Bringing back my memory of Singapore ..

Singapore memory - Marina Bay Sands - 2009 - When it's still being constructed

2009 – Marina Bay Sands (on the right side) when it’s still being constructed

Hi all!

I found this contest from velvet escape website, which is about 3 Things in the City I love contest, so this is my submission for the ’3 Things in the City I Love’ contest by Velvet Escape, Traveldudes and

Basically what I need to write about my favourite city is why I love this city; then I also need to write about three things to do/see in this city.

Perhaps some of you have known that I lived in Singapore for 1.5 years from 2009 – 2010, well I lived there for study, but then I fall in love with this city! So, I choose Singapore as my favourite city.

In the past, I have visited this city quite a few times, but visiting and living there is different.

Singapore memory - Takashimaya Shopping Centre - 2011 - Mooncake Festival

2011 – Mooncake Festival in Takashimaya Shopping Centre

Okay, I haven’t answered the ‘Why I love this city’ part.

It’s actually very easy … They have good transportation system, and Singapore is a city with many cultures blend into one city. Even the majority of Singapore comes from different races: Chinese, Indian, and Malay. Then, I consider the city is very safe. I like to stroll in 2PM after watching midnight show.

What’s so good about their transportation system?

First, you practically don’t need a car in Singapore. Just use the MRT, bus, and taxi.
Second, the transportation system covers most of the area of Singapore or perhaps, already covers all of Singapore. So again, for me, I like this. Using public transportation is very flexible, sometimes I used the bus, but sometimes I would use the MRT (on the same route).

So what’s about the culture?

Singapore memory - Civil Defense Heritage Gallery

2011 – Looking at Civil Defense Heritage Gallery when I was wandering around the Hill Street

I come from a multi-cultural family. So I am already familiar with multi-cultural things. The good thing about this is the food! I like eating, well who don’t! 😀

So here are the 3 things you should do/see when visiting Singapore …

Try the food lah!

You could find food from around the world here. For me I like Indian food, and Mediterranean food.

There are plenty of Indian restaurant in Singapore with reasonable price. I’ve tried North Indian food, and South Indian food. It’s easier if you just go to Little India area 🙂 Usually for Indian restaurant, my friend always brought me to Anjappar ‘Authentic Chettinad Restaurant’ beside Mustafa Centre – the 24 hours shopping centre. The food is really nice there 😉

One more thing and the most important thing is, I could find mutton easily here haha. Not only in Indian restaurant, even in Malay restaurant, I chose mutton rendang, rather than beef. Oh by the way … My campus was in Orchard road, and there’s a Malay restaurant near Orchard road, which is my favourite place. It’s called Warung Makan Nasir, in Killiney road. Along the Killiney road, you could find plenty of restaurant, such as French bakery, the famous Killiney Kopitiam, Warung Makan Nasir, The Orange Lantern – a Vietnam restaurant, an Indian restaurant, Suanthai restaurant – Thai, Japanese, Wonton noodle, and many more!! Haha …

Other favourite eating place of mine would be Spize, a Malay and Western restaurant which opens until dawn, Kebab Shiraz in Clarke Quay, and Botak Jones in Somerset.

Even in here, you could find Indonesian food easily! My favourite Indonesian eating places would be Es Teler 77 in Cineleisure, and Ayam Penyet President in Lucky Plaza. Both are in Orchard road. Ayam Penyet President has the spiciest and nicest chili in Singapore! 😀

See the culture!

Singapore memory - Little India - 2010 - Thaipusam

2010 – Thaipusam Festival in Little India

One of the cultural festival that I saw when I was there, was an Indian cultural festival. It happens around early February, and it’s called Thaipusam! It’s a Hindu festival and mostly celebrated by Tamil community. It’s a festival where the people is walking from one point to another; where some of them will pierce their flesh with a vel skewers, and carry something, which they call it kavadi or a burden. This is where the bearers of the burden asking for God help.
Singapore memory - Little India - 2010 - Thaipusam

There is other cultural festival that happens in Singapore, like of course the Chinese New Year festival 🙂

Explore the city!

Singapore memory - Universal Studio Singapore - Ancient Egypt ZoneSingapore has a lot to offers in term of activities. If you want to test your bravery, why don’t you try the human sling shot in Clarke Quay, or Battlestar Galactica ride in Universal Studios at Resort World Sentosa.

There’s a funny thing when my family and I went there. We tried the Battlestar Galactica ride for the first time. There are two kinds of the ride: Human and Cylon. So we just went straight to the queue line. I was sure, that this line was for the easier one.
When it’s our turn, we just sit on the ride, and our legs were hanging in the air … Then the ride started … Wooshhh!!!

The ride went up and down, left to right … without any mercy!! 😀

Singapore memory - Universal Studio Singapore - Battlestar Galactica

2011 – The first experience of Battlestar Galactica in Universal Studios Singapore

After we finished the ride, our legs were shaking! Goodness, the ride was awesome!!

We went outside the venue, and saw the other ride of Battlestar Galactica. In this ride, your leg are not hanging, because there’s a platform there … And we looked at each other, and said: ‘Oh my God, we chose the wrong ride!!! We should choose the Human instead of Cylon (!@)*)!*&#(!^@(!’

Singapore memory - Singapore zoo

2011 – Visiting the Singapore Zoo

If like to see the animals, Singapore has its own zoo … There are Singapore zoo, Night Safari, Jurong Birdpark. Don’t forget the Underwater World Singapore too :).

This September 2012, I’m planning to visit Singapore again, for the F1 Night Race and the Maroon 5 concert. I didn’t have a chance to see the F1 Night Race during my stay there, so I’m excited to see one. Probably I will also visit the new attraction in Singapore >> Gardens By the Bay near the Bayfront MRT station.

Aah, there’s one more … There are many concerts, music performance, and any other performance in Singapore. I watched this Indonesian band, Homogenic, performed in the Esplanade area – On The Waterfront. To be honest, this was the first time I watched them alive 😛

Singapore memory - Changi Airport Singapore - Butterfly Garden

2011 – Butterfly Garden in Changi Airport

So there you go …

Why I love Singapore, and why I’m dreaming to live there again 😀

Thanks for Velvet Escape, Traveldudes and for letting me bring back my memories of Singapore 😉

See you in Singapore! And as yesterday is 9 August 2012, so Happy belated birthday, Singapore!! 🙂

Singapore memory - Little India - 2010 - Me

2010 – Me … watching the Thaipusam Festival in Little India

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