I hope you are doing well.

If you are a regular visitors or have visited this site in the past, you might notice changes have been made.

At the beginning, I blog usingΒ WordPress.comΒ where the name is still mixedupalready.wordpress.com. Then I bought the domain, and now I am using a self-hosting service.

Sometimes, I am still modifying the layout of my blog, where I hope, it will look simpler than before.

I also have moved my other blog,Β The Place That I Stay,Β here into the Place That I Stay section.

Thanks for the visit, and if you are already here …

  • Please stay longer πŸ˜‰
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Anyway, I still leave the previous ‘About’ part below as it’s still good to read haha!

I started this blog as a casual blog, where I told stories about my daily activities and so on … Previously I also had a blog talking about travel, but I just didn’t continue it. Then, I went to Bali in November 2011 supposedly to watch Jason Mraz concert, but I went there early to have more time in Bali. I went to some places, took some pictures, and had fun. I went home, and I looked at the pictures, and also still had some memories in my mind about my trip to Bali. I thought that it’s unfortunate just to dump my memory about that travel, so from that moment on, I slowly started to write about my travel experience in this blog and started removing my posts about travel at my other blog here … Β It was a mix up of everything in the beginning, but then I decided to at least stay talking about travel and stuff … πŸ™‚ Oh by the way … That’s why the name ‘Mixed Up Already‘ came up in my mind at the first place.

Not only I want to share about my travel experience, but I also want to share about some event that attended from cultural event to music event. You will also find post about food in this blog. Yes I love eating, although I didn’t eat food that people say is delicious (seafood except fish πŸ˜‰ ), but I love looking at the design of the cafe / restaurant more haha!

Hope you enjoy my posts as I enjoyed making it πŸ™‚



Email: heyhellotimo@gmail.com
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PS: when you read my blog posts, you will not see the pictures immediately. I am using a plugin where it will unveil the images as they appear into view. This hopefully willΒ reduce the load time, and make your experience in my blogΒ more pleasant πŸ˜‰


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