Visiting Taronga Zoo in Sydney

Australia trip - Sydney - Taronga Zoo - The ferry

Taking ferry to Taronga Zoo – Sydney from Circular Quay

Taronga Zoo, which is located in Sydney, is one of the famous zoos in Australia. That’s why we visited this zoo on our third day in Sydney during our Australia trip in January 2013.

There are a few alternatives to go here, from driving a car, bus, or even ferry. For us, we chose the latter as the (public) ferry ticket is already included in MyMulti1 Ticket. Then again, going there by ferry is more interesting as we could get many great views from the ferry, from (again) the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House from a different angle 😉

Australia trip - Sydney - Taronga Zoo - Sky Safari

Sky Safari (cable car) in Taronga Zoo, Sydney

Once we came near the Taronga Zoo pier, we already could see the Sky Safari (cable car) that could bring you to the top level of the hill. I think the visitors have two options, whether you want to start from below and walk your way to the up then use the Sky Safari to go down, or the other way around. Is this correct? We didn’t do either of them! Lol! We used the bus to the top, and then walked our way down to the pier haha …

We didn’t really explore the zoo, but I really enjoyed being in Taronga Zoo. Perhaps the weather had an important role too during our visit there. The weather was cool, and the view was beautiful with blue sky! The zoo is like located on a hill, so we could see the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House (again! Haha) from the zoo, and there’s a small beach too near the pier.

Australia trip - Sydney - Taronga Zoo - Main Entrance Plaza

The Main Entrance Plaza in Taronga Zoo, Sydney

Australia trip - Sydney - Taronga Zoo (2)

Taronga Zoo

Australia trip - Sydney - Taronga Zoo - The view of the city

The view of city from Taronga Zoo, Sydney

Australia trip - Sydney - Taronga Zoo - The small beach near the pier

The small beach near Taronga Zoo pier, Sydney

Taronga Zoo is divided into several parts, from Australian walkabout, Dinosaur Lawns, Orangutan walk, Rainforest trail, and so on. They also has some shows, where one of them is the Sea Lion show which we watched. One thing that is interesting was that they have the Keeper Talk. The keeper here is the zoo staff that will share the information about the animal. They have the gorilla keeper talk, Tasmanian devil, giraffe, penguin and so on.

Australia trip - Sydney - Taronga Zoo - Emu

The emu in Taronga Zoo, Sydney

Australia trip - Sydney - Taronga Zoo - The gorilla

The gorillas in Taronga zoo, Sydney

Australia trip - Sydney - Taronga Zoo - Sea Lion show

The Sea Lion show in Taronga Zoo, Sydney

Australia trip - Sydney - Taronga Zoo - Penguins Keeper talk

Those are actually penguins! 😀 – in Taronga zoo, Sydney

Did you know that Taronga Zoo released dinosaurs inside the zoo during our visit? :o)) Haha … No, Taronga Zoo hasn’t changed into Jurassic Park, but they showcased their life-sized dinosaur collection and scattered them in the zoo. Even they took the baby dino from its mother and brought this baby around. Haha! But no need to be worried, the dinosaurs have gone extinct again on 3 February!

Australia trip - Sydney - Taronga Zoo - Dinosaur - Quetzalcoatlus

One of the dinosaur in Taronga Zoo, Sydney – Quetzalcoatlus

Australia trip - Sydney - Taronga Zoo - Dinosaur - Dilophosaurus

Dilophosaurus in Taronga Zoo, Sydney

Australia trip - Sydney - Taronga Zoo - Dinosaur - T-Rex and the baby

T-Rex Mom: Hey, where are you taking my baby?
Zoo staff: Relax, I’m introducing him to the visitors :))
(in Taronga zoo, Sydney)

Our visit was quite short, but this zoo is worth the visit, plus we got 15% discount voucher from the Sydney Official Tour Guide that we grabbed in the airport! Haha! So plan a visit to Taronga zoo with your family and friends! :)

More information about the zoo, please visit the Taronga Zoo Website

Download the Taronga Zoo Map.

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  1. A beach near a zoo, which is very rare.. 😉

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  2. Gerbang masuk kebun binatang unik seperti mau masuk museum. Dilihat dari atas pas terlihat kolam bagus sekali! :).

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    • Haha iya kayak museum ya, beda banget kayak pintu masuk kebun binatang lainnya :D. Trus emang enak juga jalan2 di sini, malah rasanya tuh lebih demen dengan tempatnya daripada binatangnya *oops* 😛

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  3. Tidak seperti Melbourne zoo, gersang dan binatangnya pada ngumpet siang hari.

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    • Walah, dikunjungi malah tidur ya hehe … Dulu ga sempet ke Melbourne zoo nieh …

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