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5 Favourite Places that I would love to visit again …

My 5 favourite places - Lombok, Bali, Bukittinggi, Sydney, and New Zealand

Indonesia - Bali - Singaraja - Gitgit Waterfall

The famous Gitgit waterfall in North Bali [Indonesia]

I have travel several places during the past years. Although it’s mainly in South East Asia and Australia, I’ve already had some favourite places that I would love to visit again in the future. So when Aggy from Dream Explore Wander challenged me for Booked.netTop Destinations to Go There, I immediately made the list in my mind …

Gili Trawangan – Lombok

Indonesia - Lombok - Gili Trawangan - The beach

Lazy-ing around at the beach in Gili Trawangan [Lombok – Indonesia]

I have visited Lombok several times, and it seems that there are plenty of places on that island that I haven’t discovered yet. This island has plenty of potentials!

My favourite place in Lombok is absolutely Gili Trawangan. Not sure why, but since my first step on this little island, I immediately fall in love. It seems that the time is stop when you are in this island. It’s a place where I can do nothing, and still enjoy it haha! In one of my visits to this island with a friend, we just enjoying our time there by checking several cafes, rode a bike around this island, and then have dinner in the night market. The next day, we did mostly the same things again … We are in the ‘lazy time zone’ in Gili Trawangan haha!

So, what’s so special with Gili Trawangan … I probably said ‘the ambiance on this island’ that will make me visit this island again.


Indonesia - Bali - Ubud - A farmer herding his ducks

A farmer herding his ducks in Ubud area [Bali – Indonesia]

Okay … who doesn’t love Bali?!

Usually I will go to Bali every year … I didn’t plan to visit it every year, but it just happened!

Once I stayed near Legian and visited some of the popular places in Bali. In other opportunities, I stayed in Ubud and just rode a bike around central Bali for several days. In my last visit, I stayed in North Bali – which I love!

In this island you can get everything. If you want to see the paddy field, usually you can see plenty of it in Ubud area. It also has some waterfalls, just like in North Bali. The southern part of Bali has plenty of exotic beaches that I can visit again and again and again.

One day I said to a friend, ‘you know what, every time I looked at the photo of my Bali trip, it just drawn me to the ‘photo’. Suddenly I just become melancholic and miss Bali so much. It’s just like magic as it didn’t happen when I looked at the photos of my trip to other places’

So will I visit Bali again this year. Sure thing!


Indonesia - West Sumatra - Bukittinggi - A school in Bukittinggi

I passed this school near my friend’s house in Bukittinggi. Look at that blue sku

Bukittinggi is located in West Sumatra. I forgot the reason why I visited this place, but I think the main reason is because I’ve never visited this place before [lol]. Once I arrived in Bukittinggi, it’s like a love in the first sight. I remembered that my friend brought me to a warung Aceh on my first night in Bukittinggi haha!

Why I love this place? I think it has the same reason why I love Gili Trawangan … I feel that I have a ‘laid back’ time in this city, especially the weather is cool and there are quite a few of beautiful places near the city. You can go to Ngarai Sianok, Harau Valley, or go a bit further to Maninjau Lake. So during my visit there, Bukittinggi became my ‘base camp’.

What if I just stayed in Bukittinggi? I think I would definitely enjoy the stay!


Australia - Sydney - A street performer

A street performer that you can find in Sydney

Sydney was the first city in Australia that I visited, so I think that’s why Sydney has a special place in my heart. Also, perhaps because I’m just another city boy so that’s why I love Sydney.

Plenty of things to do in Sydney, from free to a pay one.

It has the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.

It has modern buildings and also it has some ‘old’ buildings, such as at the famous The Rocks!

It has a cheap-food market and also it has expensive restaurant …

It has various transportation method, from bus, train, and also ferry. I remembered people there using the ferry just like a taxi as they live in the suburb area, and work in Sydney, and I think ferry is much faster than driving back and forth.

I think I can live in this city if there’s a chance! Hopefully … 😉

New Zealand

New Zealand - Auckland - Sky Tower

The famous Sky Tower in Auckland [New Zealand]

I think I visited this country in December 2007 … It’s the time where I don’t realize that I like to travel and blog about my trip. It’s the time where I only used a phone in my N73 – Nokia series to take the photos, and now I realize that I don’t have much photos of that trip *sad face*

I remembered that I fell in love with this city instantly after I exited the Auckland Airport. I guess I have plenty of ‘love at the first sight’!

I did a road trip with my family from North to South island … There’s already ‘Lord of The Rings’ movie back then, but the price for a tour to some of the movie sites were quite expensive as we are 4 people. But the scenery along the road is beautiful! We passed some lake, rivers, farms, and many more.

One thing that I remember is that there was no Google Maps or Waze at that time, so we’re still using the real maps, and if we get lost, I just went out the vehicle and asked the people. Sometime we ‘were diverted’ far enough to a residential area, but we thought that’s okay … It’s a fun fun road trip after all!

I know that I will come back to New Zealand again in the future, as I really really love the country! Of course I will bring a proper camera and blog about it! Haha.

Go All Blacks! 😀

Well actually there are more places that I love … but I think these 5 places are my most favourite!

Now I want to nominate these bloggers for the same challenge 🙂

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    Love your list, wanna go to Lombok for real! 🙂

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      So come!! What are you waiting for?! 😉

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    Great list!

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