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Village Hotel in Katong neighbourhood – Singapore

Asia - Singapore - Village Hotel Katong - Katong Kitchen - Decoration - Thumbnail

When I lived and visited Singapore in the past, I always stayed around the central of Singapore, just for the sake of being convenient. I rarely stayed in eastern part or western part of Singapore. But during my recent trip in Singapore [part of #MxUAKk trip], I got the chance to stay in Katong area, which is in the eastern part of Singapore. I was thinking, what would I find here? Okay, I’ve been to East Coast a couple of time, but I’ve never explore other area. I was also confuse, why there’s a hotel located quite far from the central or business district or shopping central area. From what I know, usually in the suburb area of Singapore, mostly is residential area.

Asia - Singapore - Village Hotel Katong - In the afternoon

Village Hotel Katong (Singapore)

I came to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur by bus, so the final stop of the bus is at The Plaza in Beach Road. Myself and Kania – my travel buddy during the #MxUAKk trip, stopped a taxi and said that we want to go to Village Hotel Katong in 25 Marine Parade. My first thought that Village Hotel Katong under the Far East Hospitality brand is quite famous in Singapore, and it’s easy to find it. To my surprise, the taxi driver didn’t know the hotel. I think we needed to wait until our third taxi when the driver was willing to take us to the Marine Parade area and searched for the hotel.

When we have reached the Marine Parade area, I realized that we have entered a residential area, with quite a few private apartments, and a mall; until we finally found Village Hotel Katong. Apparently, Village Hotel Katong is considered new at that time. That’s why, not so many people know the location of the hotel.

Looking at the facade of the building, I quickly remembered the same building of Village Hotel brand in Bugis area. The facade looks like an old style building, but the image of ‘old style’ was quickly gone when I entered the lobby hotel! It’s totally the opposite with my first impression when I saw  the front side of the building.

The design of the lobby looks dynamic, fresh, and young! It has a very spacious lobby area with several seating areas. One design looks very young with colourful cute-looking seats, while the other looks more ‘sophisticated’ style with the mixture of modern style and the old style with the use of antique and old table lamps. This with the additional of a carpet with simple line-motives and few more decorations and ornaments in the room.

Asia - Singapore - Village Hotel Katong - The lobby (1)

The lobby of Village Hotel Katong (Singapore)

Asia - Singapore - Village Hotel Katong - The Lobby

Very nice and simple design of the seats and table at the lobby of Village Hotel Katong (Singapore)

Asia - Singapore - Village Hotel Katong - The lobby - Decoration

Some of the decoration in the lobby area of Village Hotel Katong (Singapore)

This design is not ‘old’ at all! It’s modern! And I can’t wait to see what my room looks like!

Myself and Kania stayed in 10th floor. Love high floors!

When we exited the elevator, I was surprise with the spacious area in front of the elevators with simple design. Only two seats and a small table, but it looks wonderful and super clean. They used what it looks like ‘wooden panel’ wall where you still can see the wood ‘vein’ so it looks very natural and simple, so when I looked at the hallway to my room, this design makes the hallway looks beautiful and clean!

Asia - Singapore - Village Hotel Katong - The elevator area

Clean and spacious elevator waiting area of Village Hotel Katong (Singapore)

Asia - Singapore - Village Hotel Katong - The hallway

The hallway in the 10th floor of Village Hotel Katong (Singapore)

I was excited to open the door of my room, and when I opened the door, I was like … ‘what!’ The room is awesome! Super awesome! Love it! Love it! Love it!

The room looks very comfortable and the design was in the same style with the rest of the hotel [I think so!].

Even though the interior design looks sophisticated with various decorations and ornaments, but I really like it! It doesn’t look ‘crowded’ at all. It seems they have arrange everything so neatly and mix-and-match every unique stuffs to this room. Just look at the table beside the bed. Does it look like a table at all? No … It looks like a box, but it’s a fake box! I tried to open it, but as it’s not an actual box, so it won’t open! Lol …

Asia - Singapore - Village Hotel Katong - Deluxe bedroom

Deluxe room of Village Hotel Katong (Singapore)

Asia - Singapore - Village Hotel Katong - Deluxe bedroom with LCD

Another look of deluxe room of Village Hotel Katong (Singapore)

Another thing that I love from this room is the use of the tile in some part of the room. I’m not an expert of interior design [yet!] but it looks like the tile use some ethnic design [?], and it has a similar look with the carpet, and the glass behind the bedding. Again, the design is sophisticated as it’s a mixture of everything – old and modern style. If they used only the old style for the room, I wouldn’t find an LCD TV planted on the wall of my room! I wouldn’t even find an iPod dock beside my bed haha!

