What to expect in East of Lombok?

What to expect when visiting East of Lombok? Well, to be precise, it’s South East of Lombok?

Indonesia - Lombok - On the way to Tanjung Ringgit - Off road (2)

The road to Tanjung Ringgit

When browsing of ‘where to go’ in Lombok last year, I actually already saw the destination that is called Tanjung (cape) Ringgit; but haven’t got a chance to visit it until recently. Not only Tanjung Ringgit; there’s also another quite famous beach called Pantai Tangsi (or the famous name now is ‘Pantai Pink’ – Pink Beach) in the east. I didn’t really know whether they located close to each other or not, but what I do know is the road to go there is still not good, and the distance is really far, especially from the Senggigi (in the west side of Lombok).

I asked the driver that went with me to Gili Nanggu about this destination, and he said to me that it’s impossible to get there (Pink Beach) during rainy season, as the road is terrible. Therefore, another option to reach there is by boat.

Luckily on the day itself, the day was bright and no sign of rain.

It took myself and my friend, Shanti, quite a long time to reach there, around 2-3 hours, even by car. Beside the rocky road, the direction to that location is not clear so we needed to ask some people, until we found the direction sign to Pink Beach and … Tanjung Ringgit! So both locations are nearby! Wonderful!

We chose to visit Tanjung Ringgit first.

Indonesia - Lombok - Tanjung Ringgit - The blue ocean lurking behind the trees a

The blue ocean is lurking behind the trees

We parked the car in front of a old building (something like provincial government building). Even from that area, I could already see the blue ocean lurking behind the tree. So my friend and I started to walk, and excited of what we’re going to see there! Didn’t really know where to go, so from the ‘main road’ we turned to the right and walked down the hill … And a view of magnificent Tanjung Ringgit shown in front of us!

‘ This is amazing!! This is just like the Great Ocean Road in Australia!’ – I said it to my friend.

The magnificent cape with the blue ocean, a view of Sumbawa island in front of us, and a very hot day mixed into one here. I didn’t stop taking pictures of this great scenery, but we thought we should go further down to see the cape from a different side.

Indonesia - Lombok - Tanjung Ringgit - The great Cape of Ringgit with Pulau (island) Sumbawa in the background

The Magnificent Tanjung Ringgit with Pulau Sumbawa in the background

We went further down to other side, and looking at Tanjung Ringgit from one of the cape truly made me more amazed with what I saw. I then remembered of what other friend of mine said that there’s something like a ‘tattoo’ of Bali on one of the cape wall. And I thought, I looked straight at it from where I stood :o

We then looked at a small beach at the bottom of the cliff, and we talked to each other, if only we could go down there and enjoy the beach, it would be awesome haha!

Indonesia - Lombok - Tanjung Ringgit - Other view of the cape

Another view of Tanjung Ringgit

Indonesia - Lombok - Tanjung Ringgit - It's look like there's an image of Bali island at the cape

Do you think that’s a picture of Bali island on the wall of the cape? :D

I’ve been googling and reading about Tanjung Ringgit, and there are actually a few things to see there, such as the abandon cannon and some caves. We at that time didn’t really have the time to explore more, as it’s already pass the lunch time, and we haven’t eaten anything plus we needed to visit pink beach plus the travel time to go back … Never ending plus! Haha.

Indonesia - Lombok - Pantai Pink (beach) - The only food stall

The only food stall in Pantai Tangsi (Pantai Pink)

Pantai Tangsi, or  popularly known as Pantai Pink or Pink beach, is as I said earlier, apparently located near Ringgit cape. I finally understood why the previous driver said that it’s impossible to go there when the road is wet (after the rain). That’s because the road is still dirt and rock and we needed to drive down to the beach. Imagine when the road was slippery and we should drive up to the hill … ;)

Just like Tanjung Ringgit; Pink beach was not that crowded (even in Tanjung Ringgit, there were only 3 of us that visiting the place).

There’re already people that snorkeling, or enjoying the beach, but first thing to do for us was to eat!! There’s only one food stall there. The sellers are 2 old couples, and they only sold cup noodles, and drinks. So cup noodle then!

What fun in this place was there’re 2 puppies, and dogs here haha. They are so cute and shy, even when I approached them, they just ran away … Lol.

Indonesia - Lombok - Pantai Pink (beach) - The beach

Pantai Tangsi, or popularly known as Pantai Pink (Pink beach)

Indonesia - Lombok - Pantai Pink (beach) - The beach and some gilis in the background

The road to Tanjung Ringgit

I spoke to a guy there, who apparently manages the only villa in that area. The villa looks really nice up on a hill. He said that there are quite a few more gilis nearby. Yep, I could see a few gilis at the left side of the beach. Then he also said that he could take the guests to the ‘other’ pink beach by boat. There’s another Pink beach? :o

It seems that there are so many places to visit here in Lombok … Even I haven’t visited Pantai Surga (the translation is ‘Heaven beach’). It’s located before Pink Beach and Ringgit cape, but still through the same road … Well, there’s still next time!

Adios! ;)

Indonesia - Lombok - Pantai Pink (beach) - Panoramic view of Pantai Pink

The panoramic view of Pantai Tangsi

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Indonesia - Lombok - Tanjung (cape) Ringgit - Shanti Norita a-1

‘I’m the queen of the wooorrlllddddd’ – Shanti, my friend who travelled with me to Lombok ;)

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  1. Nice. When I visited I didn’t get over to that side except one day when I rode my motor-bike down part of the NE coast. It’s a bigger island than you think at first.

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        • Belum ada rencana dlm waktu dekat nih … Rinjani belum euy … Tp emang pengen banget mah ndaki Rinjani! :-)

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    • Trus abit itu buat tangga dr tebing ke bawah yg ada pantainya haha … Jd private beach deh :D

      Post a Reply
  2. Lah mbo, kan kita ke surga beach aka pink beach. Malah kita ga ke tangsi..seinget gw ya..

    Post a Reply
    • Ga lagiii … Tangsi itu pink beach, surga beach lokasinya sblm pink heheeee … Next visit lah itu wakakaakk

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  3. Fotonya cakep semua! Harusnya bisa menang Garuda photo contest ini Mot :D

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  4. loving the color of the sky and the sea.. :’)

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  5. Blue ocean and clear sky. What a great combination! And it looks calming too. Hope that I got to visit this place one day :)

    Post a Reply
    • Monggo Mas …

      Woow komplit dan kilat ya kemarin tour nya hehe … Eh itu masjid raya nya uda hampir jadi ya? :-)

      Waktu itu saya ke pantai pink nya via jalan darat, hehe, jalanannya masih rusak, tp emang wkt itu ombaknya juga lumayan kenceng sih …

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  6. Err all I know about Lombok only Gilis, but your post about east Lombok is crazy! Wish to visit here soon.
    The cliff is remembering me with Uluwatu in Bali.

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    • Yes ure right, the cliff looks like Uluwatu … Well let me know when u want to go there, as I want to visit this place again too ;-)

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