Racing into the day of Singapore …

Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2012 - Entrance

The entrance to Gate 3

This post is about my trip to Singapore where I watched the night race the Formula 1 Night Race – Singapore Grand Prix for the first time. It’s a one day event, so I decided to split this post into two, one during the day, and the second during the night … 🙂

In 2008, Singapore became the first country that held a Formula One Night Race. A race that I’ve never seen although I lived there in 2009 – 2010, and this year I decided to watch it! ;))

The F1 Night Race in Singapore is using the public street, meanings that they closed the streets temporarily for the race. The street that they use and close usually was around City Hall and Raffles Place, so MRT is a good choice to travel during the F1 Night Race.

Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2012 - Pass for Zone 4 Walkabout

Zone 4 Pass

I’ve already planned to attend this event since June 2012, and asked my cousin to join me too. Actually my friend was the one who invited me to join him and the others to watch this. We got the early bird ticket price as we bought it several months before September. There were many kinds of ticket, but I and my friends decided to buy the cheapest one, which was Zone 4 Walkabout for the qualifying round day only on Saturday. The division for the spectators was using zoning system, so as the Zone 4 Walkabout ticket holder, I couldn’t enter zone 1 – 3, including the Grandstand area.

Even though this was a car racing event, but it’s not all about racing. The F1 Singapore Grand Prix already packed the event so nicely that they combine it with many entertainments. The highlight of the entertainment were the Maroon 5 on Saturday evening and Katy Perry on Sunday during the final day. The event organizer also brought many classic performers such as Bananarama and The Pretenders, and also some local performers to the event.

So on Saturday, my cousin and I headed to the venue after lunch time, whilst my friends already came earlier. Some of them said that they came there earlier to get the Fan Zone wristband for Maroon 5 concert.

What is the Fan Zone?

The concert venue was at The Padang. The venue has been divided into two sections, the front area near the stage, and the area behind the Fan Zone. The Fan Zone was not that big and has been separated with the area behind it with a small fence, and they have a difference entrance too. On the other hand, the non-Fan Zone area was quite big, where the area was until the back of the Padang field.

Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2012 - The stage and the Fanzone area

The stage and the fanzone area

So how can we get the Fan Zone wristband?

Just come early, and join the queue as the wristband was limited. During that time, the queue was at The Padang. The distribution of the wristband supposedly only one time, which was in the morning; but at that time, they decided to have twice. The second time was in the afternoon. I didn’t know that there’s a Fan Zone wristband distribution when I came there, so I joined the queue a little bit late. It was a really hot day, and hoping that there’s a person in a queue that taller than me so I could hide behind him from the sun lol! And guess what … they distributed the last wristband to the 10th person in front of me … Aargghh!! ;o)))

Talking about the hot day, yes … Singapore is a hot and humid city! I sweat all the time on that day, so don’t forget to bring water with you! It’s a one day event, so you need to be fit!

Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2012 - The Padang area (2)

The padang area

Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2012 - The Padang area (1)

Another view of the padang area

Since the afternoon, the racer already did their practice. If I could hear the sound of the car racing engine from the place that I stayed before in River Valley; you can imagine how loud the sound was in that area. That’s why we headed to the Survival Kit Tent to buy the ear plug plus we got a transparent rain coat, just in case if it’s raining.

Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2012 - The practice session

The practice session

I’m actually not a big fan of F1, I just came here to see how the night race look like is, and of course to watch the Maroon 5; but my cousin is a big fan of F1! He even brought a tele-lense with him, so he could get a better picture of the fast racing car. He taught me how to do panning, which is necessary to do when taking picture of moving things, such as the racing car. So you just move your camera horizontally following the movement of the racing car. Between the circuit and the audience there’s a hollow tall fence, this means, as I didn’t bring tele-lense, the picture would be the fence plus the cars haha!

Inside the complex of F1 the night race, there were a lot of tents, from food & beverage tents, until the merchandise tents. There were many souvenir tents from various teams of F1. So if you’re a big fan, don’t miss these tents! They also placed some merchandise shops of the F1 team outside this complex, such as at the Orchard Road beside the Tourist Information.

Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2012 - The merchandise tent (Lotus team)

Lotus Team merchandise tent

Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2012 - The eating area

The eating area

While we’re waiting for the race and the Maroon 5 concert; my cousin and I just … didn’t do anything … and sleepy. We just sat on the Padang field. There were many families that brought kids too. The kids were sooo happy to be on there. They ran here and there, doing the acrobatic things, while their parents chatting with their friends. Luckily, there’s a performance to watch at the back of the Padang field. It’s like a dancing performance, but rather than they dancing using their feet, they used stilts on their feet and danced! Phiew that seems hard haha. The group name is La Valse from Italy

Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2012 - La Valse dance performance (1)

La Valse dance performance

Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix 2012 - La Valse dance performance

La Valse dance performance

In the next post, I will tell more about what happened after the afternoon 😉

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