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Weekend Getaway to Sawarna (part 2) …

Sawarna (Indonesia) trip - The beach between Lagoon Pari and Tanjung Layar - Cover Page (1)
Sawarna (Indonesia) trip - Lagoon Pari - Sunrise

Sunrise at Lagoon Pari, Sawarna

The second day in Sawarna was our last day there.

There was not much activities during our last day there as we wanted to leave Sawarna after lunch. It took about approximately 8 hours from Jakarta to Sawarna, so going back to Jakarta would be about the same.

We started early in the morning, around 5AM. The plan was to see the sunrise, and this time we went to the area called Lagoon Pari.

After the car dropped us in the parking area, we continued on foot to the beach. It was still quite dark, but the weather was nice, not too hot.

Sawarna (Indonesia) trip - Lagoon Pari - Fisherman

Return from the sea – Lagoon Pari, Sawarna

When we reached Lagoon Pari, actually the sun was already up; but it was covered by the small hill plus the trees beside the beach. It didn’t take too long for the sun to rise above that hill and shine the beach 🙂

Lagoon Pari is also a place for fishermen as their starting point to sail and fish to the sea, and at that hour, which was early in the morning, we saw them returning from the sea. They jumped from the fishing boat and drew the boat together to the beach.

Sawarna (Indonesia) trip - Lagoon Pari - The beach

Lagoon Pari beach in Sawarna

We continued this trip by walking again on the coastline.

This morning walk was actually becoming really hot as the sun was shining so bright behind us, luckily I was using a T-shirt with a hood so I could use it as a cover from the sun 😀

Sawarna (Indonesia) trip - The beach between Lagoon Pari and Tanjung Layar

The beach between Lagoon Pari and Tanjung Layar – Sawarna

Other thing that I remember about this morning walk was that we walked quite far and long. It took us about one hour to reach a big karst hill (was it a karst hill?) on the beach.

This area near the hill was actually quite nice. Beside we could hide from the sun, we could also see some big coral reef on the beach. Lucky that the tide was still low at that time, so we could see coral reef and play around there.

Sawarna (Indonesia) trip - The karst hill between Lagoon Pari and Tanjung Layar

The karst hill – between Lagoon Pari and Tanjung Layar, Sawarna

Sawarna (Indonesia) trip - The karst hill between Lagoon Pari and Tanjung Layar - Sinthya climbing

Sinthya pretending to climb one of the karst hills between Lagoon Pari and Tanjung Layar (lol!) – Sawarna

Sawarna (Indonesia) trip - The beach between Lagoon Pari and Tanjung Layar - Sinthya

The wave splashed when hitting the coral reef – Sawarna

While we’re already in this place, Lidya and some others still haven’t reached there yet. Apparently the guide showed them something on the beach near the hill, something like a footprint-shaped mark and a mark from the tip of a stick. These marks were believed to be the mark left by the prophet Sulaiman (Solomon). Too bad the tide was getting high, so I missed seeing these marks.

Sawarna (Indonesia) trip - This footprint shaped mark is believed to be left by Prophet Sulaiman (Solomon)

This footprint-shaped mark is believed to be Prophet Sulaiman (Solomon)’s footprint

Sawarna (Indonesia) trip - Tanjung Layar - Me & Lidya

Me and Lidya with Tanjung Layar in the background 🙂

What I remembered about Sawarna before I did this trip was the famous Tanjung Layar, but … we haven’t gone to this Tanjung Layar yet. It’s like that if you haven’t visited/take photo in Tanjung Layar, it means you haven’t been there! Err … Okay I made that up! 😉

As we continued our morning walk from that hill, I began realizing that we actually heading to Tanjung Layar. I could see that there were already plenty of visitors there!

Why is it called ‘Tanjung Layar’?

‘Layar’ here means ‘sail’ on the boat, and the two small hill near the beach are shaped like sail.

Well some said that those two are coral reef, but I think it looks like more to karst hill?

Sawarna (Indonesia) trip - Tanjung Layar

The famous Tanjung Layar in Sawarna

So Tanjung Layar was the closure of our weekend getaway in Sawarna!

This Sawarna trip was a nice trip, where I could visit a new interesting place with my friends and also some new friends!

Thanks to BackpackSeru, Lidya, and Sinthya for some of the photos.

Sawarna (Indonesia) trip - Photo group

Group photo of Sawarna Team 🙂

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