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8 reasons to visit Japan

Japan - Traditional Culture - Clothing - Kimono - Thumbnail
Japan - Accommodation - Tatami

A room with tatami in Japan

It seems that I have just returned from Japan, but I already miss that country. I only have good memories about Japan so I can’t wait to visit it again and again. And I encourage you to do the same. Why?

Well, I have 8 reasons on why you should or I think I would say ‘MUST’ visit Japan.

1 – Free Visa

It’s a good news for Indonesian citizens who hold the e-passport. Since 1 December 2014, we can freely enter and travel to Japan. Just register ourselves at the Japan Embassy, we then could visit Japan for a maximum 15 days. How about if your passport is not e-passport? Well don’t be sad dear, as the requirements and the process to apply for the visa is very easy.

2 – It’s affordable

The myth that is circulating about travelling to Japan is about the expensive price starts from the ticket flight to the accommodation. But that’s not entirely true. Now, there are a lot of promotion for the ticket flight to Japan plus there are quite many budget accommodation in Japan. The options for budget accommodations are from a room with tatami, staying at a dorm or even the Capsule Hotel. You don’t need to worry about the cleanliness and the facilities in the hostels as all of the budget accommodations in Japan are clean and also comfortable!

Japan - Accommodation - Capsule Hotel

Capsule Hotel in Japan

3 – Modern but traditional

Japan is one of the most modern and developed countries, but that doesn’t mean they just forget their culture. No! They even preserve their traditional culture where we can see many young girls are still wearing kimono when they want to go to the temple or even to tourism places. There are also plenty old and traditional buildings that still stand still besides modern buildings in Japan.

4 – Halal food is available

Worry that you can’t find any halal food in Japan?

Actually there are many choices of food, from vegetables, fish, or other seafood such as sushi or onigiri. These all can be easily found at the minimart in Japan. If you are still worry, then why don’t just bring some dishes from Indonesia – perhaps beef rendang, beef floss? – then you just buy an instant rice at Japan 😉

Japan - Food (2)

You can find these kind of foods in Japan 😉

5 – Easy transportation

Did I just say that Japan is one of the most modern and developed countries in the world?

That’s include their transportation system – remember: Shinkansen – the fast train in Japan?

Very advanced and punctual!

Japan - Transportation - Train - Shinkansen (2)

The shinkansen!

6 – Shopping heaven

For fashion lovers, Japan is one of the destinations for you!

Many choices of fashion styles that you can find in Japan, from international to local brand. It’s also very easy to find affordable fashion line in Japan.

If you are in Tokyo, don’t forget to visit Shibuya and Shinjuku, plus you need to go to Harajuku and make that luggage of you full! Haha.

[For souvenirs, you can go to Daiso or 3coin]

7 – Friendly people

In Japan, I guarantee you will not find unfriendly people. Well that’s based on my experience when visiting Japan.

Almost all people are willing to help us if we need a help or want to ask something. Even they helped me when I was confused – and I haven’t asked for anyone helps at that moment.

Japan - Traditional Culture - Clothing - Kimono - Thumbnail

Friendly people in Japan 🙂


8 – It’s safe!

Japan is one of the 10-most safest countries in the world. According to Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development, there are only 1.4% people in Japan that has been a victim of crime!

So why we wait to visit Japan? I think the 8 reasons that I gave you is enough to convince you to book a ticket to Japan!

Happy Holiday! 🙂

This is a guest post by Fauzan Siddiqi.

Fauzan is my old old friend. We met in 2005 but then we lost contact after that. Surprisingly I met him again through my friend. Aren’t we all well-connected? 😉

In the past didn’t realize that he loves to travel, until recently he shared his story that he has set up a travel company called: My Vacation. You can reach him through:

This post is also appeared in Bahasa Indonesia at Slide Gossip website.

Japan - Shopping - Daiso

Shopping at Daiso Japan! 🙂

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  • Ares Jonekson

    Sudah nggak sabar mau berangkat ke jepang, bulan april ini aku berkesempatan mengunjungi jepang loh. Sayang aku belum punya e-passport jadi harus visa yang lumayan ribet tapi sudah kelar sih, semoga orang-orangnya ramah untuk ku foto :).

    • Timothy W Pawiro

      Waaksss ga ngajak2 ihhhhhhh :'(

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