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A retreat to Puncak


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Puncak? Wow, it was like years ago I went to Puncak!’

This was my friend’s answer, when I asked about Puncak in Bogor.

Then I also thought about that too, when was the last time I went there. Oh, I think it was 2 years ago, when I attended a seminar. It seems, that there is something that I miss about Puncak when I thought about it.

So my next question to my friends was …

What do you miss from Puncak?

Most of my friends said that they miss the food there, such as the famous sate PSK (Pojok Sate Kiloan), a warm drink – such as sekoteng, and even they miss eating Indomie there. ‘What? Really? You can eat Indomie everywhere in the city’ – I said to my friend. Then my friend replied that it’s different eating the hot Indomie at Puncak with its cool weather. Oh, and don’t forget with that warm corn on the cob.


A warm corn on the cob is a good friend in a cool weather

Another answers were about its ambiance and the cool weather of Puncak. Yes, I can agree that a good ambiance and a cool weather are a good recipe for a retreat or an escape from a hectic life in the city.

A nice place for a retreat

I still remember that in the past, I like to go to Puncak with my family for a retreat. Usually there were more than 1 family that went with us. We looked for a place to stay that has a villa with several rooms in it, so it can accommodate all of us in one roof. We can see now that there are plenty of villas in Puncak to choose for, such as the Puncak Pass Resort that not only has regular rooms, but it also has villa or suites that can fit up to 4 guests. The advantage of staying in a villa is we can park our car just beside or in front of the villas. So it felt like we stayed at our own home right. Even this two-bedroom Junior Suite at Puncak Pass Resort also has two bathrooms. Well, imagine if you are traveling in a group and there is only 1 bathroom for all. The one that uses the bathroom doesn’t want to be rushed, while the ones outside the bathrooms don’t want to wait too long for their turn haha.


Junior suite at Puncak Pass Resort that can accommodate up to 4 persons

The view that matters

When we were on a retreat, we want just to relax and has a laid-back life for a moment. Most of the time, a good view from where we stayed does matter too. It would be nice, when we opened the curtain of our room in the morning, then the view of the mountain with a blue sky have already awaited us. I think I could just enjoy this view for a moment, while I am sipping a hot cup of tea from my balcony.


The superior room at Puncak Pass Resort’s main building, has a beatiful mountain view (Puncak – Indonesia)

How about the fog? There was one friend who answered that! That never crossed my mind, but it seems that he is excited to see the fog coming down from the hill! Yes, I think it is easy for you to see the fog in Puncak area.

The nearby attractions

I know that when we already stayed in a villa, we should spent most of our day inside the villa to just relax or use the facilities there, or just play some games. But, sometimes we got bored and we just wanted to visit nearby attractions. Some of my friends mentioned about the tea plantation as the thing that they miss from Puncak. Yes, it’s very rare to see the tea plantation in the city. Then I imagined that my friends and I made a video clip on a tea plantation haha. It would be fun, right?!

There is also the famous Taman Safari in Puncak. I remembered that I went there with my office mates for our weekend getaway. We spent the whole day there, and we ended our day with a dinner in one of the restaurants nearby with the view of mountains (well, it was night, so it was dark haha!).

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Taman Safari Indonesia in Puncak

Great, now I miss this place, and it seems I should make a plan going to Puncak soon!

So when was the last time you went to Puncak? 😉

Mixed Up Already

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  • Dani

    I miss the green and the nostalgic feeling I get whenever I’m surrounded by nature. *halah
    But I definitely won’t go there during any kind of holiday be it only weekend. Can’t stand the traffic Om.

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Weekdays will do, Oom … so when will you hold a blogging class in Puncak 😉

  • Kurma Ajwa

    Jangung bakar, rebus juga boleh dehhh, makanan favorit waktu di puncak,,,, ane tunggu paketannya yak

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Hahaha paketann opooo :3

  • Genset Murah

    Mas Timoty, aku nggak ngerti bahasa Inggris, cumo mau ngomong Semangat aja mas, #sedih

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Semangat juga Mas! 🙂


    Lelah kalo ke puncak cuman weekend gateway doang, macet nya kagak nahan hehehe

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Sekalian nginep berapa malam gitu dong kaakk :3

  • insanwisata

    When was my last time going to Puncak? I have sadly to say that I’ve never been there haha..
    Indeed, Puncak is the most famous destination for family vacation especially in West Java. Hope going there soon! 🙂

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Yeay … InsanWisata goes to Puncak!! 🙂


    What’s up, just wanted to tell you, I enjoyed this article.
    It was practical. Keep on posting!

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Great! Thanks, Dannie!

  • Jonathan Bayu S

    Kawasan puncak memang selalu jadi primadona wisatanya orang Jakarta ya..cocok buat refreshing

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Iya bener … buat quick escape oke juga 😉

  • Kenny

    Puncak emang cocok buat liburan gan 😀

    Thanks buat informasinya , jadi pengen ke taman safari

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Bener bangets, gannnn 😉

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