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When you brought Vegas to Macau …

Macau trip - One Central

One Central

Macau is one of the countries that legalized gambling, therefore you will see a lot of casinos in Macau. Even the casino in my hotel at Grand Lisboa, opens 24 hours 😉 . The casino and the glamorous light of the building will be one of the interesting things to see in Macau during the night.

So after we explored some of the historical centre during the day; we then got ready for the night.

We chose to visit Venetian Macao , which is the 6th largest building, and the largest casino in the world. Venetian Macao is one of the casinos that brought by Las Vegas Sands.

We took a cab from our hotel to Venetian Macao, which is located in the other part of Macau (the Cotai Strip). I think it costed us about HKD100.

Arrived in Venetian Macao, I could already see how big this place is. Everything is here, it’s just like one-stop entertainment service, from the shopping centre, eating places, entertainment, and of course the casino! At the moment they’re having an indoor ice exhibition called ICE WORLD. The exhibition is until 16 September 2012. We didn’t get a chance to see it. From the website I saw that people are wearing hooded coats, because the temperature is -8 degrees celcius! Yikes … 😀

Before exploring the Venetian Macao further, we went outside to see the view of some of the buildings with their light on 🙂 It has a beautiful and interesting view outside. I guess sometimes people like to use this area for their pre-wedding photography too, because I saw one photography session in this area at that time 😛

Macau trip - Crown, Hard Rock, and City of Dreams

Crown, Hard Rock, and City of Dreams

Macau trip - The tower in Venetian Macao and Conrad Macao

Conrad Macao and a tower in front of Venetian Macao

Entering the Venetian, apparently the building has beautiful interior with pictures on the ceiling.

Macau trip - Venetian Macao - The interior

The interior of Venetian Macao

Macau trip - Venetian Macao - The ceiling

The Ceiling of Venetian Macao

As you know, the name Venetian is the same with Venice in Italy that is known with its canal and bridge; so if you’ve never been to Venice and ride the gondola, you can experience it here. The only difference is, the location is indoor. Although it’s indoor, they paint the sky on the ceilings 😉

Macau trip - Venetian Macao gondola

Venetian Macao – Gondola

We actually interested to ride the gondola, but unfortunately we’re too late 🙁 … At least still could see a few last groups that rode the gondola, and hey … the gondolier was singing during the ride 🙂 Interesting! Although, we didn’t ride the gondola, we still tried to take pictures with the gondolier haha …

Macau trip - Venetian Macao gondola - with the gondolier

With the gondolier at Venetian Macao

Not only the canal area that has the sky ceiling, they also use the sky theme for the ceiling in the food court. In the food court, there are a lot of kind of food here, from Chinese food, Singaporean / Malaysian food, Italian food, and also my favourite, Indian food 😀

Macau trip - Venetian Macao - Food court

The food court in Venetian Macao

The location of the casino is at the centre of the building. There are a lot of games there, but unfortunately, no photo taking is allowed in the casino.

After spending the night in Venetian Macao, we used a shuttle bus to go back to our hotel.

The night was still young, and it was our last night before we going back home the next day. We decided to stroll around our hotel, and took some pictures. Across the street there’s Wynn Macau and why not to have a visit there, especially the casino! 🙂

Macau trip - Wynn Macau

Wynn Macau

Before we entered Wynn Macau, there’s an interesting view of Macau Tower and Friendship Bridge (Ponte de Amizade) that connecting the Taipa Island with the Macau Peninsula. Unfortunately the light was not that bright to have a good photo, and I don’t have a tripod either 🙁

Macau trip - Friendship bridge (Ponte de Amizade) and Macau Tower

Friendship bridge (Ponte de Amizade) and Macau Tower

It’s already midnight. It’s time for us to get back to the hotel and get some sleep. What an interesting day and night in Macau!

Macau trip - Wynn and Grand Lisboa

Wynn and Grand Lisboa

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