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The exotic south beach of Lombok …

Indonesia - Lombok - Pantai (beach) Mawun - The right side of the beach
Indonesia - Lombok - A view of Pantai Kuta from the hill

The view of Pantai Kuta from a hill

South beach of Lombok is officially part of Central Lombok, so although the place is in the south of Lombok, it’s still part of Central Lombok.

The beach in south Lombok (I think) is less popular than Senggigi beach. That’s because merely of the location and the availability of the accommodation in that area. People usually stayed in Senggigi as it’s the centre of the crowd, or just want to stay there before heading to Gili Trawangan, Senaru, or other places. Senggigi beach also has many accommodations. While in the south beach of Lombok, there are only a few big hotels, where one of them is Novotel Lombok, and also some guest houses. I can’t say anything about the night life in this area, as I only stayed for one night and was inside of the hotel for the night.

Although south beach of Lombok is less popular; it’s actually quite popular as the surfing destination … Some of the surfers will go to this area to surf.

I also could say that the beach here is quite exotic, with its reef and hills beside it. Other interesting thing is the sand in some of the beach. It’s like grains of pepper 😉

Pantai Putri Nyale

Indonesia - Lombok - Pantai Putri Nyale (Novotel Lombok) during low tide

Pantai Putri Nyale (Novotel Lombok) during the low tide


This beach is located in Novotel Lombok area. From the address of Novotel Lombok, it said that the name is Pantai Putri Nyale, but some of the  people that I asked, called this beach as Pantai Senek (or perhaps Seneg?).

As I stayed here for one night, I had the chance to see the beach during the low tide and high tide … even during the sunset 😉 The staff told me to climb the hill on the left side of the beach to get prettier pictures of the sunset (but I didn’t get a chance to see this ;o) ).

Indonesia - Lombok - Pantai Putri Nyale (Novotel Lombok) - In the morning

Pantai Putri Nyale (Novotel Lombok) in the morning

Indonesia - Lombok - Pantai Putri Nyale (Novotel Lombok) - Watching the sunset

Watching the sunset from Pantai Putri Nyale, Lombok – Indonesia

Pantai Seger

Indonesia - Lombok - Pantai Seger

Pantai Seger in Lombok, Indonesia

This beach is located on the left side of Novotel area, and it’s just a walk away through a broken bridge 🙂

A walk away means a little climb of the small hill and a 5 minute walk to the beach lol 😉

Lombok trip - South beach of Lombok - The bridge to Pantai Putri Nyale (Novotel Lombok)

The bridge to Pantai Putri Nyale (Novotel Lombok)

It has some warung near the beach, so it’s nice if you want to take shelter from the heat of the sun.

Lombok trip - South beach of Lombok - Pantai Seger

The reef in the ocean – Pantai Seger, Lombok

This is also one of the popular south beaches among surfer. I saw a few surfers doing their action on the sea. One of the surfers that I saw in the warung said to his friend that his knee hit the reef while surfing … Ouch! It must be hurt! He also explained to other surfers saying that if he wants to surf, he should surf in this area, and so on … Not really following his conversation with other fellow surfers though. But I could see that there’s a reef on the ocean near the beach, so I think probably in that area the reef is close to the surface?

Actually there’s another beach that we saw when we walked to Pantai Seger. This beach is located after we crossed the broken bridge, but before the Pantai Seger. I thought this one is different with Pantai Seger, but after I did some research about this beach, apparently this part is also called Pantai Seger 😉

Indonesia - Lombok - Pantai Seger - Part of the beach that is hidden behind a hill

Part of Pantai Seger that is hidden behind the hill

Tanjung A’an (Tanjung Aan)

Lombok trip - South beach of Lombok - Tanjung A'an (Aan) - The beach on the left

The beach on the left of Tanjung A’an (Lombok)

Lombok trip - South beach of Lombok - Tanjung A'an (Aan) - The entrance of the water

The entrance of the water from the ocean – Tanjung A’an (Lombok)

The beach is protected by two hills (left and right) that are jutting out into the water which makes something like an entrance for the ocean to enter this Tanjung Aan. While the beach itself is divided into two area by a small hill in the middle.

I think, from what I heard, Tanjung A’an (and also Pantai Kuta – yes, the name is the same with Kuta Bali) is a quite popular beach in south Lombok. When I entered this area, the parking space has already filled with a couple of tourist buses.

I haven’t visited Pantai Kuta of Lombok, so couldn’t compare the two; but it seems that there are some water sport activities too in Tanjung A’an (correct me if I’m wrong).

This area also has plenty of warung makan, that mostly sell grill fish, and it looks yummy!

