Simplicity and coffee at MIMITI Bandung

MIMITI Bandung – the real name is MIMITI Coffee & Space, has become a popular spot for coffee lover lately. I only looked at the photos briefly before I finally went to visit the place. I was curious to see why people coming to this place. Is it good? Does it have a good-looking barista? Or other reason?

MIMITI is actually a Sundanese word, which means ‘the beginning’. The beginning of what? Just take a guess then 🙂

Where is MIMITI Bandung located?

For me to visit MIMITI Bandung needs to have a really good intention. I live in Jalan Soekarno-Hatta, while MIMITI Bandung is located in Setiabudi area. The distance is about 13 km, and according to Google Maps, it can take for up to 50 minutes. I believe it can take more time on the street, especially during rush hour or weekend. If you are still confused on the exact location, then just head to Rumah Mode in Setiabudi, turn to Jalan Karangsari, and MIMITI Bandung is at that corner on the left.

What’s my first impression?

Well, I asked my friend to go there first, and find a place for us there, just in case it’s crowded. Then he called me and said that he’s not interested on sitting there. The indoor is small, and there’s nothing on the outdoor too. And I said … ‘Wait, what?! You gotta be kidding me!’

When I finally reached the place and entered the parking space, I thought the coffee shop is inside the vintage-looking house. But I was wrong. MIMITI Bandung is at the open space just on the left of the house. I looked at the place, and I totally love the place! Now I know that I have a different taste with my friend haha!


Well, this is my ride to MIMITI Bandung … Not! Look for this vintage Japanese taxi, then you will see the entrance to MIMITI




Minimalist decoration using the fountains on the outdoor area

The area has more outdoor space then the indoor, that’s why the name is Coffee & Space, so it can give you more space for you and your friends — well I made this up! Meanwhile, the coffee bar, the cashier, and the toilet is inside a small indoor building at one of the corners. There is also a distro outlet inside the small building.

The place is very minimalist and no special decorations or unique design. It only uses industrial design with concrete wall. The menu is minimalist too. The menu only consists of coffee and tea. How about if you feel hungry? Well, they have a few selections of pastry, such as the apple crumble pie, and cinnamon roll. I chose the latter to accompany my coffee.


Order here, please! 🙂


Minimalist menu 😉


Ice coffee and cinnamon roll for me 🙂

Even though, the outdoor space is quite spacious, but there are not so many tables. There are only 2 communal tables and up to 5 regular tables, so it won’t be too cramped. — hence I was right … to give you some space haha!


Two big communal tables for you and your friends 🙂

Any other special things at the coffee shop?

There is no other thing beside you, your friends, the coffee, and the pastry. And that what makes MIMITI Bandung special. The simplicity.

For me, I prefer to sit at the outdoor, especially when the day is already cool, or in the afternoon or after.


More outdoor space than indoor at MIMITI Bandung. Sit outdoor in the afternoon, so it’s cooler 🙂

Is it a nice working environment too?

Well, I didn’t come here to work, but I saw a couple of persons with their laptops opened. I also didn’t check whether there’s an electric socket outside — seems no — or Wi-Fi. Do let me know in the comment form below, ya 🙂 . But as the outdoor only has minimal lighting – some hanging lamp, not sure I will work on the outdoor area, but indoor perhaps. Plus as it is outdoor, prepare for one or two mosquitos haha!


I think this place is also a good working space for some people 🙂

Will I come back here again?

Of course! It’s a nice place to hang out with friends, to share ideas, and so on. I think, it’s also a nice place for you to wait your family or your friends who are still shopping at Rumah Mode 😀

So what do you think? Do you love this place? Will this become your favourite coffee shop in Bandung?

MIMITI Bandung
Jalan Karangsari No. 1, Pasteur, Sukajadi, Pasteur, Sukajadi, Kota Bandung
Jawa Barat 40161, Indonesia

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Here’s the location on Google Maps:

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MIMITI Bandung is a nice place to hang out with friends! What do you think?


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