are some changes from my first visit compared to my latest visit to Tebing Keraton.

This was Tebing Keraton six years ago:

tebing keraton bandung in 2014 - kadungcampur
This was Tebing Keraton in 2014

And this was Tebing Keraton on my visit there (November 2019):

tebing keraton bandung - kadungcampur
This is Tebing Keraton on my last visit (Nov 2019). It has fences now around the cliff

Yes, they set fence at the tip of Tebing Keraton. Before there were no fences, so it’s a bit dangerous, as some people will walk near to the cliff just to take a photo or selfie.

What stay the same is the beautiful view. I can just stand there and enjoy the view. Do you know, that you can see the forest of THR Djuanda from here? Yes, below Tebing Keraton is actually the forest.

Stopping-by at Armor Kopi

The weather in Bandung in the afternoon was very cool, especially in the area of Tebing Keraton and THR Djuanda. And I love it! I don’t really like hot weather haha. That’s why we didn’t really want to leave the area so soon! So, we stopped by at one of the famous coffee shops in the area, called Armor Kopi.

Do you still remember when it was first located? Yes, at the entrance of THR Djuanda. But, now it has moved to a new area, not far from the entrance of THR Djuanda. Well, I called it the New Armor Kopi haha.

sipping coffee at new armor kopi bandung - kadungcampur
My favourite coffee shop near THR Djuanda, Bandung: The New Armor Kopi

What I love about Armor Kopi is that it also served traditional snack, such as cireng with rojak sauce. But of course, it was not enough for me to order just one snack haha. We also ordered fried bakwan and asked for plenty of chilli padi! It was really a nice combination: cool weather, hot cireng, and spicy chilli padi.

Prefer cheap or expensive accommodation?

Well, it really depends on the occasion haha. But for me, as it’s just an escape to Bandung, and it’s a quick one, doesn’t mean that I must put a lot of budget on accommodation.

I did say that we stayed at Asia Afrika street. There are some hotels there, from cheap hotel to the expensive one. But I prefer to book the cheap one. As long as the room and the bed are comfortable, for me it’s enough haha. We chose to stay at Ibis Budget Asia Afrika. It’s a budget hotel, so the rate should be cheaper, compared to its sister, which is located nearby.

Of course, before I book a room, I always compare the prices on a hotel booking sites, such as Pegipegi hotel. Sometimes, it also has an interesting hotel promo that can cut the final rates of the room! Look at this one!

hotel promo pegipegi - kadungcampur
Always check the promotion page before book a hotel! Haha.

Well, I so looking forward to having my next escape to Bandung soon! How about you?

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    huhu after read this, i miss Bandung so much.

    btw, how are youuuuu..

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      I am good! Thank you for asking 🙂
      How about you?!

      Yes, me too, it’s been a while ga ke Bandung 🙁

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