Lombok trip - South beach of Lombok - Tanjung A'an (Aan) - The beach on the right

The beach on the right of Tanjung A’an (Lombok)

Lombok trip - South beach of Lombok - Tanjung A'an (Aan) - The beach on the right (1)

The beach on the right of Tanjung A’an (Lombok)

Recently, early of June 2013, I visited Lombok again, and I already set the plan in my mind to visit the south beach of Lombok again, as there are quite a few that I haven’t visited yet. I rented a car for a day so it’s easier for us to move from one beach to another one 😉

This time, I visited another 3 of the beaches, and I decided to jump into the water in 2 of the beaches.

Pantai Seger

Indonesia - Lombok - Pantai (beach) Seger

The huts on Pantai Seger – Lombok, Indonesia

Indonesia - Lombok - Pantai (beach) Seger - Right side of the beach

The right side of Pantai Seger in Lombok Indonesia

What again? Well that’s what I thought at the first time, when our guide drove us there.

After we entered through a gate, then I realize that this was a different ‘Seger’ than before. And our guide confirmed that. He said, the one that I have visited is next (or perhaps near) to this one.

Once I stepped into the beach, I was so mesmerized with the beach! The sand was soooooo white, and the water on the beach was so calm. I guess because there’s a line of coral and big stone quite far from the beach that becomes the barrier from the ocean wave.

Actually from the beach to the line of coral and the big stone was not that deep, as I could see some of the fishermen walked there and stood around the big stone to catch the fish.

Indonesia - Lombok - Pantai (beach) Seger - Fishermen

Fishermen in Pantai Seger, Lombok – Indonesia

My mind was shouting to me, ‘go, jump to the water now!’, and without hesitation I took of my clothes (nt skinny dipping! Lol) and jumped to the water. The water was soooo warm (it’s in the morning and the sun was ‘behind’ the beach) and so nice. I could just sit there and relax for quite a long time, but well I needed to go out from the water and explore more of this beach.

On the right side of the beach, there are still many coral on the beach beside the hill. If you continue to walk further alongside and to the end of the hill, you could see another beach behind that hill.

Indonesia - Lombok - Pantai (beach) Seger - The white sand

The white sand in Pantai Seger, Lombok – Indonesia

So okay from now on Pantai Seger becomes my favourite beach!

The next two beaches are located quite far from Kute area, and it’s about 30 minutes drive from Kute.

Pantai Mawun

Indonesia - Lombok - Pantai (beach) Mawun - Panorama

Panorama picture of Pantai Mawun in Lombok, Indonesia

Indonesia - Lombok - Pantai (beach) Mawun - The left side of the beach

The left side of Pantai Mawun in Lombok, Indonesia

Pantai Mawun is my friend’s favourite beach, but not my favourite haha. Well I guess it’s really subjective.

Nevertheless, I could see many of people visiting this beach, from local to foreigners. This beach is a good place to do sunbathing as the area of the sand is quite long, so you can roll out your towel anywhere, start lie on it, and not to worry that someone will invade your area haha.

The wave was quite strong to the centre of the beach as there’s no barrier like in Pantai Seger, but I guess not really strong to the right side of the beach.

Pantai Mawun is quite similar to Tanjung A’an where the shape of the area is like promontory (or cape).

Indonesia - Lombok - Pantai (beach) Mawun - sunbathing on the beach

Sunbathing in Pantai Mawun, Lombok – Indonesia

Indonesia - Lombok - Pantai (beach) Mawun - A green field behind the beach

The green field behind Pantai Mawun in Lombok, Indonesia

Pantai Selong Belanak

Indonesia - Lombok - Pantai (beach) Selong Belanak - The fishermen boats

The fishermen boat in pantai Selong Belanak, Lombok – Indonesia

Pantai Selong Belanak is quite popular among tourists, and there’s a ‘famous’ accommodation nearby. As far as I could see, I only saw one accommodation here.

I heard that this place is good for sunset, as the beach is facing the sun, so that’s why we set Pantai Selong Belanak as our last beach of the day.

This beach is quite similar to Pantai Mawun, where it has the ‘opening’ to the sea; but Selong Belanak is much much more beautiful! With a very long line of the beach, and a view of hills in front of us; these make Selong Belanak as a good stop for sunset.

Besides visitors, actually there are many fishermen come and go from Selong Belanak. I could see a fisherman just reached the shore from the sea with some of fish in it.

So this was it. Our last beach of the day, and I didn’t want to miss the chance not to enjoy the beach and the wave! Woohoo!

Indonesia - Lombok - Pantai (beach) Selong Belanak - sunset

Sunset in pantai Selong Belanak – Lombok, Indonesia

Along the way to Pantai Mawun, and Selong Belanak, actually our guide said that there are a few more beach there, such as Mawi, and so on. So perhaps … This post will be extended again in the future haha!

Enjoy the beach!! 🙂

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