Some of the most visited viewpoints in Phuket Island

There are some viewpoints on Phuket Island, where you could get some panoramic pictures of some parts of Phuket Island.

My friend and I have actually listed down the viewpoints that we could possible visit during our trip there, including the Panwa viewpoint in the eastern part of the island, but unfortunately we had no time to visit Panwa. So our route was from the Patong to the southern part of the island and then to the western part. In total we managed to visit four viewpoints.

The Big Buddha

When we were at the Wat Chalong temple, we could actually see that Big Buddha sitting on a high hill. It was white and made from marble. Going there was quite simple to, as we just followed the sign on the street and of course the Google Maps haha!

Thailand - Phuket - Viewpoint - Big Buddha (01)

The Big Buddha seating on an unfinished building (Phuket – Thailand)

As it is located quite at the centre of the island, so we could get various scenery from this place, such as Kata Beach that we could see when we walked up from the souvenirs area to the stairs to the Big Buddha. The view can be seen on the left side of the stairs, when we walked up. While on the upstairs, another view has awaited us to be seen. It was the Chalong Bay with its small pier.

Thailand - Phuket - Viewpoint - Big Buddha (09) - Kata Beach

Kata beach from the Big Buddha (Phuket – Thailand)

Thailand - Phuket - Viewpoint - Big Buddha (05) - Chalong Bay

The view of Chalong Bay taken from the Big Buddha (Phuket – Thailand)

Some parts of the complex are still under renovation as the construction is mostly from people’s donation, including the area below the Big Buddha. Besides the Big white Buddha, there was actually also a golden Buddha statue in this location, although it is not as big as the Big Buddha.

Thailand - Phuket - Viewpoint - Big Buddha (08) - Golden Buddha

The Golden Buddha at the same location of Big Buddha (Phuket – Thailand)

Thailand - Phuket - Viewpoint - Big Buddha (07) - Still under renovation

Some part of the Big Buddha complex is still under construction (Phuket – Thailand)

Thailand - Phuket - Viewpoint - Big Buddha (04) - Big gong

Rubbing the gong at the Big Buddha area (Phuket – Thailand)

While we were there, sometimes we heard the sounds like ‘nggg nggg ngggggg’ (I don’t know how to describe it lol) that went from soft to loud. Apparently it was a result of someone rubbing the back of the gong! Haha.

The Promthep Cape

The Promthep Cape is another famous viewpoint in Phuket Island, as it is located at the most southern part of the island, where we could see the tip of the island from here. You could walk down the slope to the tip of the island, if you want …

Thailand - Phuket - Viewpoint - Promthep Cape (05)

The most southern island of Phuket (Thailand)

Thailand - Phuket - Viewpoint - Promthep Cape (13) - The museum

I think this is a museum?! – still at Promthep Cape (Phuket – Thailand)

Thailand - Phuket - Viewpoint - Promthep Cape (02) - The restaurant

The restaurant at Promthep Cape (Phuket – Thailand)

We could also see some of the little islands nearby. Looks like I just wanted to go there and explore lol!

I read somewhere that you could actually enjoy the sunset from this location, so if you want to enjoy it, put this in your last viewpoint during the day 😉

The windmill viewpoint

The name Windmill viewpoint is located quite near to the Promthep Cape, and you could also notice the windmill while you are at the Promthep Cape.

Thailand - Phuket - Viewpoint - Windmill (04)

The Windmill! (Phuket – Thailand)

It is easy to go there from the Promthep, as we just followed the road, and passing a small beach, called Ya Nui beach, then the windmill viewpoint is nearby.

Thailand - Phuket - Viewpoint - Windmill (03)

Para-glide at the Windmill viewpoint (Phuket – Thailand)

Thailand - Phuket - Viewpoint - Windmill - A little island in front of Ya Nui beach

Ya Nui beach on the left – just beside the Windmill viewpoint (Phuket – Thailand)

Apparently this place is also used by people who wants to do the paragliding, where they started from the slope of the hill, then jump! Looks fun! 🙂

Karon viewpoint

Karon viewpoint is the last viewpoint that we visited that day before we drove back to Patong.

It has such a beautiful view as we could get not only one beach, but three beaches at the same time as all of them located side by side ;-). These three beaches are Kata Noi Beach, Kata Beach, and Karon Beach.

Thailand - Phuket - Viewpoint - Karon or Kata viewpoint (01)

Kata Noi Beach (left), Kata Beach, and Karon Beach view from the Karon Viewpoint (Phuket – Thailand)

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