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Semarang Trip (Part 1)

Semarang trip - Ahmad Yani International Airport

Semarang trip - SHIA Terminal 2 - Boarding timeMe .. doing a Semarang trip? Yes, that’s right! Although I lived here for 3 years, and visited the city many times, I’ve never really visited some tourism spots here. So beside visiting my family here, I also planned to visit several tourism places … 🙂 Have you ever visited Gereja Mbledug? Lawang Sewu? or perhaps Sam Poo Kong? I haven’t … until recently 😉 So this Semarang trip was from 30 December 2011 until 2 January 2012.

Kota Lama and Gereja Mbledug

Semarang trip - Kota Tua - Gereja Mbledug - The Pipe OrganI think I’ve passed-by this area many times before, but never realized that the church was a very old church, from Dutch colonial time. And the houses nearby the church were still maintained their old form. I also got a chance to take a look inside the old church for a short time. They still keep the old pipe organ inside the church, but unfortunately it’s not working any more.

Semarang trip - Kota Tua - Gereja Mbledug - List of PriestsWhen I visited this church, they still had the Christmas decoration in the room 🙂 Surprisingly, they have a list of their priests from year 1753 until now. Awesome! Finished looking inside the church, I decided going to the area behind the church. Taking pictures in Kota Lama was great, I think, during the afternoon, when it’s a little dark, and the light is on. I’m still Semarang (Indonesia) trip - Kota Tua - Gereja Mbledugusing my Sony Digital Camera (DSC-W170) during this Semarang trip.

I didn’t explore Kota Lama very much, because it’s getting late, and mi familia already waiting haha. So off we go! By the way, when we went home, we passed the post office nearby, which still preserved its old form. But I was late, so I didn’t get a proper shot 🙁 It should be nice, with it’s orange colour in the signage. … Next place was Lawang Sewu or Thousand Doors in English.

Semarang (Indonesia) trip - Kota Tua (Old Buildings)

Lawang Sewu

Semarang (Indonesia) trip - Lawang Sewu
Semarang trip - Lawang Sewu - The Wash Basin (Manufactured in England)
Surely I passed this building plenty of times, as it’s located at beside traffic roundabout of Jalan Pandanaran and Jalan Pemuda. They preserved the old building, which was again from the Dutch colonial era. They have some buildings that connected to each other, and another small building in the centre. I think they named the first building at the front as ‘Building A’ which was still being renovated at that time. And the ones that opened was ‘Building B’ and small building at the back, and another small building at the centre of the complex, let’s say it’s ‘Building C,’ which is the museum of Lawang Sewu.

Semarang trip - Lawang Sewu - Thousand DoorsSo I went to Building B alone, and taking pictures here and there … Going upstairs and downstairs again … Then I decided to have a guide (actually you can ask for a guide at the ticketing counter). Do you know that there was a trem in Semarang. Yes there was. There’s a rail in front of Lawang Sewu in the past. So Lawang Sewu was a building for state railway. At that time, it was managed by Dutch-Indonesian government. The name of the company was NIS (Nederlandsch Indische Spoorweg Maatschappij). There was only building A at Semarang trip - Lawang Sewu - The atticthe first time. It was built in 1904. Then, they built building B in 1916.

Interesting fact about their cooling system was they used water that is stored in the basement at each of the buildings (yes, I used ‘is’ as they still using the system until now). So where they get the water from? From the rain … They let the water from the rain to enter the piping system which leads to the water storage in the basement. Another interesting fact was … Do you know that Lawang Sewu was one of the filming location for Ayat-Ayat Cinta (one of the popular Indonesian movie). I haven’t watched the movie, perhaps you could tell me in which scene they used this place 😉 …

Semarang (Indonesia) trip - Lawang Sewu (1)

Semarang (Indonesia) trip - Tugu mudaAfter exploring Lawang Sewu, it wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t take the famous monument in front of Lawang Sewu. It’s called Tugu Muda. Next part I will post about my trip to Sam Poo Kong, and some nice eating places in Semarang 🙂 …






Semarang trip: Part 2

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