My introduction to Bukittinggi: A nasi goreng and a tower clock

Indonesia - Sumatera - Padang - Airport Minangkabau

The rain greets my arrival at Minangkabau International Airport, Padang – Sumatra

Who ever thought that I’m going to Sumatera Barat (West Sumatra)? I guess no one. Haha. But actually I did go there last year around April 2012.

I didn’t remember what triggered me to choose Sumatera Barat as the destination, but I guess it’s a mixture of a travel bug that just bit me that time + an ‘itchy’ feet + an input from my friend, Adhie Pamungkas who has blogged about his trip to Sumatera Barat.

At that time, usually I would travel mostly with my travel mate, Sinthya, but when I asked her to join my trip, she said that she’s been to Sumatera Barat before, and didn’t consider it at that moment. But I don’t know why, but I had to go somewhere, even without Sinthya … So then I decided to go to Sumatera Barat by myself.

By myself? Well, not entirely true, as I went to look Couchsurfing website and started browsing and hoping that there’s someone that could be my host during that time. I looked at a few profiles, but again, I didn’t know why, there’s a profile that kept popping in my mind. It’s Andy Sose. I started communicating with him and he agreed that I could stay at his house, also he would accompany me if he’s available. Phiew!

Indonesia - Sumatera - Bukittinggi - Baroena Waroeng Kupi & Mie Aceh - Nasi goreng

First dinner to taste in Bukittinggi – Nasi goreng Aceh ;)

Everything has set, myself and Andy have discussed the possible destinations to visit, and how to go there, but I haven’t decided yet, whether to rent a car or else?. For the place to stay, Andy offered me to stay at his place in Bukittinggi. That means, Bukittinggi will be my based for about 4 days.

According to the flight schedule, actually I should be in Padang around 1:30PM, but apparently there’s a delay for about 3 hours. That means, I arrived in Padang around 4:20PM, and I still needed to go to Bukittinggi which took around 2 hours! Haha … (I just found the e-ticket, and the original schedule was actually at 3:50PM, but then they moved the schedule ahead to 12:00PM … what a LOL!).

I already booked a seat by phone to Bukittinggi in a travel agent from the info that I got from Andy. Booking by phone is necessary to get cheaper price rather than just go show on the airport and find the transport to Bukittinggi.

Andy already waited for me at a Aceh coffee shop, called Baroena, in Bukittinggi, and it’s almost 8 o’clock when I finally reached there. Aaahhh … Finallyyyy … I arrived in Bukittinggi!! This Baroena coffee shop is Andy’s favourite place! It not only sells coffee, but also the famous Acehnese foods, including nasi goreng and mie Aceh (Acehnese fried rice and noddles) . Funny was my first food in Bukittinggi was nasi goreng Aceh haha. It was sooo nice after a two hours ride, and I always the cracker (emping), but anyway I always love nasi goreng, and nasi goreng Aceh is even better ;)

Indonesia - Sumatera - Bukittinggi - Jam Gadang

One of the place to hang out in Bukittinggi: Jam Gadang complex

From there, Andy said that we had still time to visit Jam Gadang, a big clock which is the landmark of Bukittinggi.

This big clock was built in 1926 in Dutch colonial as a gift from the queen to the controller of the city.

Indonesia - Sumatera - Bukittinggi - Jam Gadang (a closer look)

A closer look at the famous Jam Gadang in Bukittinggi

Interesting fact of the clock:

  • it’s top component has been changed three times. First a rooster was put on the top of the clock, then it was changed to a pagoda style in Japanese colonization, and the last one (which last until now) is the shape of the roof from Minangkabau traditional house
  • One of the materials in the mixture to make the structure is egg white
  • If you see one of the clocks in Jam Gadang (there are four clocks in each side), the number ’4′ doesn’t use the regular number to represent ’4′ (the normal one is ‘IV’), instead they use ‘IIII’. According to folklore, this is to represent the four workers who died during the construction of this clock tower.

During the evening, there were many street vendors around Jam Gadang area. They sold many things, from toys to souvenirs. And of course, there were also many people who didn’t want to miss a chance to take photos with Jam Gadang as the background … Like I did ;-)

That night was a very short introduction to Bukittinggi, and I just couldn’t wait for tomorrow :)

More info:

Travel from Padang to Bukittinggi:

Armada Travel
Bandara International Minangkabau
Contact person: Dedet
Handphone: (62)852 714 77 576, (62)853 750 97 555

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Author: Timothy Wirjo Pawiro

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  1. Tim, nasigoreng Aceh ada bedanya ga dg nasi goreng pada umumnya?. Motret malam hari hasilnya juga keren ya :wink: .

    Post a Reply
    • Nasgor Aceh rasanya yg beda, yg bikin enak ;) … Hayoo penasaran kan :-P

      Itu untung ga gelap2 banget sieh di situ, ada penerangannya di sekitar jam Gadang :-)

      Post a Reply
  2. Jam gadang nggak cuma bagus di siang hari aja yah…ternyata malam hari keren difoto juga :-)
    Ditunggu lanjutan ceritanya Tim ;-)

    Post a Reply
  3. Funny was my first food in Bukittinggi was nasi goreng Aceh haha <- Terus kalau besok-besok ke Aceh, makannya nasi padang ya.. :p

    Post a Reply
  4. onde mande, makan nasgor Aceh di Bukittinggi, hahaha! tapi seru nih! ^^

    Post a Reply
    • Ga euy … Ngarai Sianok jg cuma foto2 sebentar trus lanjut :-P

      Udah pernah ke sana toh? :-)

      Post a Reply
  5. Did you go to Ngarai Sianok and Pagaruyung or Silinduang Bulan as well?

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  6. Never been to Bukittinggi. Heard that it is cold there is it? Must be really nice to eat hot nasi goreng during rainy and cold days. :)

    Post a Reply
  7. dua kali ke Bukit tinggi tapi ga pernah bosen…. suasanan malam dan dinginnya . rasa lapar tertuntaskan wisata kuliner yang mankyus

    Post a Reply
  8. Jadwal penerbangan yang tertunda sampai 3 jam itu memang mengancam susunan jadwal. EH itu pas booking travel ke Bukittinggi nggak terikat dengan jam keberangkatan travelnya kah? kan pesawatnya telat?

    Post a Reply
    • Haha … Iya, yg rencanya sore bisa ke mana2, tapi ternyata … :o

      Kemaren sieh booking2 aja, nti pas delay tinggal kabarin aja, jd ga tlalu mengikat. Itu semacam mobil travel yg 1 mobil bisa isinya 6-7 orang kok :)

      Post a Reply
      • Hmmm, berarti setiap saat ada jadwal travel Padang – Bukittinggi ya? Apa waktu itu memang masih kebagian jadwal travel di hari itu.

        Post a Reply
        • Sptnya wkt itu ga pake jadwal2an deh … Kl ga salah inget, dulu cuma ksh tau jadwal kedatangan aja … Berarti mestinya dia ada armada byk .. Yg penting penuh baru brgkt :-D

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