The floor and some of the wall use the same ‘wooden panel’ design. I thought at first the room use wood for the floor, but it’s actually not. I tried to knock-knock the floor, but the knocking sound doesn’t even close to if I knocked a wood haha – so it’s only like a ‘paper’ with wood design.

How about the bathroom?

Asia - Singapore - Village Hotel Katong - The bathroom

The bathroom in Deluxe room of Village Hotel Katong

See … You can see it by yourself how lovely the bathroom looks like! And I guarantee that the bathroom is clean! 😉

Kania showed me the photos that she took from the balcony. Then I realize … It’s not a common thing for a hotel to be located in a suburb and residential area. When I looked around from the balcony, I could see apartments, old style shop houses and some landed houses. This is very interesting! Apparently, when Christina – Marketing Manager of Far East Hospitality, explained about the ‘village’ concept, now I understand why they choose suburb as the location of ‘Village Hotel’ brand. This concept lets the guest to experience living like the local people. Something like, what will the local people go for dinner in their neighbourhood. Remember that the area is not in the central of Singapore where you can find lots of malls and restaurants / cafes, but surprisingly Katong has quite a number of cafes / restaurants that are famous and recommended, even the Village Hotel Katong is connected with a small mall. I fall in love instantly when we came out from the hotel to find food, and see lots of cafes / restaurants that use shop houses for their business. The area is simple but lovely! I will give more info about the neighbourhood in another post! 😉

Asia - Singapore - Village Hotel Katong - Katong neighbourhood

There are plenty of shop houses and apartments in Katong neighbourhood (Singapore)

When you stay in Village Hotel Katong, the other floor [other than the floor of your room :D] that you need to know is the fourth floor.

Katong Kitchen
This is where we went for the breakfast. The dining area was divided into two side-by-side, where I noticed that they use different style of the furniture between the main dining area and the additional dining area beside it. The main dining area which can accommodate more than 10 groups of guest use more wood element in the furniture, while the additional dining area uses marble table and leather seat [?]. The food itself is more to Singaporean style. If you love Singaporean food, then you will love the breakfast! You can find char kway teow and the famous carrot cake here!

Asia - Singapore - Village Hotel Katong - Katong Kitchen - Main dining area

The main dining area of Katong Kitchen in Village Hotel Katong (Singapore)

Asia - Singapore - Village Hotel Katong - Katong Kitchen - Side dining area

Dining area beside the main dining area in Katong Kitchen of Village Hotel Katong (Singapore)

Asia - Singapore - Village Hotel Katong - The breakfast (Char Kway Teow, Carrot cake, and more) - 2

The breakfast at Village Hotel Katong – char kway teow, carrot cake, and so on

Saffron Foyer
When I walked and followed the sign to Saffron Foyer, I actually didn’t really know what the foyer will look like. Then when I saw the foyer, I was like ‘whoaaa … the place looks really nice’. It’s an outdoor area with some seats and small tables facing to the back of the hotel. You can also view the Katong neighbourhood from here with several apartments in the area. ‘Saffron’ is actually the name of the hotel meeting room, so I think they will use the foyer for the coffee break and lunch 😉

Asia - Singapore - Village Hotel Katong - Saffron Foyer

The Saffron Foyer of Village Hotel Katong (Singapore)

Sports centre
Village Hotel Katong has equipped themselves with a round swimming pool and an indoor gym.

Asia - Singapore - Village Hotel Katong - Gym place

The gym facility at Village Hotel Katong (Singapore)

Asia - Singapore - Village Hotel Katong - The swimming pool

The swimming pool at Village Hotel Katong (Singapore)

We only stayed here for one night, and it seems that we just want to stay more nights and days in this hotel haha! Especially with its lovely Katong neighbourhood. I know it’s not common to stay in the eastern part of Singapore, but I really recommend this hotel for people who wants a break from the busy Orchard and experience new thing in a different area of Singapore 😉

Village Hotel Katong

25 Marine Parade S449536
(t): +65 6344 2200
(w): (Booking)

This post is part of myself and my friend [Kania Kismadi] trip from Philippines – Malaysia – Singapore.

Village Hotel Katong [Far East Hospitality] is one of the partners during this wonderful trip, and a great thanks to Christina from FEH! 🙂

I was a guest of Village Hotel Katong and all opinions are my own.

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