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Indonesia - Lombok - Kuta - Hammerhead Hotel - The bottle collections
The bottle collection

Every time I visited Lombok, I tried to visit southern of Lombok, mainly because of the exotic beach; also because it’s close to the airport. I also want to stay in Kuta area, just because I want to experience staying in that area 😀

So when I chose to book a room at Hammerhead Hotel, that’s because of the photos 😉 and either I didn’t really take a look at the location or I just felt that it’s close to the beach. I was quite disappointed that it actually is not near the beach.

But my disappointment didn’t last long as I started enjoying the hotel … 😉

Indonesia - Lombok - Kuta - Hammerhead Hotel
Inside Hammerhead Hotel

First … The Hammerhead Hotel ‘s owner told us that he has upgraded our room to Deluxe room! Nice! 

It’s located in front of the swimming pool and the dining area. 
The room was not that big, but it’s okay, but the bathroom is quite big haha.

I didn’t remember the difference between the standard and deluxe room, but I like our room! Simple and clean 😉

Indonesia - Lombok - Kuta - Hammerhead Hotel - The rooms
The rooms
Indonesia - Lombok - Kuta - Hammerhead Hotel - The room
The bedroom
Indonesia - Lombok - Kuta - Hammerhead Hotel - Bathroom
The bathroom

Second … It has cable-TV! Haha … It seems that after a week without cable-TV, I was so excited when I realized that it has Star World channel lol.

Third … It’s a 5-minute walk to the nearby cafe, and warung (Coffee House, or Gecko cafe). And if you ride a motorcycle, it would take around 10-15 minutes to reach Kuta beach area. This area is a safe area, as I went back to the hotel from the cafe area around 11-12PM. 

Four … The hospitality of the staffs and Ibu Sri. Who is Ibu Sri? Lol … She’s the mother-in-law of the Hammerhead Hotel ‘s owner, and she cooked really well! She told me that sometimes even the guests asked her to teach them to cook the dishes. We think she needs to open a cooking class inside Hammerhead Hotel too! 🙂

Indonesia - Lombok - Kuta - Hammerhead Hotel - The dining area
The dining area

And the food made by Ibu Sri makes it the number Five!

We were very lucky to taste two homemade food of Ibu Sri. One is the fried rice wrapped inside a fried egg. I called this nasi goreng Pattaya although there’s no sauce on top of the egg. Like this food, and love the cracker too!

But my favourite is the second dinner that we had. I didn’t remember the name, but it’s like a tofu curry soup with fried egg on top of it. I looooooveee the curry soup. It’s light version of curry 😉 And I finished the soup!

I love the dishes, and I like how Ibu Sri arranged the food. 

Indonesia - Lombok - Kuta - Hammerhead Hotel - Dinner - Pattaya Fried rice (left) & Tofu curry soup
The Pattaya fried rice (left) and the tofu curry soup

If you looked the front side of Hammerhead Hotel  you will think this hotel is quite small (and yes I didn’t remember to take photo of the front side of the hotel). It’s not really small, as they also have rooms in the second floor, and soon they will open their spa service for the guests.

They also have a small swimming pool at the back of the hotel. Sometimes, a diving course use this pool to practice (this hotel is corporate with a diving course in Coffee House).

And sometimes, after a full day at the beach, I needed a time-off from the hotel, and I really like this hotel 😉

Indonesia - Lombok - Kuta - Hammerhead Hotel - The swimmingpool
The swimmingpool

If you want to book a room at Hammerhead Hotel, please click here. And don’t forget to say Hi to Ibu Sri from me 😉

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