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The Hotel Lisboa of Macau

My stay in Macau was at Grand Lisboa. My friends and I only checked the photos of the hotel from the internet, and this was our first stay here. We didn’t expect anything on this hotel, we just expected that Grand Lisboa is just another hotel … Which was wrong actually … Well at least for me πŸ˜‰

Macau trip - Grand Lisboa - Lobby

Grand Lisboa, Macau – The reception

Macau trip - Grand Lisboa - Big marble table in the lobby area

Grand Lisboa, Macau – Marble furniture

The reception of the hotel was at the second floor, Β if you consider the ground floor as the first floor.

It has a big crystal chandelier lamp, big marble table and furniture like any other hotels, and even the lobby was just like any other hotels. They also have a space for us to put the luggage when the rooms were not ready yet and we wanted to explore Macau during the day.

We didn’t enter the room until we got back in the afternoon.

After we got our luggage, we were escorted to our rooms.

First was the room for the ladies πŸ˜‰

When we opened the room, we were just ‘Whoaaa …’ (well we did that after the hotel staff exited from the room! Hahaha).

The room was really wide!

And double bed is attached with the canopy and big thick curtain, and there were many pillows on the bed! Lol.

Then, it’s time we opened my room and Yudhi …

And whoaaa … It’s even nicer …

It’s a twin bed room, and each bed has its own canopy curtains.

Macau trip - Grand Lisboa - The twin bed

Grand Lisboa, Macau – The twin bed

The room was so wide that there were enough sofa in front of the TV, which is hidden inside the cupboard; and also there’s a work desk.

Below the TV was the fridge with free drinks inside. Many drinks! Mineral water, sparkling water, soft drinks, and many more.

Macau trip - Grand Lisboa - The work desk and the TV inside the cupboard

Grand Lisboa, Macau – Work desk and the TV inside the cupboard

What about the bathroom??

The bathroom is even more surprising!

It has a smart bathtub! You can set from which part of the bathtub that the water would come. From above, beside the bathtub to fill it in, from the side where you can sit in front of it ~~ so it’s just like a massage. There’s a radio too and foot massage.

You need to get used to it first before you start. Luckily Yudhi was the first one who tried the bathtub and he had learned how to use it, so I just had a quick 101 learning method on how to use it. It’s actually really fun to try everything (although you alreay knew which button for which one haha!).

Macau trip - Grand Lisboa - The bathroom with the smart bathtub

Grand Lisboa, Macau – The bathroom with the smart bathtub

Next impressive things were the soap, shampoo, and conditioner were from Hermes Paris!

Anyway, we just stayed in Grand Lisboa for one night, so I had enough time to play around with the smart bathtub!

So is this the kind of hotel that you like?

What style do you like?

Let me know … πŸ™‚

Grand Lisboa also has a swimming pool and fitness centre, but we didn’t have a chance to use it!

They also provide shuttle bus service, like the one we used from the airport to the hotel, and from Venetian Macao to the hotel.

The location of the hotel is very strategic, close to historical centre and other casinos.

The casino in Grand Lisboa opens 24 hours.

You could book a room through email or phoneΒ or using Agoda just like we did.

Mixed Up Already

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  • Kania

    keren hotelnya!

  • Killer Queen

    nginep di hotel ini? wow keren banget, gw suka yg vintage-vintage

    • timothywpawiro

      Hahaha … iya keren kamarnya … Seru deh pas ngeliat kamarnya … kami aja ga nyangka ampe ketawa2 ga jelas haha πŸ˜€

  • LonelyTravelog

    Pretty grand indeed. How much did you pay for a night?

    • timothywpawiro

      Yes, it is grand haha! πŸ˜€

      The price is around USD100/night.

  • Lramadhania

    I Want to go there again!!! the best hotel I’ve ever had so far πŸ˜€

    • timothywpawiro

      Hahaa .. We should also try the pool then next time πŸ˜€

  • febryfawzi

    finally I could see the inside!

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