Sawatdee Khap, Phuket!

Thailand - Phuket - DestinAsian winner announcement - Angsana Laguna 2014 1101

Hooray!! I won. Thanks DestinAsian and Angsana Laguna 🙂

It was all started when I won a quiz from DestinAsian magazine. A stay at Angsana Laguna Phuket for 3 night in a Loft! Yes … Phuket … A place where many people has gone, while I had not lol. Even my friend said that he was surprised that I have not been to Phuket yet.

Even though the winner announcement was on 1 November 2014, I could only go there in April 2015. Yes, it was a 5-month wait to experience Phuket and the stay at Angsana Laguna Phuket .

Can you imagine that I made the plan in a very last minute? Like always. Lol …

Well, I bought the flight ticket of CGK – HKT in February 2015, and the flight ticket of HKT – CGK in March 2015. I was just waiting for the right price to buy the ticket back to Jakarta, as the price was almost double the flight to Phuket. Phiew!

Thailand - Phuket - Flight to Phuket

Finally, I fly to Phuket! 🙂

The prize from DestinAsian magazine was a 3-night stay, and as this was the first trip to Phuket, so my friend, Ardi, and I decided to extend the night. Even deciding on where to stay for this extension was a last minute decision. We only bought it on our day of departure to Phuket! Yikes!

I think during the first trip, I should stay in Patong area, the most popular place in Phuket Island. Then my friend, Shu, suggested why not to LOB (live on board) plus a trip to Phi Phi Island. Another idea crossed my mind as my other friend said that he stayed in Phi Phi Don for a few night. Gosh … too many ideas I guess lol. I concluded that we should stay in Patong!

We booked a hotel, called Rayaburi located on Sawatdirak Road using HotelQuickly app. The hotel itself is a 5-10 minute walk to Bangla!

Rayaburi bedroom [Phuket - Thailand]

Rayaburi bedroom [Phuket – Thailand]

So what to do in Phuket????

Of course a day trip to Phi Phi Island is a must, we even considered on having another day trip to James Bond Island, but then we decided not to go there.

I read many articles about this trip to Phi Phi Island that I should ask many questions before decided to book from a the trip provider. Some of the questions would be how many people per trip, are we going to go to the beach or just see it from afar, and so on. Some said that it is okay to book on the spot, just look at many providers there, and if you like it, then just book it. Anyway, we finally got the trip to Phi Phi Island from BeMyGuest, and we were glad that we got a trip from there.

Click here: A Day Trip to Phi – Phi Island

Thailand - Phuket - Royal Marina - Harbour - BeMyGuest - Getting ready for Phi Phi

Got this awesome Day Trip to Phi Phi Island from BeMyGuest [Phuket – Thailand]. Love this, as there were not much people in a group!

Okay … so Phi Phi Island trip was sorted … And I still got few days without any activities yet, and the clock’s ticking fast! Lol.

I am a slow traveler, so I do not like to squeeze a lot of activities every day.

So the plan was like this.

We arrived at Phuket in the evening, which practically we could not do a lot, so it was the time to explore Bangla Road and around.

Thailand - Phuket - Patong - Bangla Road

The famous Bangla Road at Patong area [Phuket – Thailand]

The next day, well … We explored Patong a little bit more and try another street food! We have checked the TripAdvisor forum on which market to go!

On the third day, which was the day that we checked out from Rayaburi and moved to Angsana Laguna Phuket, we decided to rent a car from the hotel and explore the island. Not really the whole island as Phuket Island is quite big, and there is a lot of places to go. We decided to only cover southern and western part of the island.

Thailand - Phuket - Laguna - Angsana Laguna Phuket

A row of lofts at Angsana Laguna Phuket [Phuket – Thailand]

The next day, the first plan was to go to Phuket Old Town, and hopefully could manage going to cape Yamu at the eastern side of the island. We also decided to rent a car as the distance from Laguna area to Phuket Old Town is quite far. Then we thought, if we go to Phuket Old Town on the day before our departure back home to Jakarta, what would we do on our last day? As the check-out time should be around 12AM, then what should we do? We also needed to figure out, what was the transport from Laguna to airport. Even this, we made a last minute change.

We then switched our schedule after we checked-in to Angsana Laguna Phuket. We thought … We would waste a precious experience by not enjoying and staying inside this place for the whole day! That was why, we moved the trip to Phuket Old Town on our last day, as we still had some time before our departure at 7-ish PM.

Thailand - Phuket - Old Town

The Phuket Old Town [Phuket – Thailand]

During the activities, I always love to dining-in in a café or restaurant, even checking out some websites for reference of them. Sometimes, the decision was made because of the design of the café itself, or because of the location of the café which was near the beach, and so on. We managed to visit several café and restaurants in different area in Phuket Island.

Thailand - Phuket - Patong - Joe's Downstairs

Joe’s Downstairs at the end of Patong Beach [Phuket – Thailand]

The other thing that I love in Phuket is (I think) most of the restaurant, café, and other public places have been equipped with Wi-Fi connection as every time I entered a café and asked for a Wi-Fi, they always have it, and the connection was most of the time good.

Nevertheless, I decided to also get a Thailand SIM card, as I will also use it for my navigation on the road. A friend of mine who has been living in Thailand for quite some time said that AIS is the best, but the first telco provider booth that I found in the airport was True Move. Apparently this booth, distributed the SIM card for free, and I just needed to top up it in the convenience store, such as 7-eleven or Family Mart. They have several packages that can suit to your need. My choice was the 1-week package as I was in Phuket for 6 days.

I just found this website that gives information in various phone provider in Thailand. This is very useful!! >> ThaiPrepaidCard (you could also search information about other SIM card’s package, such as AIS, and DTAC here)

Thailand - True Move Package

True Move internet package. You can get the SIM card at Phuket International Airport [Phuket – Thailand]

While I was there, I also tried to use Thai phrases. Well to be honest, I only used two phrases! Lol … :

– Sawatdee Khap / Kha (‘khap’ is for male speaker, while ‘ka’ is for female speaker): Hello! / Good day! / Good morning! / Good afternoon
– Khop Khun Khap / Kha: Thank you.

I wish I could use more Thai phrases in my next visit to Thailand!

You can read more of Thai phrases here >> 9 Useful Thai Phrases

Thailand - Phuket - International Airport

It’s time to go back home – Phuket International Airport [Phuket – Thailand]

About the transportation from Phuket International Airport to Patong, there were some choices. You can get the airport bus, shared minibus, or metered taxi. You can read more about it, at the Tripadvisor forum, or for direct information about the airport bus, you can read it here >> Airport Bus Phuket .

You can find the metered taxi counter before you go out of the airport building, but its price was fix at THB800, or you can walk out and turn right, where you can find another metered taxi stand there. If you chose to use the metered taxi from here, you will pay according to the meter + THB100 for the airport charge.

For the fare, usually the price of the minibus will be around THB180 / person, while for taxi is about THB670 (+ THB100) to Patong area (in my case was Rayaburi at Sawatdirak Road).

I really enjoy my trip in Phuket, and I have wondered that I should stay in other area, such as Karon and Phuket Old Town in my next visit 🙂

I hope you will find the information that you need about visiting Phuket in one place.

Before the trip, I was looking for the information in several places, and sometimes I did not find it. I know it would be troublesome! Lol! 🙂

Next blogpost:

Patong: the bars, the markets, and the beach


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