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The new favourite Ambrogio Patisserie Bandung

ambrogio patisserie bandung cafe restaurant

Ambrogio Patisserie Bandung – When a new place, a new restaurant, a new cafe has just opened, if it has a pretty and nice design, it will be full house and hard to get a seat in the beginning. It happened to me and a friend when we wanted to try this newly opened place, called Ambrogio Patisserie in Bandung. Ambrogio Patisserie is located, just in front of Saparua stadium (GOR Saparua) in Jalan Banda, and you can easily spot the place where you can see many cars parked in this place.

ambrogio patisserie bandung cafe restaurant cake display

Welcome to Ambrogio Patisserie

Let’s get inside Ambrogio Patisserie

As I said before, it’s hard to get a place in a newly opened restaurant, and this happened to us. Many tables have been reserved for group guests, and that will be our clue on our next visit, we should make a reservation first!

indoor seating ambrogio patisserie

Full house at Ambrogio Patisserie

ambrogio patisserie bandung cafe restaurant indoor seating reservation

Remember to make a reservation to get a table at Ambrogio Patisserie

Ambrogio Patisserie is actually a 2-story house, not just a small house, but it’s quite a big house, plus a wide space at the back too. However, as they are new, they still preparing the second floor, as my friend could see they still brought the furniture up to the second floor. Hopefully it will open soon, so there will be more seats! Beside the seats inside the house, there is also seating area beside the house, which is also beside a fish pond.

ambrogio patisserie bandung cafe restaurant side seating area

The seating area on the side of Ambrogio Patisserie is actually quite nice with the fish pond 🙂

seating side area ambrogio patisserie cafe restaurant bandung

Every corner of Ambrogio Patisserie was full when we visited the place haha

Lucky for us, that the seats located at the back are empty, and I think we know the reason why. The area at the back is hot when the sun is bright! No roof above the seats, so it’s like a semi-open space haha. At first, the weather was quite okay, but then the weather became hotter, and we couldn’t just handle the heat anymore haha. Anywho, this area at the back is actually quite a nice spot for taking photos haha! Don’t you think it’s important haha?

ambrogio patisserie bandung cafe restaurant seating area backside

The seating area at the backside of Ambrogio Patisserie is actually quite nice too, but it can be hot during the day

food blogger eggy ginanjar foodiary bdg ambrogio patisserie bandung cafe restaurant

My friend, Eggy, who is also a food blogger, was posing at Ambrogio Patisserie 😀

Good food at this place

Some cafe or restaurant usually only consider good design and then good food, and thank goodness that Ambrogio Patisserie has good design and good food at the same priorities. Ambrogio Patisserie serves many variations of food, from steak, pasta, Asian cuisine, and pizza. Well, we couldn’t try a lot of food at once – but we want to come back for sure. I tried rice and fried chicken with Aceh style, while my friend tried the fish and chips.

food nasi ayam goreng aceh ambrogio patisserie bandung cafe restaurant

Nasi with ayam goreng a la Aceh 🙂

fish and chips tartar sauce food ambrogio patisserie bandung cafe restaurant

The fish and chips with nice tartar sauce

Both foods are nice! I thought the fish and chips would be just like the regular fish and chips. However, the tartar sauce for the fish and chips is good, and I love it. Meanwhile, my food – the fried chicken, although it’s just fried chicken, but I love the crisp of the chicken skin and the sambal. The sambal not really spicy, but still good. And it seems I remember the similar style of the dish, called ‘Ayam Tangkap’, but this one, you could see the chicken clearly as the chicken is not covered with so many the leaves Haha. As it is so nice, I also ate the fried leaves????

Ambrogio that is also a patisserie

As we can see from the name, Ambrogio Patisserie, this place also sells pastry, such as cakes and croissant, other than foods and drinks. Seems that many people love the croissant, as I could hear some of the guests asked for it. I didn’t try the croissant, but we chose to try the mini cakes. My friend tried the mango cake, while I tried the coffee tart. As I love the taste of coffee, so I also love my cake, even my friend said that the cake is a bit bitter – yes, it’s the taste of coffee ????

mango cake peach tea ambrogio patisserie bandung cafe restaurant

Mango tart with peach tea

coffee tart cake ambrogio patisserie bandung cafe restaurant

The coffee tart

pastry croissant ambrogio patisserie bandung cafe restaurant

Another pastry is available

Come again next time?

Abso to the lately haha. Yes, absolutely I will come back next time, and reserve the place first to get the seats inside the house. But hopefully, next time, the second floor will be ready, so Ambrogio could host more guests ????

Ambrogio Patisserie

To make a reservation, here is Ambrogio Patisserie’s phone number : (022) 20512779

Instagram            :

Location of Ambrogio Patisserie on Google Maps:

menu ambrogio patisserie bandung cafe restaurant

So, what’s on the menu on Ambrogio Patisserie 🙂

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  • Matius Teguh Nugroho

    Oh, I’d like to take a seat next to the fish pond, lol. Nice place in Banda, anyway. Bisalah jadi alternatif nongkrong kalau pas lagi di sekitaran Riau.

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Haha yeah, wud love to sit there too, if I cud get a table there 😀

  • BaRT

    Ok, please ya jangan lupa. Kalau aku main ke Bandung lagi, kamu harus traktir aku di sini 😀

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Well, dont stay for a night only lah kl ke Bandung :p

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