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Let’s rendezvous in Rendezvous Grand Hotel, Singapore …

Last month (October 2012), I got a chance to stay in Rendezvous Grand Hotel

What I remember about Rendezvous Grand Hotel was the toilet that my parents told me. They said that they had a ‘smart’ toilet! There’s button for everything, even there’s a button to make the seat to became warmer. We just laugh at this toilet experience, and I was expecting to have that experience too!

Rendezvous Grand Hotel is located in a quite strategic place at Bras Basah Road, where I can easily hop on to the bus from the nearby bus shelter, or just walk to nearby MRT station (Dhoby Ghaut or Bras Basah MRT Station). This hotel also near the Singapore Arts Museum, and few schools. Two of them are arts school, such as School of The Arts and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts; and one university (Singapore Management University).

But what I love about the location of the hotel is that it’s near Cathay cineplex and Kopitiam (I believe it’s a 24 hour kopitiam). So when I just got bored, I can stroll to Kopitiam for a supper and then watch a midnight show in Cathay cineplex.

How about Orchard road? Is it nearby Orchard road? Well I could say, it’s quite near and still a walking distance there. In fact, Rendezvous Grand Hotel is close to Plaza Singapura shopping mall.

So now let’s talk about the hotel … 🙂

If you go to the hotel, you won’t see any parking space in front of it or entrance for the car in front of the car. Yes, that’s right. You need to drive a little bit from the hotel and turn to the left. Then you will find the main entrance and the lobby. The hotel also has another entrance at the Bras Basah Road for easy access. 

It seems many people also use this hotel for wedding reception, as I saw some of people dressed up to attend a wedding. I could see that they have set a place with the weeding bell at the Rendezvous Grand Hotel courtyard (which has some cafes and restaurants).

All the check-in process was okay and easy. I love the design of the lobby! While you’re waiting for the check-in process, you could just wait in the lobby, or head to the lounge area beside the reception counter to buy some drinks or something else.

And now … I couldn’t wait to see the toilet! Haha … 

So we went upstairs to our room and entered the room.

The first thing that I checked was … the toilet! And … It turned out to be … a regular toilet, not the ‘smart’ toilet ;o))) Oh well … Perhaps my parents upgraded their room so they could get that smart toilet 😐

The bathroom was clean and okay. The bath soap, shampoo & conditioner, and the body lotion was provided by FCUK. Another important thing about the bathroom is the shower … It has rain shower! 😉

The room itself is consider not that big, but overall it’s comfortable and clean.

In the elevator, I did see that this hotel has the swimming pool, so I went there to take a peek of the swimming pool. Apparently the swimming pool is quite small, and was hidden behind the tall building of the hotel. I wanted to take a photo of it, but some of the guests were sunbathing beside the pool … So I didn’t take the photo … 

The breakfast in Rendezvous Grand Hotel was served in a buffet style. They served standard dishes for buffet, as well as the Singapore ‘Nasi Lemak’. What I like in the buffet is of course the omelet and the waffle, which they made them right after you order it.

So … Overall, the hotel was okay, and I also love the location of Rendezvous Grand Hotel. 😉

If you want to book a room in Rendezvous Grand Hotel, please click here.

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  • Angel

    This is definitely one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve ever seen. I mean, although it’s quite small compared to its neighbors, it’s really chic and very sophisticated! 🙂

    I’ll look forward to staying here on my next Singapore trip. 🙂

  • @timothywpawiro

    Yess … And I also love the location too 🙂

  • sreedhar babu

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • Cumi MzToro

    keren nuansa hotel nya, tp kamar nya keliatan kecil yaaaaa ????

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