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Australia trip - Sydney - Sydney Harbor - Approaching Sydney opera house

Sydney Opera House!

Going to Sydney for the first time without going inside the Sydney Opera House for me is just like not going to Sydney at all lol!

So we dedicated our second day in Sydney to be just in Sydney Opera House and nearby. And luckily our plan was right as it was raining in Sydney. So we stayed in indoor most of the time! 🙂

Not only we planned to be inside of Sydney Opera House, we also planned to watch the show in it! We’ve checked the event at that time and there were two shows that got our attention. Those were Blaze and La Soirée!

Australia trip - Sydney - Sydney Opera House - Welcome!


Blaze is a show of dance performance, while La Soirée is like a cabaret, circus, and burlesque show!

Blaze was being held in the Concert Hall of Sydney Opera House, while La Soirée is at the Studio, which is a smaller venue, but more intimate!

The affordable ticket (but still quite expensive, can’t remember the exact price) for Blaze was for the seat at the last section of the Concert Hall, while we got the promo of the Summer Tix for just $25, which was standing ticket, to watch La Soirée!

From this check list, La Soirée was the winner! So we bought the ticket for the 7PM show!

So what did we do in this opera house? We booked the Sydney Opera House tour!

We didn’t book online for the ticket, but we got a discount voucher from the Sydney official guide book that we took at the airport. I think the discount was 10%. Nice? Yes! 🙂

Again, our timing was right! When we bought the ticket, the staff said that she could get us a slot in 1:45PM if we went to the meeting point right away. And yeah absolutely!

The tour was short, only one hour, but the tour was really enlightening!

You shouldn’t be worried that you can’t hear the voice of the tour guide as they distributed headset for each of the tour participants 🙂

The tour was going to inside the Sydney Opera House, and also outside the opera house to see the scenery where we could see the Sydney Harbour Bridge again! 😀

We got a chance to enter 3 venues inside the Sydney Opera House. The Playhouse, The Studio, and The Concert Hall.

Australia trip - Sydney - Sydney Opera House - The tour guide!

The Sydney Opera House tour guide!

Australia trip - Sydney - Sydney Opera House - Entering the Studio

Entering the Studio!

Australia trip - Sydney - Sydney Opera House - The Red Carpet!

This carpet is so RED!

One interesting fact about one of the venues was the storage room for the properties. As this venue was considered quite small compares to other, it didn’t have big space at the side of the stage. The solution is to made the storage room above of the stage!

There were many artists that started their career from Sydney Opera House, such as Cate Blanchett, Geoffrey Rush, Hugh Jackman, Russel Crowe, and Nicole Kidman. In fact, there’s one artist that worked as an usher in one of the venues 😉

Other interesting thing about the tour was the story behind the  house itself, which is located in Bennelong Point.

Australia trip - Sydney - Sydney Opera House - The structure of the shell

The structure of the shells from Sydney Opera House

The design of Sydney Opera House was actually a result from an international design competition. Australia, especially Sydney, needed a place to hold large performances, as the usual place at that time was not large enough to accommodate large show.

There were plenty of designs from around the world, but surprisingly they chose the design from Jørn Utzon who was a Danish architect. His design actually didn’t make the shortlist of the final design. One of the judges didn’t quite impress with the finalist designs, so he looked at the rejected one. Utzon’s design involved many ‘shells’ for the building structures.

Many difficulties happened during the construction of the opera house from building the structures of the shells until the resignation of Utzon after a change in the government.

I was really impressed with the structures of the shells, it looks solid! I could imagine the hardship they endured during the construction of this in that era, and also the choosing of materials for the buildings. For example is the tile that they use as the roof at the shells. If I’m not mistaken, they only cleansed the roof only once since the opening of this opera house.

So don’t miss a chance to do the Sydney Opera House tour when you visit the opera house! 🙂

Australia trip - Sydney - Sydney Opera House - The tile on the roof

The tile on the roof of Sydney Opera House

Australia trip - Sydney - Sydney Opera House - The ceiling

The ceiling of Sydney Opera House

If you want to know more about the house history, you can visit here.

To book a Sydney Opera House tour, you can go here.

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